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Oh, You Gotta Have Friends – The Apprentice 4, Episode 3

Oh, You Gotta Have Friends – The Apprentice 4, Episode 3

by Helen

The occupants of the men’s suite share stunned silence then polite applause upon Markus’ survival from the boardroom. The men vow to start fresh tomorrow and not let there be any hangover from the boardroom. Markus vows to talk less…time will only tell.

Rebecca returns to the women’s suite with crutches and a broken ankle from her hockey accident. She is accompanied by Toral. Rebecca is pleased that someone from the team went with her to the clinic. She feels that she and Toral have a friendship. Toral feels that the two have a lot in common including that they both live in Illinois, are bankers and have the same strong work ethic. Felisha, Kristi, Alla and Jennifer rally around Rebecca but worry that since she will be in a cast for 5-6 weeks will she be able to keep up with the demands of the show.

Toral and Markus are debriefing again in the kitchen while the Jennifers, Kristi, Alla and Felisha clown around. Toral tells Markus that she wants the winner to be someone intelligent and have great work experience. Kristi shushes the women so they can hear Toral state that she doesn’t like sorority girls, politics, cliques or popularity contests. She feels that some of the women are bonded because of their lack of work experience. She thinks that they are cute and she would consider hiring them for a secretary or administrative position. Just a thought, this probably is not the way to win friends and influence others…just a thought.

Our favorite trio, Donald, Carolyn and George meet with the candidates. Donald asks Rebecca what happened. She tells him that she fell and broke her ankle. Donald tells her that she has the option of not continuing. Rebecca realizes this fact but she wants to continue. Donald tells the group that they are at Trump Place, which is a 6000 unit development. They are all standing in the children’s park part of a much larger park that Donald is donating to the city of New York. One day, he hopes that this park will be one of the most spectacular parks in the country. Do you ever feel like New York City should be named Trump City…does he own everything? Donald says that in business it is not only important to make money but to also give something back. The task this week is to create a high tech expo for the Cedar Crest Retirement Center. The teams will be going to Best Buy to buy thousands of dollars of equipment with the goal of showing the residents how technology can improve their lives. The residents will rate the teams and the team with the highest overall scores will win. Randal is seen smiling for the first time during this season. He is thrilled because the last thing he did was take a digital picture of his now deceased grandmother and show her picture on a computer. He feels that his grandmother is watching over him and he feels he is the natural fit to be project manager.

Rebecca wants to be the PM. She feels that she has to prove herself as a strong player despite her broken ankle. Rebecca delegates the different tasks; she wants Jennifer W to be the event planner. Jennifer is a real estate company owner but has a great background in event planning and she loves old people…okay! All the blondes are seen asking the residents about their experiences with computers, etc. They are keying in on the male residents. Most of the men are giddy and say they are interested in coming to the expo if they will be there.

The men are interviewing one elderly gentleman and he voices that he thinks that computers are of the devil. This concerns some of the men. Markus wants to do a demonstration of Tivo. Clay does not want to do Tivo because it is difficult to operate and feels that this will turn the residents off. George enters the meeting to observe. The majority of the men are for the Tivo demo. Clay asks George if people from his age and maturity range…at which point George says that he is stepping on thin ice and Randal glares at Clay in disbelief. Clay chuckles and continues to probe if people like George are set in their ways. George says that he is just an observer and this what their team will have to determine. Randal says that Clay’s views are well taken but they will proceed. Clay then says that this is fine but they shall see when they fail that he was right. He wants to go on record that he thinks this is wrong. Josh feels that Clay is the biggest, let’s say female dog on this team. He can’t believe that Clay would say all that he did, looking directly at George the entire time trying to absolve himself before the task has even begun.

Donald’s word of the week: Inspire

Leadership is really important in business. You have to lead your staff and you also must inspire them as well. People like working for the Trump Organization because he makes it fun. He makes life fun and interesting.

Rebecca definitely takes charge of the meeting. She wants everyone to have a voice before there is any discussion. She has a very direct approach and this rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Alla, Kristi and Felisha are not impressed because they feel that Rebecca does not bring any energy to the team. If they lose this task, Rebecca should be fired.

