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A Legend In The Making – So You Think You Can Dance?, 10-05-05

A Legend In The Making – So You Think You Can Dance?, 10-05-05

by LauraBelle

So You Think You Can Dance started out so disorganized, I didn’t think even the producers knew where it was going. However, through the season, it’s grown into a fine talent show. Granted, it’s still in its infancy, but we were gifted with a very talented final sixteen dancers, and the final four have been awe-inspiring in recent weeks. If it continues to make improvements, maybe someday it will have the success of its fellow sister show, American Idol.

To open the show, the twelve voted out dancers return once again. They come out to dance to a Shane Sparks choreographed hip hop. As they dance to “Pump It”, they look very much like street dancers, having moves like Ryan, yes even Snow. It looks great, and shows the talent level this show has produced.

After a recap of the last week, the four finalists, Melody, Nick, Ashlé and Jamile replace host Lauren Sanchez in introducing a dance with choreographer Alex DeSilva and a special guest. His partner is none other than Lauren Sanchez, dancing a sexy Latin-inspired dance to “Caraven”! I didn’t even know she was a dancer, but she looks great in a costume looking like it belongs to Kelly Monaco from Dancing With the Stars. No wardrobe malfunctions here, though.

After her dance, Lauren says Ryan Seacrest has nothing to offer like that! Well, let’s hope he doesn’t. After skipping it last week, it’s time for the last clip to see America dancing. This time we are at the Gaylord Opryland Resort watching people dance to “These Boots Are Made for Walking.” The connection there is a bit of a stretch.

Coming back from the break, a montage of memorable moments is shown, ending with Anthony Bryant. He was the ribbon dancer that went toe to toe with Nigel Lythgoe on whether he danced like a male or female. After the clips, Lauren announces a special guest dancer, and it’s none other than Anthony doing his ribbon dance once again to “Love With My Eyes Closed.” After, Lauren asks Nigel for any comments, and he’s seen waving a miniature dance ribbon. Anthony offers up a thank you for letting him come back on and show what he can do. That was nice, but I really didn’t need that reminder.

Each of the final four dancers will be allowed to dance one more time to their favorite dance they did on the show with the partner they had performed it with that night. Nick had danced with Kamilah six times and never repeated a style. He chooses to dance the disco with her to “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real). They look like they are having much fun, not working hard at all, but I’m sure they are. This is a very welcome reminder.

Brian Friedman’s last comment to Nick is that from day one he set a goal to win, and every week he made sure no one stood in his way. Mia tells him he has succeeded in entertaining America and showing what a true artist he can be. She predicts great success for him and says she’s talking possible legend. Nigel tells Nick he has great technique and a great personality. The greatest gift he has is his sense of humor, adding he’ll need it in this career. Mary adds to this, saying he is personality and technique rolled up in one smiling package. She has one word for him – caviar – and offers him one more “Wooh!” Dan remembers he had said in auditions if dance didn’t work out he would be a comedian and thinks he can put that on the back burner for now. He believes Nick can get any job he wants.

Ashlé’s favorite dance she wants to repeat is the samba. She dances with Blake to “Jazz Machine.” This looks so crisp, and I doubt there are many technical errors in it. I think Blake is humbled somewhat to be not in the final four and is now showcasing himself looking for more career opportunities.

Brian says he has been such a fan of hers as she is so consistent. He looks forward to seeing her in rehearsal someday. That must be a chilling moment for her. Mia agrees with Brian, saying she’ll see Ashlé in rehearsal too someday. She tells Ashlé she has matured as a woman and artist on the show, is the most versatile one there, and has such determination. Nigel says he thinks she is missing the X factor, the thing that separates superstars from the mere mortals. He goes on to say it doesn’t matter, though, as her brilliance will outshine everything else. Mary believes there’s a bright shiny star over her head and agrees she is the most determined. Dan admits she has been his dark horse since the beginning. If he was a betting man, he would have bet all his money on her making it to the final 4. She is the hardest worker on the show.

In a surprise move, Lauren Sanchez pulls all 4 finalists onto the floor for a surprise early elimination. Someone is going to be eliminated right now. I’m thinking it can’t be Jamile or Melody as they haven’t danced yet, and there’s no way Nick received fourth place, so I’m thinking it has to be Ashlé. With 8.8% of the vote (that’s hardly a ringing endorsement), it is indeed Ashlé that takes fourth place.

