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Big Brother 6 – House Calls, October 10th – Marcellas, HowieWood and Greedy Gretchen

Big Brother 6 – House Calls, October 10th – Marcellas, HowieWood and Greedy Gretchen

by LauraBelle

How can it be October and we’re still not only discussing Big Brother 6, but still watching House Calls, despite the season of BB being over for several weeks now? Did the show leave that much of an impact on us?

Howie is still so much of a ham, that while Gretchen and Marcellas are on camera introducing the show, his hand is waving into the view, just so that we know he is there. Larger than life, I don’t think we could ever miss him.

He appreciates being there, but Howie still has to get in a little dig about the Nerd Herd being there before him. Marcellas understands and compares getting an interview with a member of the NH now to being like getting one from Les Moonves. Gretchen pipes up and says she is much more comfortable interviewing the S6 anyway, but Marcellas believes the S6 has said everything there is to say, and that it’s time for the NH to speak up.

As Gretchen and Marcellas invite the NH on whenever they wish to defend themselves, Gretchen says she and Marcellas must be like Bill O’Reilly to them. Marcellas is happy to hear that, thinking O’Reilly to be somewhat of a fox. Howie says Marcellas is looking good today, so he hopes O’Reilly is watching.

This brings Gretchen to noticing Marcellas’ non-discriminating tastes. She notes that he likes men in such a broad spectrum from Kaysar to O’Reilly. Marcellas has to mention that he even liked Howie for awhile too, prompting Howie to ask if that was only until he opened his mouth. Marcellas says that wasn’t it necessarily; he liked certain aspects of Howie’s character.

Moving on to the calls, Gretchen wants the topic of the day to be if it’s at all possible for men and women to have platonic relationships, noting that Howie is a perfect one to bring into this conversation. Shiley tells Howie he is the hottest thing to ever walk into the BB house, but remembers Marcellas saying after the first episode of this season’s BB that Howie was one of the least attractive men to be on the show. Marcellas says it’s true, he doesn’t think Howie is the most attractive, but doesn’t think he is the least attractive either.

Shawn calls asking if Howie has spoken to Rachel since they left the show in September. He replies he has talked to her several times and that right now she’s doing something in CO where men are vying to win a date with her. He is sure they are lined up waiting for that as she’s a great girl. Shawn says Howie and Rachel were her favorite couple going in and stayed that way until they had both left. Howie is still blaming their loss on James.

Marcellas points out that Howie and Rachel towed the line between the two alliances for awhile until they finally chose to be with the S6. Howie explains it, saying he realized after they picked off Ashlea, Janie, Kaysar and Michael, they were bound to come after he and Rachel next. Marcellas notes that was good thinking, and Howie says, “I’m damned slow, but not incompetent.” Asked why James was such a target, Howie says James should have never shown his dominance until his butt was truly on the line. He’s right. He isn’t incompetent.

Being too busy to watch it all so far, Howie says he has watched 6 or 7 of the episodes and one of the things that has surprised him the most was how much of a leader Ivette really was to her alliance. She was doing what he had thought Maggie was doing. They note how when Howie lost it on April, everyone wanted to then vote out Janie when she began defending him, but it was Ivette who insisted they stick with the plan to oust Kaysar.

Dennis calls up saying his son is a Jedi in training, and Howie offers to help him out anytime, saying he can be contacted at www.howiegordon.com. Dennis then asks Marcellas to reach over and slap Howie because of his move to listen to Maggie and put James up for eviction. Howie’s face says it all. He’s damned tired of this question.

Marcellas asks Howie if he knew that James had changed his mind to take out Howie and Rachel and was instead going to concentrate his efforts on Maggie. Howie says he did know, but when he confronted James about it, he kept lying and flipped back and forth between the two sides. Marcellas points out he and Rachel flipped back and forth as well, and Howie says it was more of a concealed alliance. They were always more on the Sovereign side, but just hid it from the Friendship.

Nick calls up asking Howie for advice for would-be meteorology students. Howie repeats the joke he told on the first day of the show, that if you’re a CPA and screw up the numbers, you get fired. If you’re are garbage man and miss part of your route, you get fired. But if you’re a weatherman, it’s 50/50. If you’re wrong, you still keep your job. On a more serious side, he says weather has always been his passion, and he loves reading about it. He says if you love what you do, and love to read about it all the time, you should go for it. Howie also points out that Gretchen and Marcellas have a similar job as Marcellas predicted Howie would be gone by week four, but kept his job even though he was wrong.

Marcellas asks Howie how it felt once he was out of the BB house out and out of sequester to find out about the devastation that was caused by Hurricane Katrina, and asks if he felt bad about referring to himself as Hurricane Howie. Howie says Beau had told him about in sequester, as Beau had found out somehow traveling to the sequester house in the airport or something. On the finale night, the producers told him not to go out there with Hurricane Howie jokes and he completely understood. He felt horrible about it as he lives in Florida that got hit by four of them last year.

