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Sin City, Here We Come – Biggest Loser, 10-04-05

Sin City, Here We Come – Biggest Loser, 10-04-05

by LauraBelle

Boy, these potential losers are being hit with the big guns early in this process. For their fourth week in a regimen hoping to lose the most weight, these people are sent to the ultimate temptation city. Isn’t that what they call jumping the shark?

Everyone meets up with Caroline Rhea who says so far they have dealt with temptation in a controlled environment, but this week they’ll be dealing with temptation in Las Vegas, Nevada. Suzy is nervous knowing this is a city where anything goes. Matt is worried as well, having seen ads for Las Vegas with the big spreads of food. Ryan feels she has to be good there; she’s the music director at church.

The two teams arrive at the Aladdin casino and meet up with Caroline Rhea. She informs them this will be changed to the Planet Hollywood hotel and casino next year. (Can you say thank you to NBC for the advertisement?) Until then the Biggest Losers will be staying on the 50th floor in mega suites. Caroline cracks the suites are normally reserved for the biggest winners. 🙄 Before they go any further, they will be eating dinner in a restaurant for the first time without their trainers’ help.

At dinner Matt lies and says it is his birthday. The waiters and waitresses arrive and sing happy birthday and give him a small cake. He makes a wish that it really was his birthday as he blows out the solitary candle. Jeff notes Matt didn’t share the cake, but also that it was about the size of a quarter.

After dinner everyone hits the casino. Matt says he never would have gambled before as he has an impulsive side to him. Yet he tries it anyway, and as assumed, he now can’t stay away. Suzanne has a feeling she will find Lady Luck here. The reviewer in me wonders if it’s foreshadowing, but then she hits the jackpot, winning $1626.41.

Bob and Jillian show the two teams how to exercise in a hotel room if a pool or workout room isn’t accessible, doing floor exercises like push-ups, crunches, bicycles or mountain climbers. This allows them no excuses to not get their workout time in.

For their weekly temptation, as if just being in Las Vegas isn’t enough, the teams are led into the high stakes room where two tables are laid out with piles of cash. A casino worker greets them and offers them a chance to play a little game with her. The casino worker has a stack of cards with varying dollar amounts, anywhere from $1 to $5000. They each get to gamble and pick a card. The catch is by doing so, they will be forfeiting the benefits of their trainer for the week.

The men’s team confers and decides they won’t hold it against anyone that chooses to play. Matt offers to help train whoever chooses to play and loses Jillian’s services in the process. Seth and Mark decide to go for it. The women don’t confer and are split down the middle with Shannon, Suzanne and Jen deciding to take on the gamble and Andrea, Suzy and Ryan deciding against it.

Seth wins $1000 and Mark wins $2500. Shannon wins $1000, Suzanne $2500, and Jen $1000. Andrea is happy for her teammates, but jealous as well.

The casino worker informs the winners she isn’t done. She offers to now play a high/low game for double or nothing. Mark and Seth both say no. Jen says no as well. They all agree they didn’t give up their training to go away with nothing. Shannon and Suzanne both say yes. The casino workers turns over the 8 of spades. Shannon guesses higher and wins, and Suzanne guesses lower and wins. She is Lady Luck!

The five winners have a lot of explaining to do to Bob and Jillian. Bob is very disappointed in the ladies and notes how half went one way and half the other. He would like them to feel the bond of a team. Ryan feels guilty, like she chose Bob over money that her family needs. Bob tells the three that picked him over the money that it’s a big deal to him. Andrea asks if that means he’ll now write her a check for the money she missed out on winning. Jillian says she thinks they’re losing sight of why they’re there. If they want the money, they should go back home to their jobs.

For their weekly challenge, the teams meet their trainers and Caroline at the hotel pool. Each of the contestants has their weight in gold … literally … at the bottom of the pool. One by one they will need to carry the piles of gold bars back to their trainers. The team with all their gold back to their trainers the quickest wins the chance to choose which one of the women will sit out the weigh-in since they have an extra person. They will also win a trip back to the hotel once it becomes Planet Hollywood in 2006. The ladies decide Jen will sit out the challenge to even out the teams.

The women keep it close, but throughout the men always hold the advantage. As the men go on to win, they celebrate by jumping back into the pool.

As Bob works out the three ladies that decided to keep him, the other three nap inside the hotel room. Matt seems to be a smart player here. He looks like a goody guy offering to train the two money winners from this team and gets the benefit of working out twice that day – once with Jillian and once with the other two. As he’s helping Mark and Seth train, Suzanne, Shannon and Jen come down to train. Always a do-gooder, Matt ends up training them as well. He says he wants them to remember his kindness later when the two teams become one.

