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Bloody Great! – So You Think You Can Dance?, 09-28-05

“Bloody Great!” – So You Think You Can Dance?, 09-28-05

by LauraBelle

Well, it had a very slow start, but I have to say, I’m excited to be watching the final four dance tonight on So You Think You Can Dance. As far as storytelling goes, the show is sometimes lacking, but in strength of talent, it excels. I see it as a foregone conclusion that Kamilah will be cut this week, but I think the final two guys is up for grabs between Jamile, Blake and Nick.

Before we see who is going to be eliminated, we are reminded of the couples’ performances. Kamilah and Jamile had danced hip hop and the american jive. Ashlé and Blake danced the smooth waltz and Argentine tango, and Melody and Nick danced Broadway and disco.

Melody is let off the hook and sent back to the couches right away. Leaving Kamilah and Ashlé waiting. Lauren Sanchez tells them to keep waiting as she tells the guys that earlier the judges had said they would love to see Blake and Nick go head to head. Now they’ll get their wish, but don’t get too excited. Jamile is sent back to the couch, safe, leaving Blake and Nick battling for the last final four spot.

Back to the girls, as expected, it’s Kamilah going home. She says she appreciates all her time here, and if she has inspired just one little girl to dance, she’s done what she wanted to.

It’s between Nick and Blake for who will be going home, and shocking many, it’s Blake. He says he is taking this with him as a learning experience. He was a professional before and he will go back knowing more than he did before.

Tonight each female will dance with each male, the females will dance with each other, the males will dance with each other, and each of the final four will dance a solo. The styles of the pairs have all been randomly picked.

The first pair to dance is Nick and Melody, coming of the success the two of them had together last week. They will be dancing the paso doble, choreographed by Mary Murphy. The only thing Nick knows of this dance is that she’s supposed to be the cape, and he’s supposed to be the matador. Melody says it may be funny at fist, but they are gong to work real hard at it. Mary explains the dance is about life or death. They dance to Espani Cani. The dance is very crisp, and it does looks like life or death the way they are portraying it.

After the judges five them a standing ovation, Brian tells them he is scared of them. He says their execution was on, and that Melody had been told last week she was dancing out of Melody mode to his disco routine. She is so out of herself right now. Mia says, “Holy [bleep].” She adds at this point, they are expecting flawlessness, and they just got it.

Nigel tells Nick that Meledy didn’t look like a cape, bullfighter or bull, but they are still his favorite couple. Dan calls it the most aggressive routine of the whole competition. He calls the entrance the most dramatic he’s seen and says it was phenomenal.

Ashlé and Jamile are dancing the salsa, being choreographed by Alex De Silva. Jamile says they need at least one good trick, and Ashlé says one they find the one trick that’s right for them, it’s game on. Dancing to “Oh Mayi,” they find their trick in a great lift. Somehow this dance is so cool and looks hot at the same time.

Brian says that for the top four, they expect spectacular, and while they started real big, they plummeted. Mia says being from Miami, she knows good Latin dancing, and this was missing the spice. Nigel thinks they screwed the end up, but carried it off well. He tells Jamile it’s amazing he was told he’d never walk again (Hey yeah! I had forgotten about that!) and tells Ashlé that she was tremendous.

Mary tells Jamile she feels he let his partner down a little. Dan agrees, but says Jamile still has the cool, and tells Ashlé she’s a joy to watch. She didn’t hit it exactly the way it was meant, but still go through it.

The first thirty second solo is performed by Melody. She dances to “Listen To Your Heart” with her usual lyrical jazz, although she definitely has stepped it up a notch or several. This girl wants to win.

For the oddest couple of the series, even odder that tiny Melody and Big Papa, Jamile and Nick dance a hip hop being choreographed by Dan Karatz. He tells them not to be afraid to get up in each other’s faces. He says they are enjoying it, and thinks on stage they’ll go for it. They dance to “Young’n”, and let me tell you, it’s the ultimate in cool. Jamile is always cool, but this is by far the best hip hop I have seen done on this show by a couple. And this is way out of Nick’s element, but he carries it off.

Brian notes that the crowd loved it, and says the timing was off early, but feels like they were scratching each other’s eyes out, they were competing so hard. Mia loves how they took each other down, and tells Nick he is a choreographer’s dream, always taking it to the next level. She wanted Jamile to battle a little more.

Nigel tells Jamile he’s letting Nick slip away, and that he thinks it’s between Nick and the girls right now. Mary tells Nick that week after week, she listens to people say he does things a little bit jazzy. She thinks we finally lost it in the paso doble. She says to Jamile we expected him to deliver, and he did.

Ashlé takes the stage for her solo to “Endandered Species.” And wouldn’t you know it, it’s another jungle animal dance. Perhaps she needs to be in The Lion King. This looks to me the same as the others she always done, and not enough.