Gretchen asks what it was like in general being shut off from the world inside the BB house, wondering how it felt to be back home after missing all that time. Howie says he loved it, while everyone else is crying about missing their TV, Tush and David, he had unlimited boobies, hot chicks, hot tub, food, workout room and light sabers, he wished they’d lock him back up for another six months. Marcellas suggests they set up a web cam in Howie’s bedroom so they can watch him “not get it.”

Returning to the calls, I missed her name, but this caller wants to know about Jennifer, prompting Howie to immediately say, “Oh, my little JenJen, with her little boobies …” She points out we don’t see what he sees in her. Hallelujah. Someone has finally pointed that one out! She says Howie is so adorable even though he is sometimes a male chauvinist pig referring to women as conquests (of course, Gretchen sits there and nods).

Howie says he gets approached on the street being told he’s better looking in person, so maybe that’s behind the differences in opinions over Jennifer. He points out her boobies, butt and face as being particularly nice. He says if people are referring to her personality or game play, he did get along with her on the show. He says the nerd herd convinced her to make some dumb moves. (If she made the moves, I believe she can only blame herself.)

Gretchen asks Howie about his opinion of her pet peeve, adult cheerleaders, asking at what age he believes women should stop cheerleading. He says JenJen looks eighteen, so he thinks she has another thirteen years in her. Remembering now Howie’s limit of not dating women over thirty, Gretchen asks if this is out of a fear of being with an older woman. He says women by that age have let themselves go and that you don’t buy a car with 100,000 miles on it, you buy a car with 10,000 miles on it. Except when you’re 19. My first car was a 1977 orange Toyota Corolla with 105,000 on it. Gretchen asks if she just heard that women over thirty are whores with 100,000 miles on them. Howie tries to dispute it

The topic is switched to the one suggested earlier of the plausibility of women and men being platonic friends. Asked if he has ever had just a friendship with woman, Howie jokes, “For what?” On a more serious note, Howie mentions the When Harry Met Sally movie and notes the theory that women and men can be friends, even though he wants to “bang” her. Marcellas says men reference this all the time, making it the Gone With the Wind movie for relationships. Gretchen agrees, saying it was a chick flick, but men reference it more often. He says he can be friends with a woman but still always wants a piece of her, and Gretchen thinks that’s typical of most men.

Moving on to the question about making women his conquests, he repeats the story again that if he only gets a kiss from a woman, she owns him, not giving him what he wanted. If she “opens up the safe” and gives him what he wants, he now owns her because there is nothing left. Gretchen just buries her head in hands, and says everyone knows how she feels that if a woman decides to do that with him, she is making the decision and is not giving away her power. Gretchen realizes he is just pushing her buttons, and he says, “I love you, Greedy Gretchen.” She asks if that’s a Threes Company reference and he is quite excited that she knows the reference.

Back to the callers, Connie believes people can have platonic relationships and believes it’s where the line is drawn. Howie says if he is friends with a girl and wants to bang her, but she won’t do it, it’s platonic. Marcellas says he has tons of platonic relationships with women. Of course, but he also says he doesn’t think people are always attracted to everyone they see, and sometimes the relationship is so much better on just a friendship level, to be able to count on them when you need them, instead of just a physical gratification level.

Gretchen says she thinks women love to believe that it’s possible to have all these men friends that don’t look at them in a sexual way, but doesn’t think there is any truth to it whatsoever. She agrees with Howie (stop the presses!) that if they’re not having sex, it’s platonic. But is he thinking about it? Probably. Howie agrees, naturally, and says if he’s walking through the mall, he looks at every woman noticing how great they look, and says granted, he’s rude and boisterous, but …. Gretchen interrupts him and says she loves his accountability with this and that it made her morning. Howie says the only difference between him and other men is that they only think it, while he openly expresses it.

After Howie mentions his good looks, body and economic potential, Marcellas asks what Howie is going to do for money now. He says meteorology will always be there for him. Gretchen asks for a “pretend” weather forecast. He says as people drive to work it’s going to “get sunnier and sunnier,” and as they drive home it will get darker and darker. Gretchen says she hasn’t even been to meteorology school and can still do that. She asks where his banter is. He says he’s been locked up for so many months and couldn’t even remember rudimentary Star Wars questions. If you’re having surgery, you don’t want the intern to do it, and for weather reporting, you don’t want the student either. Gretchen compares it to a book she has recently read, “Confederacy of the Dunces” and says this is like the interview with Ignatius Reilly.

Back to the calls, Bonnie says while they’re talking about platonic relationships, she has to know about Howie’s relationship with Rachel. He says his relationship with RayRay fits what he was discussing completely. He wants to be with her, but she repeatedly shoots him down. Like someone else mentioned, it’s her choice. He says right now it’s platonic because of what RayRay’s mom tells her about Howie. Marcellas gives him the advice to get a job and put a ring on Rachel’s finger, telling him that is the best girl he is ever going to get. If he keeps chasing eighteen-year-olds, he will end up with a lot worse.