Ashlé is given flowers and hugs her other three competitors. She says she is overwhelmed with emotions (I believe they call that particular emotion disappointment), and calls this the most amazing journey ever. She is so happy to be a part of it. Ashlé thanks everyone for supporting her. She knows it isn’t over for her and says there are huge doors opening for her now, and she will soon be walking right through them.

After a break Jamile comes out for his last dance. He has had seven different partners and has danced ballroom with almost all of them. Yet after being in the bottom two or three four times, here he is in the final four. He chooses hip hop for his last dance (I’m thinking he would have sooner danced Anthony’s ribbon dance before he’d dance another ballroom anytime soon) and will dance to the one he did with Destini to “Shake”. Watching this one again, it appears he has now brought elements of this into his solo freestyles.

Brian tells Jamile when he had worked with him on jazz, he was sure Jamile would crumble under the pressure, but he didn’t. He has justified why he is still around, as he is a natural born talent. Mia says he knows she is a stickler for technique. Yet still, she wouldn’t want Jamile to train so much he lost his rawness and vibe. She says to her he is the Mac Daddy of Style. Nigel points out Jamile has the three Ps – performance, personality and popularity. He also thinks Jamile is shocked to still be there. His technique may not always there there, but it doesn’t matter. If he carries on his training, he could be quite brilliant. Mary says he’s done ballroom so much he is now the new poster child after having inspired many. She loves him in hip hop, but he’s more inspirational with what he’s done with his ballroom. Dan tells Jamile his best quality is one that can’t be taught. He is at home on the stage whether he is doing choreography or freestyle. He feels it and that can’t be taught. He is the only one there that has that.

Melody is the last of the final four to dance. She has been in the bottom two or three three times. She chooses to repeat the Broadway dance she did with Nick two weeks ago. I’m surprised she was allowed to pick a dance with someone in the final four. Amazingly, this dance is even better than it was the first time. The energy these two have together is beyond words.

Brian refers to Melody as his little tiny miracle that was born to be a superstar. He has loved her since day one and she still has his vote as the one to beat. Mia tells Melody the amount of fire and talent in her tiny body should be illegal. She says Melody is amazing and she grew to be a big fan of hers. She can lift her leg as much as she wants to now. Nigel remembers Kamilah saying if she inspired just one little girl to dance, she would be happy. He tells Melody she has inspired hundreds. He says he is misquoting Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets, but says, “You make me want to be a younger man.” Mary tells Melody she is talented, athletic and a beautiful dancer. She calls her a dynamite on two legs. Dan says all that has been said about Melody is true. He adds that with that face, that smile, and that body in that outfit combined, the possibilities are endless where she will go as a dancer.

More guest dancers take the stage. This is a group that has danced with Justin Timberlake, Madonna and Usher. They are called the Groovaloos, and have been described as a hip hop chorus line. I admit they’re great, but to me the eliminated twelve dancing together in the beginning are just as good.

The final three of Melody, Jamile and Nick are back onstage together again. Lauren Sanchez announces that third place received 24.9% of the vote. This is quite a jump from Ashlé’s 8.8%. Nigel must be right that she is missing that X factor. Third place goes to Jamile. He is given flowers as well, but is not allowed to make any comments, which I don’t think is quite fair for third place.

As Melody and Nick stand together, a montage is shown of favorite moments, good and bad, of the show. Coming back to Melody and Nick live, Lauren Sanchez tells them she has something more to show them, and shows a montage of the two of them, together and separate. As they walk into auditions on the first day as two excited best friends, we can see how much they have matured into fine dancers, especially Melody. She looks like a little girl in some of these early clips.

Lauren Sanchez tells us after the clips that the second place winner had 28.6% of the vote while the winner had 37.7% of the vote. It’s amazing how close first, second and third were to a very distant Ashlé in fourth. The winner is Nick. Melody jumps up and down in excitement for her best friend. What a great story these two turned out to be, entering the competition as best friends, and going on to place number one and number two.

Nick takes the stage in a solo freestyle that only goes on to prove why he is the winner. He is amazing and awe-inspiring. I instant replayed it on my TIVO several times. As he finishes, the other fifteen finalists flood the floor to congratulate him. Not only does he thinks he can dance, he now knows he can dance. Then again, I think that can be said for the other fifteen finalists as well.

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