It’s time for Jamile’s solo and dances to “Early In The Morning.” He definitely seems to have stepped up his game a notch with this, and you can see the Michael Jackson influence in it.

Mia choreographs Ashlé and Melody in one of her contemporary dances. She says it’s so awesome to see two strong, female dancers going at it. Ashlé notes Mia has them throwing themselves around, which you normally don’t see girls do. Melody thinks they’re going to kill it. They dance to Message In A Bottle, and I have to say it’s very different, but in a stunning, unique way, to see women dance together like this. They slide across the floor, and flip over slamming their bodies on the floor … in complete unison.

Brian calls it outstanding, and says they danced so completely hard. He also notes how great it was to see them with so much energy and feeding off of each other like that. Nigel asks to see their bruises, and Ashlé and Melody show that they have them all over. He says they looked possessed and calls it the dance version of The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Mary says this routine was like running a four minute mile in one minute. She asks guess what, and says two women just blew it out of this place. Dan remembers back in Hollywood, these two battled it out for top position in his class, and he isn’t surprised to see them in the final four still doing it. He says no one else could have pulled that off, and he appreciates the athleticism it took.

Nick is out for his solo and dances to “Pardon Me.” He is just so good, and there really isn’t any more to say about him, as he is always so good.

Melody and Jamile do a jazz dance with Brian as choreographer. He says without ballet training, jazz is difficult. Melody is obviously in her element, but Jamile had a hard time last week in own element, now to be out of it, will be much more difficult on him. He can see fatal errors if they aren’t ‘together. They dance to “Cold Hearted”, and have a lot of energy together. They are hot! Jamile doesn’t seem to be having much difficulty.

Mia tells Jamile he really went for it, and she would have never thought he would have done this so well. As for Melody, Mia’s just a big Melody fan right now. Noting the original artist of the song, Nigel says they would have done Paul Abdul proud. He cracks that she did that song before she even met Simon Cowell. He thinks Jamile came to life in his solo and that it has spurred him one. Nigel calls Melody one of the best technical dancers he has seen, and now that she is putting her personality out there as well, she is doubly fantastic.

Mary seems out of her mind, yells out, “Wooh!” and says when they did that leap, “Oh my God!” Nigel picks up the cup in front of her and smells it, obviously checking to see if she has put a little extra something in there. She tells Jamile week after week he surprises them, and gives Melody another “Wooh!!” Nigel says next season they won’t be giving Mary a microphone, as she doesn’t need one. Dan tells Melody she did what he expected, and calls her an incredible dancer. He tells Jamile this goes on the list of things he doesn’t need to see him do, but says he came out and nailed it.

Shane Sparks choreographs a hip hop routine four Ashlé and Nick. It will be difficult for Nick, coming from a jazz background, and he even calls himself not the funkiest white boy in town. He struggles learning it as he’s not used to moving his body like that. They come out and dance to “Feel the Girl.” They even do a move where Ashlé is on all fours, and Nick is straddling her back, and they somehow move across the floor like this. This, like the one from Jamile and Nick together, is better than many seen on this show so far.

Brian says it suited the two of them very well. He calls Ashlé the most versatile in the competition. Mia tells Ashlé she didn’t know she moved like that and says it was nasty. Nigel asks if they were really doing the paso doble and salsa earlier. He says no matter what you call it, ghetto, urban, whatever, he calls it “bloody great”. Mary calls it sensational, funky, urban and goes into another “Wooooh!” Dan says one of the hardest things to pull off in a dance is humor, and they were able to mix it all perfectly together.

For the last time we will see the final four dance before voting, there is a surprise round, an improvisational one. The dancers have never heard the song before, but will take the stage one by one and dance for a few quick seconds. The order has been chosen at random, and as they dance to, appropriately enough, “Music”, first Ashlé comes out, followed by Melody, Jamile (doing another big leap), and Nick. All four then finish the dance together.

Offering up final words, Brian says to remember they are looking for the most versatile dancer. It’s clear who he believes we should vote for, considering he just called Ashlé the most versatile moments earlier. Mia says they are all four very different artists, and calls them all amazing.

Nigel recognizes this is going to turn into a popularity contest, but adds they are all well-loved, and says it is much deserved. Mary is proud of all four of them and offers one last, “Wooooh!”Dan says America has been on the money with who has been voted off, as all four deserve to be there. (Was that a subtle burn to Blake and their earlier conflict?)

I really don’t know who will win. It seems to me that the emotional favorite here is Melody, but the other three are certainly up there. I think Melody has done the most to step up her game and show she deserves the win. I see her as more versatile, unlike Brian. At least she doesn’t dance jungle animal every week. Jamile, though, he’s a hip hopper that was told he would never walk again. Tonight he he looked like a pro. Nick just never ceases to amaze me. And despite my comments of Ashlé, she has really grown on me. Her spins tonight were amazing. I’m still pulling for Melody, but everybody there is very deserving in their own way.

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