Gretchen asks here if Howie has a desire to settle down with just one person. He says in all seriousness you can’t get on the wrong bus, and you can’t just pick any woman. You have to wait for it to happen. He is open to it if it happens to come along. If it happened for Anakin, it can happen for him. Marcellas tells him Rachel is his Natalie Portman.

Brian calls telling Marcellas he loved him in BB3 and tells Gretchen she adds a lot to the show. Howie chips in saying she is just as beautiful in person. Brian asks Howie since he has been out of the house if he has experienced any backlash after his fight with April. Howie says if backlash has to do with positive comments, then yes, a lot of it. 99.99% have told him he did a great job. Brian says the Fiendship was so self-righteous at a certain point, it was really hard to watch.

Marcellas says he had a problem with the sanctimonious part of the Fiendship and the whole “we are good” part. Howie notes that out of the whole “bullcrap” alliance, most of them are no longer talking, whereas he talks to someone in the S6 nearly every day. He says that Friendship alliance was a made for television thing. Marcellas also says he needs to stop bringing the Sovereigns around his friends, and Howie says Shannon Elizabeth was asking about Marcellas just the other day at a poker tournament.

Yet another caller wants to talk about platonic relationships. She says she finds Howie’s attitude on it refreshing, as he is so honest and open about his “plans.” Even though he’s out there now, everyone knows what he stands for, and he may sometimes get bashed for his opinion, as least he’s honest about his intentions. Howie says he doesn’t see any negativity in it though, as women are approaching him in bars saying they love him, his comedy, his demeanor, the speedo, etc. Marcellas asks if it has actually paid off though. Howie replies that within 24 hours of the finale, he had met some chicks and had consensual boobies. He says these women allowed him to grope him in a hot tub, and they got thrown out because it was after hours.

Gretchen says it sounds like her high school prom night, and says she did get thrown out of her prom and can’t even say why. Marcellas says he went to 12 proms. Gretchen says she took a 32-year-old gay man in an Armani tux who was a florist as her date, and admits that it may have been a little bit of foreshadowing. Howie refers to her as Greedy Gretchen once again.

Kelsey from Elkhart, Indiana calls in and Howie notes that’s RayRay’s hometown. She tells Howie he doesn’t have a game, he just likes to have fun and when the right girl comes along he’ll be just fine. Maybe this is RayRay. Marcellas points out that the notes on their monitor say that Kelsey had originally called to say she thought Howie was sexy. She admits to it, making Marcellas question her. Howie reaches over and kisses marcellas on the cheek. She admits she is a close personal friend of Rachel’s. Gretchen asks Kelsey knowing how Howie feels that if he sleeps with a woman he owns her, would she still go to bed with him. She says if he was good, heck yeah, she’d let him own her.

Howie and Gretchen get into a spirited disagreement over owning a woman once again. Howie says he wants to test drive a car which Gretchen has nothing against. He then says why should he spend $300 on dinner only to find out she won’t sleep with him. Why not go to bed with her, f ind out it works, then go on a 2nd date and pay for the dinner? Marcellas tells him his mother would say Howie needs Jesus. Gretchen says again she has no problem with the amount of sex, only the factor ownership. She also says she kept saying she wasn’t going to let Howie push her buttons, yet there she is. Marcellas pleads with her to move on.

Jason calls and wants Howie’s input on the high price of gas. I’m pretty sure despite the fact this is way out of the ballpark as far as content, Howie has an opinion and will answer anyway, and I’m correct. He says whether gas is 30 cents or ten dollars a gallon, he still needs to go places, so he’ll just swipe his card fill up and carry on.

Marcellas asks about life after BB. Still on thinking about money from the gas question, Howie says he doesn’t know what they were paid during BB3, but this is BB6 now, inflation is hit and he’s doing well. Marcellas laughs and asks Howie if he is insane. Howie says he’s hanging out with Lance Bass and Shannon Elizabeth; how bad can life be? Gretchen asks seriously what’s going on with him these days. Marcellas says he has to admit Lance Bass and Shannon Elizabeth have just gone down a little in his book. Howie says again to go to www.howiegordon.com and see all the celebs he’s going out with and talks about buying t-shirts, mugs, etc. Gretchen asks if women are allowed to contact him for dates, and he says absolutely; he recommends it. So make sure you follow up on that, Ladies!

Howie says he’d love to go out with anyone that looked like Greedy Gretchen. She says she’s out of his demographic because she’s not 18-23. He lays it on the line and says if he’s got a hot 30-year-old or a a fat 20-year-old, he’ll take the 30-year-old.

On that note, Gretchen closes the show and says they hope to have someone from the Friendship on next week, but they promise to have someone on. Maybe it’s just me, but in my opinion, there aren’t many guests out there as entertaining as Howie. Love him or hate him, you have to admit this guy is entertaining.

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