At the weigh-in, the men decide it will be Jen sitting out. Their reason is they know that she has been training with Matt all week and doing well. Is this a slam to Bob? Kind of sounds like one. They still aren’t wearing their goal t-shirts, but I will continue to use them, as it just helps I think to remember who they are and why they are there.

Jen “to be a role model” steps on the scale even though her weight won’t be counted. She had started the week at 244 and is now at 234. She says she isn’t worried as Bob has taught her more in four weeks than she had learned in her previous twenty-four years. She has lost 10 pounds this week after losing none last week. Working out with Matt has made her lose nearly half of her previous total. She has now lost 33 pounds altogether.

On to the counted pounds, the women started off the week with a total of 1045 pounds. Ryan “to turn heads” started her week at 200, and is the first to break the 200 pound mark weighing in at 195. To date she has lost 30 pounds. Shannon “to turn up the sexy volume” ended last week at 236 and today weighs 229. She has now lost a total of 28.

Suzy “To find Mr. Right” started out her week at 201 and it looks like she, too, could break 200. Sure enough she does, getting down to 196 for a total loss of 31. Suzanne “to be a hot bride” was at 206 at the beginning of the week, and she, too, breaks 200, making it down to 199 She has lost a total of 30. Andrea “to be a princess” started the week at 202, breaks 200 as well, getting down to 198. She has now lost a total of 22.

Just for my own wonder Matt-trained girls lost 24 and Bob-trained girls lost 14. Huh. Without Jen’s 10 pounds, it gives the girls a total of 28 pounds lost or a 2.68% loss.

The men started out the week at 1538. They will need to lose more than 42 pounds collectively to beat the women this week. Losing by just one pound last week was tough, and 43 is going to be a tall order. Jeff “to inspire patients” is up first. He weight 340 last week, and this week weighs in at 326. He is ecstatic, doing a belly dance or the cabbage patch, I’m not sure which. He’s lost 44 pounds altogether. Mark “to fit into bulletproof vest” weighed 318 last week and is now at 308, bringing his total to 50 pounds lost!

Matt “to be an athlete” weighed 300 last week, and now weighs in at an even 290, breaking the 300 barrier. He has lost a total of 49. Seth “to see son grow up” started his week at 258 and makes it down to an even 250, losing 41 pounds total so far. Pete “to slam dunk” still being the heaviest at 367, only needs to lose 1 pound for the men to take the win. He steps on the scale at an even 350, losing 51 to date. Pete just can’t believe it. He has been working so hard and the weight just wasn’t coming off like the others. It has finally paid off as he has lost the largest total overall. Then men have lost a total of 59 pounds for a 3.73%, giving them the win.

Returning back to face Jillian, the men’s team initially tricks her, letting her think they lost. Eventually Jeff picks her up in celebration. Jillian recognizes they have a great support system that leads up to their success. The women are doubting their right to stay in the house. Ryan says her family would be proud of her and that she is here with a purpose. Shannon is here to pick up good health habits to pass on to her daughter. Suzanne simply says she’s not ready to go home. She wants to be able to take pride in herself.

At the elimination Caroline asks Shannon about the tension and drama in their group this week. Shannon feels it was only feeding the negative stereotypes of what happens when you put women together. She learned the power of what the read team has together.

I’m betting before they even start that the two polarized groups will stick together and it will end in a tie. Andrea says she realizes this is just a game and gives her vote to Shannon. Suzy can barely speak she’s crying so hard as her vote goes to Shannon as well, as does Ryan’s vote. Jen says she doesn’t like excuses and doesn’t like when people blame others. Her vote goes to Ryan, as does Shannon’s.

It’s up to Suzanne. If she votes with her small group she creates a tie. In event of a tie the men get to pick any of the six to send home. If she votes against her group she would send home a friend but keep herself safe. Lady Luck has been shining on her so far this week, so she says as a police officer she works with murderers, thieves and robbers, but the person she is voting for could show them a trick or two about manipulation. She takes the gamble and creates the tie, voting for Ryan.

The men come in to decide the tie. Speaking on behalf of his team, Mark says they have chosen to pick one of the lighter ones. She works out super hard, but the conflicts always seem to start with her. He votes out Ryan. Caroline tells Ryan she has lost 30 so far and is already lovely and beautiful. She then addresses the other women and says they need t united and find something to like in each other.

Post show, Ryan says she is proud of all her accomplishments and knows now she is able to do it. She is stronger than she thought, and she hopes the girls get it together. She feels fantastic and that’s the major difference. She continues to run and pray every day, losing a total so far of 55 pounds.

Shannon’s right that the events of this week brought to mind all the negative stereotypes of putting women together. I think it has to do with leaders. They don’t really have a solid leader. The men’s team however tried to go with Matt, but Nick kept coming in to break that up. Once Nick left, it leaves everyone much happier under Matt who does a terrific job as a leader with his encouragement. I think that’s where their success lies right there.

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