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It's All About Leadership – The Apprentice 4 Commentary, Episode 3

It’s All About Leadership – The Apprentice 4 Commentary, Episode 3

by Hildee Weiss

Tell me I’m wrong but could Rebecca have banged her noggin when she slipped on the ice last week? I know it’s her ankle that was put in a cast but I am of the opinion that it’s her mouth that should have been taped up.

This week’s task was simple – both teams were to create a high tech expo in which they would teach retirees how to use various equipment such as Tivo, HDTV and the Internet. Not wanting to sit back and nurse her injury for fear that she could be considered a liability, Rebecca volunteered (no, demanded!) that she be appointed project manager for Capital Edge. She assigned Jennifer W. to handle the catering because of her extensive experience as an event planner. It’s too bad that the “pro” missed the spelling on the cake but Carolyn certainly noticed it! I guess that Jen was too busy channelling another Jen from a past Apprentice installment as she went on and on about how much she loves old people. (I can hear the lawyers from AARP banging on Jen’s door as I write this.)

Randal was picked as Excel’s PM and vowed to make his late grandmother proud. I’m sure she got a good laugh when she heard one of the retirees tell the guys at Excel that high tech comes from the devil. The guys got off to a rough start as they argued over whether or not they should introduce TIVO to their slightly older friends. Clay didn’t want to get his behind dragged into the boardroom for what he perceived to be a bad idea but Markus, of all people, convinced him and the team to do a huddle and go ahead as planned. The guys did a great job with their food presentation and expo stations, even going so far as to help a senior hook up with an old girlfriend.

The girls were bound to lose this task from the get-go. From Rebecca leading her team meeting as if she were a kindergarten teacher to Kristi’s sudden desire to get jazzed up, the team failed miserably. Toral proved herself to be the weakest link when she couldn’t get the HDTV working but she most definitely lost my respect when she made a comment earlier in the show’s broadcast about her teammates making great secretaries and assistants. Jennifer M. used her, um, assets to teach her senior friends a lesson in taking your heart rate but hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

It’s time for the feud and the survey says … Excel proved victorious. Randal was granted exemption and his team was rewarded with a visit to Montefiore Children’s Hospital. The entire team connected with the children as well as they did with the retirees, giving away thousands of dollars worth of electronic equipment. I admit that I was a bit farklempt when Mark said they have class acts on their team. I saw that was quite a far cry from what he was thinking last week!

I applaud Jennifer W. for trying to break up the Rebecca-Toral alliance but remember folks … Rebecca had that head bump I mentioned earlier. Jen almost had Rebecca convinced that Toral was bringing the team down but Rebecca needed time to figure things out. Take an Alleve, Becks, and listen to the rest of your teammates. Toral was down but not out as, one by one, her teammates picked her as the girl to go. But Toral scored a sucker punch with her comment that she (and Rebecca) were better because they speak less and think more. I beg to differ, Miss T, but I believe that was a foot coming out of your mouth. I high-fived myself when Marshawn made the remark about the team not having room for a bench warmer like Toral. Carolyn said it best – the team lost because they were boring.

Despite the Donald’s protests, Rebecca chose to send her buddy, Toral, upstairs and take both Jennifers to the boardroom. I really thought that Trump would fire Rebecca on the spot for not taking his advice (cue to last week’s episode in which he begged Chris to bring in Mark). Of course, I knew that Jennifer M. would be spared because she did nothing wrong, other than make her teammates green with envy with her legion of follicly challenged male fans. Poor Jennifer W. got the shaft for her poor event planning but she had the last word – Rebecca’s judgement was in the clouds.

I told you so!

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