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Lacey Learns About Loose Lips – Real World Austin, Episode 18

Lacey Learns About Loose Lips – Real World Austin, Episode 18

by Clicker

It’s SXSW time and all of Austin is partying – but the Real Worlders have to go to work. If you call barhopping all night to videotape bands work, that is.

Most of the roomies seem resigned to the task.

Lacey, of course, is not into many of the bands including Halifax, one of the three primary bands the Real Worlders are following.

Rachel, on the other hand, seems to like Halifax – a lot. Or at least she likes the lead singer. She likes him enough to bring him home and play a little one on one. Now don’t get too excited. They are just shooting baskets into the hoops machine and then for some reason Rachel dives into the machine, causing the games’ wires to rip from the wall.

She’s really drunk and Nehemiah and the other male roommates are a little peeved that Rachel dove inside the netting and broke the basketball machine.

“Is that cute? Is that attractive? Is that going to make him like you more?” Nehemiah asks Rachel

Then Nehemiah tells the Halifax guy to get out of the house because he’s the reason Rachel broke the machine. (Lacey had already said she didn’t think the band should be there in the first place).

This makes Rachel burst into tears and run into the shower to cry. What she doesn’t realize is that Nehemiah and the guy from Halifax are just joking around. So the singer has to go find Rachel and tell her that everything is ok. It all looks pretty ridiculous.

That night Rachel is so drunk she doesn’t set her alarm clock correctly and the film crew of her Wes and Danny are late to meet the band HelloGoodbye at a campground outside of Austin.

On the hour drive to the campground, they find a subject they all can talk about: Lacey. Danny talks about how conniving Lacey is and how she talks about everyone in the house. MTV intersperses their conversation with footage of Lacey ripping her roommates on various occasions.

In the meantime Lacey is on the phone with her boyfriend telling him what a fool Rachel made of herself the night before, by breaking the basketball machine and then starting to cry. “Just shut up Rachel, Just shut up,” she told her boyfriend she wanted to say.

When Danny, Wes and Rachel get to the campsite, they don’t’ have the band members’ names and they don’t have their bios with them so they can’t find the guys. They get so frustrated they just turn around and go back home where the arrange to try to meet the band at the campsite the next day. HelloGoodbye is also coming into Austin that night and they are able to shoot the band performing. Lacey is there and is surprised at how much she likes the band despite herself. They’re “perky and cheesy.”

The next day Wes skips out on the return to the campsite and Melinda takes his place. In the car the conversation once again turns to Lacey and how much she talks about people. When they get to the campsite they finally find HelloGoodbye, who we only now realize are staying at the campsite for about 8 bucks a day because they don’t’ have much money but they want to play at SXSW.

They film the band and the lead singer plays the banjo and sings a love song , making for some lovely footage for the documentary. And at one point – for no apparent reason – Danny and Melinda jump off a cliff together into the water. Danny thinks it’s symbolic of their relationship that she was able to take that “leap” of faith with him.

Meanwhile Lacey is out to eat with Nehemiah… and talking about people behind their backs. But she tells Nehemiah the only person she really talks about is Danny because he whines all the time. Does she not know that MTV has her on tape?

And come to find out MTV isn’t the only one that has her on tape talking smack. When Rachel goes into the editing room to work on some documentary footage she stumbles upon some video of Lacey talking about her and the guy from Halifax. “You’re going to cheat on your girlfriend with Rachel? Are you kidding me??,” Lacey says, her face all screwed up as if she had just sucked a lemon. Caught red-handed.

Rachel confronts her by showing her the tape and of course Lacey plays it off as if she didn’t’ mean that RACHEL was the problem but the fact the guy was CHEATING was a problem. Yeah, right. Lacey does tell Rachel she’s sorry.

But we’ve known that from day 1.

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