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The Pee Alliance – Survivor: Guatemala, Episode 4

The Pee Alliance – Survivor: Guatemala, Episode 4

by atarus

Tonight’s episodes starts with Nakum complaining about the heat. Cindy says that it’s in the triple digits, and Margaret says that the tribe is weak, the heat is brutal and everybody is just sapped of energy. Brandon says “this place changes ya” and between starving and heat, everything adds up. On Yaxha, the tribe is “fishing” by putting a pot in the water and pulling it out quickly to capture minnows. The tribe spies a croccodile in the water and enjoys watching it swim around. We get the “Jaws” theme in the background as Jamie jumps out of the water, startled, tricky editing trying to make it look like it’s a croc attack…but nah, it’s just an overzealous fish.

It’s time for the reward challenge. This time Jeff says they’re going to take it easy. He’s going to ask a question, and the tribe will vote on who they think applies to the question. The first question is “which tribe member needs nourishment.” For Yaxha it’s Jamie, for Nakum it’s Danni. Each of them get a nice juicy apple. Mmmm. Next is who is the smelliest. For Yaxha, Gary, and for Nakum, Bobby Jon. They get a shower w/ 5 gallons of water and a lot of soap. Next up, which man and woman from your tribe gets a picnic. Gary and Amy are chosen for Yaxha, and Margaret and Judd are chosen for Nakum. The four of them walk away and get chicken and the like to feast on at the top of a Mayan temple. Next question: Which tribe member has the most tribe pride: Brian for Yaha, and Cindy for Nakum. And suddenly Jeff pulls the rug out from them, saying that because of this, Brian gets to stay on Yaxha, and Cindy on Nakum. Rut roh! Everybody looks shocked. Stephenie, Lydia, Rafe, and Jamie are switched to Nakum. Jeff says that since Nakum has an extra member, one will be staying over with Cindy..they draw buffs. Danni is first and goes to Yaxha…Brooke is second and draws the only Nakum buff. So there you go:

New tribes: Yaxha – Danni, Bobby Jon, Blake, Brandon, Brian, Gary, Amy
Nakum – Cindy, Brooke, Margaret, Judd, Jamie, Stephenie, Rafe, Lydia

Blissfully unaware any switch has occurred, Gary, Amy, Judd, and Margaret are enjoying themselves and talking to each other. Judd once again points out that Danni said Gary was a football player, but Gary again denies it. Amy confesses that “if Gary is a multimillionaire, I’ll freakin’ kill him.”

Back on Yaxha, Brian says that the reward challenge wasn’t much of a reward but more of a tribal swap. He says he had to play host, but was afraid as Nakum could easily pick them off one by one. Amy and Gary come back, and Amy announces her return by going “what the %&*$ is going on?” She says she looked at Gary and knew “we’re decimated here.” Danni confronts Gary about the football player thing, and she says maybe he’s hiding it because people would think he didn’t need the money. Gary says he’s gonna deny it to the end.

On Nakum, Margaret says that because of the switch she doesn’t feel safe. Her head and stomach are all mixed up now, and the old Nakum should stick together. Judd, however, says the switch didn’t bother him one bit. Margaret’s walking on eggshells but he’s the big gun and he feels like King Kong. Jamie and Steph talk and decide to push for Brooke since she’s cool but “not an athlete.” Judd approaches the two of them, and they start talking strategy. Judd says he likes where he’s sitting, and him, steph, and Jamie hit it off and old Nakum needs to “get out of my jungle.” Very….not arrogant Judd. Yeah, right.

On Yaxha, before the IC, Amy once again states that there’s four of Nakum and three of Yaxha and they can pick them off one by one. The most hilarious alliance ever happens, as Bobby Jon and Blake are both taking a piss and decide to talk strategy. Blake says that his loyalty is to Bobby Jon, Brandon, and Danni, and so the four of them should stick together. The two of them shake on it and go to tell the others. Amy is worried, because she knows if Yaxha loses the challenge, she’s gone.

The immunity challenge involves paddling out and grabbing three bags filled with Mayan war clubs. The tribe has to bring back the clubs and hit targets that are 30, 40, and 50 feet away, and no individual member can break more than one tile. Lydia sits out for Nakum (anybody surprised?). The challenge starts and Nakum and Yaxha are dead even through the first bag. But then somebody from Nakum yells “RAMMING SPEED!” and they push Yaxha way off-course, giving Nakum a sizeable lead. Nakum gets the second and third bag and has a good lead over Yaxha, starting on the club throwing first. Steph is the first thrower, and starts chucking clubs as Yaxha joins them. Brian is chucking for Yaxha, but misses several times and tags out to Danni. Steph hits a tile and Judd comes in, and Danni hits her tile too and Blake runs in. Judd seems like he can’t hit anything, and some of his tribemates are begging him to switch out but he refuses. Blake hits the #2 tile before Judd, and Brandon runs up to go after the third tile. Finally Judd connects, and it’s a race between Jamie and Brandon to hit the last tile. Brandon nicks the tile but it doesn’t release the banner, so Jamie still has a shot. It’s a close finish, but Brandon nails the last tile and Yaxha wins immunity!

On Nakum, Steph is mentioning how Judd can’t stand Margaret. It looks like Judd is the target to flip. Brooke talks to Cindy and Margaret and says everybody is under the assumption we’re gonna vote the weakest person off, which she thinks is Lydia, but apparently that’s her to Yaxha. Margaret is worried about how much loyalty Judd has to the old Nakum tribe. Margaret confronts him and says that if Judd votes with them, they’ll always have the majority and no matter what you’re going to be in the minority. Judd disagrees, and says “they’re gonna need us Margaret.” Judd says in a confessional that his biggest concern is whether Jamie and Steph are as loyal as they say they will be.

At TC, Jeff points to Steph and asks her if maybe she’s the bad luck for losing challenges. Steph says maybe she has a black cloud that follows her around. Margaret mentions that Judd connected with Jamie and Stephenie. Judd defends himself and says that they were just hanging out and getting to know each other. Brooke mentions that if you have brute strength, you’re safe. That seems to be the theme of this season.

It’s time to vote. Brooke votes for Lydia, says “you’re the hardest worker around camp, but we need to win immunity challenges.” Rafe votes Brooke, and all happy, cheerful like, says “you’re an awesome person but this vote is for strategy.” I wouldn’t be surprised if Rafe started putting flowers and happy bunnies and “Let’s Be Friends!” all over his voting ballots soon. Ahem. Anyway, Margaret also votes for Lydia, saying she gave her word to Cindy and Brooke and wouldn’t go back on it.

The votes are tallied, and in a 5-3 vote Brooke is voted out. (shock.)

Next time on Survivor, Judd gets defensive on Margaret, there is a culture clash at Yaxha (Brian complains about religion) and Lydia gets “wacky.”

Brooke’s final words are rather blah, saying she did so much stuff she never thougth she could, blah blah, didn’t get to prove how strong she was, blah blah.

I’m really getting tired of Stephenie. It seems her philosophy is “If you’re a woman and you aren’t me, you’re weak.” All the young females are basically gone now. People may be going “oh joy, no UTR weak young females to slip by and win the game!” But tell me, what are Lydia and Rafe doing? Being weak and UTR and slipping by to win the game. Hmmmmm. Personally, I’m hoping the Pee Alliance takes it all the way. *nod*


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