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Game Over – Real World Austin, Episode 16

Game Over – Real World Austin, Episode 16

by Clicker

Last week it was Leo picking up Johanna from jail.

This week it’s Johanna trying to pick up Leo for … well, you know what.

It seems a ride home from the slammer is just the thing that turns Johanna on. And she is suddenly interested in Leo.

But there’s a problem.

Leo is already dating someone: Courtney. Johanna didn’t know about Courtney and she is a bit miffed that Leo didn’t tell her.

On a walk home with Melinda from the bar she tells Mel that she wants Leo to have another woman… she just doesn’t want him to be SERIOUS about the other woman. Huh?

At home she turns to Wes for advice. And when it comes to Johanna he turns from playa to pouting puppy dog, as she sits on his lap and tells him about the situation.

Wes suggests Johanna stop playing games and just tell Leo what she really wants.

“Do you expect me to tell him I only want a kissing buddy?” she asks.

Uh… Yeah.

Wes doesn’t think Johanna is acting very maturely and even says he is more mature than she is. (Those will be fighting words when she sees this episode air)

It’s another night at the bar, and Johanna is trying to keep away from Leo but finds she just can’t. She drags him onto the dance floor. And though she says she doesn’t understand it she just wants to kiss him.

Pouty puppy Wes comes over and reminds her that it is curfew time. Johanna has a plan. She invites Leo over to the house and they get into the “love sack.” He’s aggressive and talking dirty to her and this turns her on more than the ride home from jail.

It’s bad enough that we are watching the action … but then we see Lacey is on the phone with her boyfriend flipping the channels on the video monitors to watch what Johanna and Leo are doing – and then talk about it. Why do virgins do that? It’s kinda weird.

While Johanna and Leo are getting busy in the love sack, Wes is watching and pouting, and waiting for the day that Leo makes a mistake and HE will be there to pick up the pieces.

Leo was “really naughty” and Johanna liked that but she insists that they didn’t have sex .. But she is starting to fall for him because she’s had a chance to see his wild side.

Then MTV cuts to these really weird scenes of Wes walking around the house throwing things, including a couple of chairs into the pool. And he apparently tears the covers off the girls’ beds. The girls get upset and Melinda puts Wes’ clothes in the pool. Nehemiah says it is the “funniest thing he’s ever seen in his life.” I guess you had to be there. What’s weird is: why are the girls so angry? And did MTV stitch these scenes of Wes throwing things out of context? He doesn’t look angry at all. Strange.

Later, Leo comes over with a box of bratwurst for Johanna. It’s her favorite – and slightly suggestive. Wes comments on how much of a gentleman Leo is and as much as he wants to insult the guy he just can’t. Lacey makes sure Leo gives her a hug making me think maybe she has a little crush on him.

But that’s not the weirdest part. After a night of slap and tickle around the house, Leo gets to spend the night in Johanna’s bed. Her roommate Lacey first offers to sleep in the living room but Johanna insists that she stay. And she does. So Johanna and Leo are going at it and Lacey is over there in her bed listening. Who does that?

The morning after, Johanna is feeling weird that Leo is “still in her bed.” She has a pedicure appointment and leaves Leo at the house – with Lacey, who gives him a proper goodbye hug.

Johanna admits to Melinda that she has fallen for Leo… but wait, there’s a problem.

The whole day Johanna sits by the phone waiting for the after-sex phone call. It never comes. (no pun intended). She’s bummed that Leo would play such games.

That night at the Dizzy Rooster she dances on the bar to get Leo’s attention then ignores him when he does come over to talk to her.

She finally asks him why he didn’t call and he says he’s been busy all week with South by Southwest. But for Johanna that’s no excuse. If you like someone you make the time.

She and Leo fight a little bit at the bar and Johanna leaves crying. On the walk home, Rachel tries to console Johanna by telling her that all Leo is doing is creating bad karma. To which Johanna has two words: “Shut Up.”

This is her time to cry and she chooses Wes’ shoulder to cry on. He hugs and consoles her in bed. How could someone pass her up for some “stupid, short, white girl,” she tells Wes.

Face it Johanna, game over. The player got played.

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