Markus and the other men confront Clay about his behavior in front of George during the meeting. Clay really doesn’t hear them. Off to Team Excel’s expo, there are balloons, finger food and a large banner, which read: Connecting the Generations. They have organized their expo into three subcategories: Explore: which dealt with getting people on the internet to explore their interests and hobbies. The second station was called Connecting and Sharing which had the participants take digital pictures where they could take with them and share with loved ones. The last station was called Enjoy and it was the Tivo demonstration with Markus. It was all about fun and entertainment. There is further team solidarity as the men have matching black T-shirts that say Geek Squad. George is seen chatting with residents and digging into the wide array of food options. It looked like a fun place to be and judging from the smiles of the residents, Excel Corporation was excelling.

Capital Edge Corporation was a bit more understated. There were a few stray balloons in a very large cold feeling room. The signs were barely noticeable. It had the feel of a reception with a long table of cake and punch. Carolyn sauntered in and looks very uninspired. Jennifer W. told Carolyn that she was in charge of the event planning and that they went understated to not intimidate the patrons. Carolyn looked at the empty room and her mouth tightens. Carolyn says the room is drab and there is nothing inviting at all. Back at the food table, a resident is asking about what the cake says. Jennifer says Welcome to the Techno Expo. Carolyn questions her and says that Techno is spelled wrong. Jennifer is a bit flabbergasted and Carolyn smirks. Rebecca is holding her head while seated in her wheelchair; she looks like she could use some more pain medication. Rebecca is very unimpressed with Jennifer but feels that they can win the task by the fact that they have enjoyable personalities. Toral is struggling with her demonstration of an on screen remote control for a television. Marshawn says that Toral is definitely the weakest link on this team. Toral feels that it isn’t that big of a deal that she doesn’t know how to work a television remote because although she doesn’t think television is beneath her, it is just that she has other more important things to occupy her time. Hmmm, let’s see, maybe appearing on a television show. Jennifer M. says that all the old guys really love her demonstration of the heart rate monitor (looking like the Our Beautiful Planet one) and it is no wonder when she lifts her shirt to bare her midriff as Carolyn watches. She feels that this is the main reason the men are here. Jennifer demonstrates push-ups to raise her heart rate but raised the older gentleman’s more. Jennifer feels that at the end of the day, if they win because the old guys like women so be it.

The two corporations march into the boardroom to hear the results of their hi-tech expo assignments. Donald asks Excel Corporation how they liked Randal as the PM and they all heartily agree that he was great. Donald asks if anyone was difficult to work with and hopes that he doesn’t say Markus. Randal says that Markus was great and several guys slap Markus on the back. Donald is pleased. He asks Capital Corporation who was the PM and Rebecca states that she was. He asks who was the weakest link and she says that it would have to be Jennifer W. Donald asks Carolyn how Capital Edge performed. She says that at the end of the expo, the residents filled out a rating sheet. Some of the comments written were: A whole new world to me, excellent show, thanks for the pretty girls, informed technicians would have helped and I was disappointed. Capital Edge was rated on several factors such as usefulness, comfort and presentation of the products. Their average rating was a 7.9 out of a scale of 10.

George reported on Excel Corporation. He said that they did well. Comments ranged from the products were well presented, very informative to very friendly staff and well informed. Their average score was 8.1. The team votes unanimously to give Randal an exemption for next week. The task was all about giving and their reward is to visit a hospital for children and go to Best Buy and purchase thousands of dollars of electronics to children in need of something uplifting. Donald feels that in the truest sense no one lost this task because it was all about giving but someone will have to be fired and he will see Capital Edge back in the boardroom.

Jennifer W. is seen sobbing on the bed talking to Kristi. She feels betrayed that Rebecca stabbed her in the back. She is flaying around on the bed and swearing and then apologizing for cursing. I must say it is a bit difficult to take someone seriously when they swear and you hear the voice of Minnie Mouse. Kristi comforts Jennifer, as do the other sorority girls.

It’s Christmas. Team Excel play Santa to hundreds of sick and ailing children. They are having a blast…young and old. Smiles abound and it is a full circle moment having worked with the young and old today.

Jennifer W. confronts Rebecca about “throwing her under the bus.” She points out to Rebecca that Toral was the weak link. She feels that she has bonded with Toral because of being clouded by her injury. Jennifer wonders how 7 other brilliant women could be wrong in their judgment of Toral.

