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With Friends Like These … – Real World Austin, Episode 17

With Friends Like These … – Real World Austin, Episode 17

by Clicker

Melinda and Danny sitting in a tree…

Well, maybe there’s no tree. But there is a lot of sap.

The show begins with Melinda and Danny lying in bed together having one of the heart to heart talks you only see on The Gilmore Girls or the O.C.

“It’s just so hard to trust a girl again,” Danny tells her and they share stories of broken relationships. Then all of a sudden Danny pops the question — No, not THAT one. He finally asks Mel to be his girlfriend. She is giddy with excitement.

While Danny and Melinda are on Cloud 9, the rest of the roomies are down to earth working on plans for the SXSW documentary.

The bands they have chosen are Halifax, HelloGoodbye and Enon. The pressure is on because if they don’t get a rough cut of the film done in a couple of weeks they can’t go on the fabulous Real World vacation. This is motivation for at least Nehemiah and Lacey… the rest? I don’t know.

The roomies are expected to film the bands as they arrive in town and do short interviews with them. The first band up is Enon but the roomies aren’t sure when they are coming. Mel and Danny go out to dinner and Mel tells Lacey to page her when the band arrives.

But Mel and Danny are in the middle of swigging and swooning when the page comes and Melinda decides to ignore it… and ignore it… and ignore it. The rest of the roomies interview the band without Mel and Danny. Mel tries to think of a lie she can tell the roommates when she gets there and Danny suggests telling them she turned her pager off. Yeah, Danny, they’ll believe that.

When Danny and Melinda do get there the roommates are angry. And the most angry is Nehemiah, who calls them both “immature.” That’s like the pot calling the kettle… Oh, nevermind.

Later that night after the roomies tape Enon performing, Halifax shows up.

Halifax is a bunch of cool young guys and Wes and Danny connect with them right away and suggest that everyone go out to party.

Nehemiah is pissed that the roommates are being so unprofessional and can’t understand why they can’t stop partying for just 5 days to get this documentary done. Now this is the same guy who was calling out Danny and Wes saying he had lost his wingmen when they got girls. It’s scary when Nehemiah is now the most mature one.

Lacey suggests to Nehemiah that maybe the other roommates act like this because they’ve never had real jobs before – not even Danny who’s only worked for his “daddy”. C’mon Lacey, you’re getting paid to shoot a documentary at SXSW so you can go on a fantastic vacation. I’d hardly call this a “real job” either.

Out at the bar with Halifax, Rachel is disappointed that Mel is acting much more subdued than usual. She says she misses the old Melinda who used to make out with girls and dance on bars. “Danny doesn’t like it when his woman does those things,” she laments.

But Melinda is having a good time. Maybe too good of a time from Danny’s perspective. The more Melinda laughs and jokes with the Halifax guys the more jealous Danny gets. Finally he gets so angry he stops speaking to her altogether.

When they get home, Danny still refuses to talk to her but at this point Melinda doesn’t seem to be too worried about it.

The person who is worried in the house is Nehemiah. He’s worried that all the partying is getting in the way of making the documentary and asks some of the girls if he should call a house meeting about it.

Instead he talks to Wes and Danny privately about their night with Halifax and how unprofessional it was. Wes and Danny are very defensive.

And Wes goes on to say in his confessional that partying takes priority over the documentary for him.

The confrontation ends with Nehemiah, Danny and Wes taking some parting shots at each other most of which had to be “bleeped” out by the censors.

Later Melinda is trying to get back into Danny’s good graces but he’s not having it. She tries to tell him she didn’t realize it would bother him for her to be hanging out with the Halifax guys. She was just trying to “be friendly.”

“I would LOVE to be your friend,” he sarcastically replies.

She tries to tell him that she will respect his wishes and not flirt, jump on bars or hang out with band members but Danny just isn’t hearing it.

Moping over Danny, Melinda tells a friend “I would give up anything right now just to be with him.” The friend tells her to just let Danny think he’s right.

This prompts the eavesdropping Lacey to jump up and say “That’s bull—- ‘Little House on the Prairie’ talk” and runs in to tell Johanna what she has overhead. You know, Lacey spends a lot of time in other people’s business. No wonder she hasn’t had a storyline of her own.

Taking the friend’s advice Mel re-apologizes to Danny and tells him she can see the Halifax situation from his perspective. And she finally gets his forgiveness. She tells Danny she can change and she won’t flirt or do any of things she has been doing up until this point because she wants to be with him “until the day I die.”

Is Danny really worth all that Mel? Remember, it was your wild girl ways that go you on the Real World in the first place!
Now who’s the sap?

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