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There's Always Room For Jello! – Biggest Loser, 10-11-05

There’s Always Room For Jello! – Biggest Loser, 10-11-05

by LauraBelle

The ladies’ team starts their week discussing the elimination of Ryan the previous week from The Biggest Loser. Suzanne says it was Ryan that she, Shannon and Jen decided to eliminate because she appeared to be the glue that held the group of Ryan, Suzy and Andrea together. Suzanne then tells Suzy and Andrea that she is sad about Ryan being gone and is rooting for all the women to do well on the scale this week. Suzy calls her out on lying about this.

The two teams head outside for their weekly temptation challenge and are met by Bob and Jillian at the gazebo. They know this is strange as usually Caroline Rhea or a “guest” is there. Bob and Jillian show them a platter containing a milkshake, onion rings, fries and a double cheeseburger. Suzy sees it and asks for them to please not make her drink another milkshake after the temptation challenge a few weeks back where she was the only one that drank them, and drank several shot glass sized ones. Andrea says this looks like one of her average meals.

The challenge will be for each team to figure out how many calories are on the tray. The winning team will be spending the day at Universal Studios, and the losing team will be doing one step on the stairmaster for every pound they are too high or too low. Shannon hates the stairmaster so much she says she would rather do 10 steps on another machine for every pound.

Bob and Jillian help the teams a little bit with the itemization. There is one bun, two hamburger patties, two cheddar cheese slices, six ounces of french fries, nine onion rings, one cup of ice cream, one cup of whole milk and one maraschino cherry.

Suzanne steps up for her team right away and says she thinks there is between 4,000 and 5,000 calories on the tray. No one else offers up any suggestions, but they all just keep questioning if she is correct, figuring it sounds awfully high. The men decide to average their thoughts together. When their time is up Suzanne chimes in that her team believes there is 4,249 calories and the men’s team believes there is is 2,950. They are told one team is off by 1,415 calories and the other is only off by 116. The amount of calories actually on the tray is 2834. The men win.

Jillian takes the men’s team to Universal Studios and Jeff is afraid to get on the bigger rides. She tells him everyone should do something that scares them every day. He tells her every day he works out with her she scares him, but she doesn’t let him off the hook. She is happy with the way they worked as a team once again. This is also a great opportunity to show the men how to handle food temptations in a place like this. Buying a cinnamon bun, she tells them it’s probably about 1000 calories, so they can have about 1/10 of it, and everyone grabs off a tiny piece. That sounds great, but if you’re not in a big group of people, and are only there with one other person, you’re just not going to each grab one tiny piece and throw the rest away.

Along with doing all these extra steps on the stairmaster, the women are also allowed to meet with a contestant from The Biggest Loser season one, Andrea. She is a total inspiration to them, as she has continued her weight loss success and gotten down to 150. She looks absolutely fabulous. Andrea talks to the ladies about their weight issues and inspires them to keep going. Suzy says she has been heavy all her life and was a cute little chubby girl, but at 29, it’s not so cute. Shannon says in her family it’s okay to be heavy. Andrea explains to them that they won’t be able to appreciate themselves on the outside until they first appreciate themselves on the inside.

Meeting up with Caroline for the week’s challenge, the two teams find themselves in a big warehouse surrounded with refrigerators with padlocks on them. Inside some of them are delicious temptations, but inside others is sugar free jello snacks that are only ten calories each. They are each given a key that will only open the healthy snack refrigerators. They teams need to open up five refrigerators containing trays of jello and transport them to marked “Jello” refrigerators. The first team to transport five refrigerators of Jello wins videos from home. I have to wonder if the locked refrigerators that won’t open no matter what really have tempting food in them. What’s the point if they won’t be opened anyway?

It’s another close challenge, but the ladies pull it out. I know there are some moms here that could really use seeing videos of their kids for a little inspiration. Shannon’s sister shows her own fat on the video and tells her she never wants to see it on Shannon again. Jen gets to see her husband and kids. Suzy sees her family and says they are the ones that matter. Suzanne’s fiance tells her not to give up and shows her the ring that’s at home waiting for her. Andrea sees her kids and husband, who tells her he knows she always succeeds as she doesn’t know how to fail.

Both teams work out hard their last time before weigh-in. Bob calls his workout for the ladies an “ass kicker.” Andrea tries to shut off her treadmill and Bob slaps her hand away. She then just steps off.