Capital Edge enters the boardroom and takes their seats and awaits the trios return. Donald asks how the team did. Toral says that Rebecca was an excellent PM. She feels that they failed the task because some individuals lacked the technological background that the men had. The women are stymied and Marshawn is the first to point out that Toral was the only station that had difficulties with her presentation. Marshawn says that the team is asking for really basic things from Toral and that there is a reason that there are starters and benchwarmers. Toral proceeds to list her accomplishments and expertise. She then says that this team is filled with those that have unimpressive work experience and poor professional education. Carolyn asks Toral if she feels that she is the only one who really deserves to be there. Toral begins to say that she is the only one and then retracts and says that she is one of the ones that will make a great business executive in the Trump Organization. Donald asks her who else she thinks has the capabilities. She says Rebecca. Alla says that this a biased opinion because they are friends. Toral says that they have the same analytical background and they think alike. They think their thoughts before speaking; they speak less and think more.

Donald wants to know if Carolyn and George thought that the men were much better than the women or just slightly. Carolyn said that the men were more entertaining and that the women were boring. George said to the women that the men had lots of food and the cookies were great. Carolyn said that she realized that Jennifer W. was in charge of the event planning. She said that there were no large signs and she looked at the cake and there was a misspelling. She wondered why no one caught the mistake. Jennifer W. says that it was her fault but this was not why they lost the task. Donald shakes his head and says that Jennifer hasn’t been doing so well. Donald asks the team who they feel should be fired. Everyone says Toral with the exception of Toral and Rebecca. The other Jennifer feels that if she doesn’t bring Toral back into the boardroom that this shows a lack of judgment and she should be fired. Rebecca asks to speak and she passionately states that she wants the next apprentice to be a woman and she fears that is Toral is fired that she doubts that there is anyone with the intellectual capabilities to do the job. The women feel this is a lack of judgment and George says that Rebecca is way off base. Donald tells him not to say that because it is true that Toral and he did attend the same business school and it is the filled with the smartest people. However, that doesn’t mean that these graduates have great logic or common sense. Donald asks for Rebecca’s decision on who will appear with her in the boardroom and she says this is a difficult choice but she must go with her integrity and loyalty and she selects Jennifer M. and Jennifer W. Donald feels that she has put herself in a bad position. Rebecca realizes this but she must go with her gut and her integrity. She believes in Toral and trusts her abilities and even if this causes her to be fired she has to maintain her loyalty and integrity. She will never put her integrity to be put aside for a short-term gain. Donald says that Toral should get down on her knees and thank Rebecca. Donald hates this decision but he admires her loyalty. He sarcastically says to Toral to enjoy the view while her friend Rebecca goes through hell for her.

Carolyn is surprised by Rebecca not selecting Toral but feels that Jennifer W. deserves to be there. Rebecca’s principals impressed George.

The ladies are seated before the trio. Donald asks why Rebecca brought back in Jennifer M. Rebecca brings up a bogus reason and Donald shoots this down and tells Jennifer M. that she will not be fired tonight unless she says something stupid. He pushes again why she will not bring in Toral. Carolyn says that from the food to the presentation, it was all horrible. Jennifer feels that she was going for what her own grandmother would feel comfortable with and then she goes on to discuss the various types of cookies she has. George feels that Rebecca is inflexible. She is furious; she feels that she has taken on a tremendous load despite having her first broken bone. Donald says she is inflexible. Jennifer W. says that it shows lack of leadership that Rebecca would choose friendship over what is best for the team. Donald says that Rebecca should have invited Toral back because she would have been fired. But that this task was not lost because of Toral. Donald feels that Rebecca made a tremendous mistake today but she has potential. This assignment was lost because of poor execution throughout that did not capture the residents and because of this: Jennifer, you are fired! Jennifer wants to cry and you feel for her somewhat. Jennifer M. and hobbling Rebecca return to the suite.

Jennifer W. continues to believe that Toral should have been fired tonight. But that she hopes that team morale will not suffer because of this. The team will have to rally and get focused to get back to winning.

Rebecca is lucky that she was not fired because Donald can’t stomach when people go against his advice. I don’t blame him. I think she might as well grab a sharpie and draw a big target on her cast.

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