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captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Guatemala, Episode 4

captainD’s Boot Prediction – Survivor Guatemala, Episode 4

by captainD

My experience the last two weeks has proven that lightning really can strike the same place twice. Usually it’s a major disapointment if I miss the boot for two weeks during an entire season. However, after missing it for TWO CONSECUTIVE WEEKS yours truly is beginning to question his manhood. It’s time to cut my losses, dust off the ol’ horse shoe, find that rabbit’s foot, and continue forward.

This episode features the highly anticipated tribal swap that I dread every year. It is unknown exactly how the tribes will be split up but it seems the new Yaxha tribe (Brian, Judd, Lydia, Gary, Amy, Margaret, plus either Cindy and Brooke or Blake and Danni) will get off to a slow start and lose the immunity challenge. That leaves us with another nail-biting tribal council in which anything can and will happen. You can expect a very close vote (possibly a tie) between two people I believe to be Blake and Amy. You can make up your own mind on which of these two will go. For me? I’m picking AMY!

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