Coming in for the weigh-in, Matt says the fat makes it easy to hide the emotions, and the more he loses the more he can’t hide it anymore. The men’s team will be going first, starting the week at 1524 pounds. Jeff “to inspire patients” is up first yet again. He weighed 326 last week, and this week weighs in at 316. He’s lost 54 pounds altogether. Seth “to see son grow up” started his week at 250 and makes it down to 243, losing 48 pounds total so far.

Pete “to slam dunk” still being the heaviest at an even 350 steps on the scale, and after having a big week last week, has another, losing 12 more. He has lost 63 to date. Matt “to be an athlete” broke 300 to make it to 290 last week, and now weighs in at 279. He has lost a total of 60 and says he is finally getting excited. Mark “to fit into bulletproof vest” weighed 308 last week says if he breaks 300 he will jump in the body fat measuring pool. After weighing over 300 the last five or six years, today he weighs in at 291. As promised, he jumps into the pool. He has lost a total of 67 pounds, and has now beat out Pete as the biggest overall loser. Then men have lost a total of 57 pounds for a 3.74% team loss.

The women will need to lose over 39 pounds to take the win. This is a tall order to fill, meaning each would need to average an 8 pound loss. Suzy “To Find Mr. Right” broke 200 to get to 196 last week. This week she feels she had a great week. She weighs in today at 191, for a total loss to date of 36. As much as she worked her butt off this week, she doesn’t feel that’s enough. Suzanne “to be a hot bride” also broke 200 to get to 199 last week. This week she, too, weighs in at 191, giving her a total loss of 38.

At this point, Dr. Jeff thought they had it made, until Jen “to be a role model” steps on the scale. She had started the week at 234 and is now at 224, losing ten pounds for the second week in a row. She has now lost 43 pounds altogether. Shannon “to turn up the sexy volume” ended last week at 229 and today weighs 221. She has now lost a total of 36 pounds. Andrea “to be a princess” had broken 200 too, and began her week at 198. She needs to lose 8 for the women to take the win. She gets down to 193, losing 5 and giving her a total of 27, but it’s not enough for the win. As the biggest loser for her team, Jen will have immunity as the women face elimination for the second week in a row.

Bob is very disappointed for the women as he knows they worked really hard this week and had become a team again. He feels they deserved the win, but is still impressed with their accomplishments. Jillian tells her team they did phenomenal. Mark is proud of himself and Pete says at the worst he will leave the show next week having lost nearly 70 pounds.

The ladies gather to discuss who should be eliminated this week. Suzanne says they need to decide on personalities or weight, and it should come down to who benefits the team the most. Andrea says she doesn’t trust Suzanne, although it’s Andrea who has lost the lowest percentage overall so far. Suzy is very confused as to what is best for her team. Andrea says she is not ready to go home, and Suzanne says she’s not ready to give up. She knows her friends and family miss her, but her time needs to be here.

Meeting up with Caroline for elimination, Andrea says the person she is voting for can make her laugh, but there seems to be an issue of trustworthiness. Her vote goes to Suzanne. Suzanne says it needs to be about personalities here and says she is voting for the person at the highest weight. She really helped Shannon last week when she needed it, and she is upset that Shannon is not able to return to the favor. Shannon gets her vote.

Shannon says as a team they need to keep positive and not get negative, and refuses to say anything bad about this person. Her vote is for Suzanne. It’s amazing to me that after this team was so polarized last week, three against three, they are all seemingly turning on one of the people in the remaining group of three when they could have easily picked off one of the other group with only two remaining. It comes down to Suzy. If Suzanne gets one more vote, she will be gone. Suzy says it wasn’t an easy decision. She likes this person as she is strong and enjoys her, but her vote goes to Suzanne.

Suzanne takes the high road out and says it was an honor to be there. She was proud to be a part of their team, and she hopes they can now get back together as a team. She tells them to make the most of every week, and leaves saying, “I love you guys.” After she is gone, Shannon explains that Suzanne tended to fly off the handle a bit.

As she left Suzanne said she had started the show at 229 and left the show at 191. She vows to lose 100 altogether and be down to 129 by the reunion show. Checking in with her today, we see she is only 30 away from her goal at 159. She looks absolutely drop dead gorgeous. We even see her trying on a white dress with her fiance. It isn’t “the” dress waiting for her in the goal room, but it looks stunning on her nonetheless.

Next week promises to be exciting. Each team will do huge climbs up stairs to see how far they have come in so little time. The interesting part is we are told someone leaves the show and we see someone that looks like Matt stalking off, leaving through the weigh-in room doors. He is my most favorite person on the show, so I’m certainly hoping he is talked into returning, or that for sensationalism they are making this issue out to be more than it is. I can’t wait to see it.

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