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1920 Calories In 5 Minutes – Biggest Loser, 09-27-05

1920 Calories In 5 Minutes – Biggest Loser, 09-27-05

by LauraBelle

One of the hardest things about sticking to a healthy eating plan is leaving the house and eating out. Tonight the contestants on Biggest Loser find out how to do that without blowing their healthy eating plan.

Suzy gets up and first thing goes into the kitchen. She is met with a sign that reads, “Food Gone. Want to eat? Order in or dine out.” Hearing this and seeing the menu left for them, Mark believes he will order the fruit plate three times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wooh! I think he’ll get his own private bathroom that way!

Jillian makes her first visit with the guys since her big blowout with Nick. She decides to ignore him. Matt, from the treadmill, tells her they have missed her and when she left, it ripped their guts out. (I won’t cheapen myself for going for the cheap weight loss joke here.) He felt bad and says he didn’t realize she was hurt. She says it’s nice to know they genuinely care and as much as they want her, she will be there.

Bob visits the ladies and tells them he is going to teach them how to order out in the real world as they peruse the menu. He says he gives them how many calories they are allowed to eat each day, and if they choose to spend it all on one bad food choice, that’s up to them. He is telling Suzanne what to ask for when she places the breakfast order. There are so many things you need to let them know, like no added oil or butter on the omelettes.

The teams come out for their weekly temptation and find booths set up with lots of shotglasses in each. Their temptation this week will be milkshake shots. Each glass is 40 calories and made with lowfat milk (note that she said lowfat, and not skim). Leading the challenge is Jackie Keller, a celebrity chef. Each person will be given five minutes to drink as many shotglasses as they can. The winner will then pick a friend and will win Jackie cooking healthy meals for the two of them all week, instead of ordering out like everyone else.

Suzy hears all the glasses clinking, and assumes everyone is drinking the milkshakes. She doesn’t want to eat off that menu for an entire week and considers the calories consumed from the milkshake a good tradeoff for having a personal chef for a week. She can just picture Matt sitting there throwing them back, so she starts drinking the milkshakes. Halfway through she second guesses herself, but figures she’s already started, she may as well finish. Matt is not “throwing them back”, he’s simply moving the glasses around to make it sound like he is. He considered it, but thought the politics involved of winning this weren’t worth it.

When the time is up, each contestant answers 0 to how many milkshakes were drank, except Suzy. She quickly adds hers up; she drank 48. Quick math tells me that Suzy drank 1920 calories in 5 minutes. Suzanne says that is going against everything they have learned here so far. Suzy picks Ryan to share her prize with. Meanwhile the others go back to eat the food they had ordered for their breakfast. Shannon complains that there doesn’t seem to be any seasoning on her omelette.

As all the others are working out, Suzy gets upset and goes outside to cry to Bob. She tells him she knows some are pissed at her. Mark wonders how many calories crying burns. She tells Bob she just needs to hear she is doing okay. He says she is doing more than okay. She says she doesn’t feel it. Bob says she needs to come to terms with the winning/losing of the challenge and get back on track.

Everyone goes out to a restaurant that night for dinner. Bob advises his group to ask for things to be grilled. Shannon asks about pork chops, and he says absolutely not. Matt notes they are out of the comfort zone of the house, and Jillian reaches over the napkin he is hiding behind and takes his plate away. Seth helps by pouring salt all over it to make sure it’s no longer edible.

For the weekly challenge, the two teams meet up with Caroline Rhea at a train. Seth admits he has never been on a train before. There will be one player from each team on each car of the train. They will pass balls from one end of he train to the other, car to car, making each person run the length of their own car. The teams are going in different directions, so will have to pass by each other in the small aisles occasionally. The prize is for each person on the winning team to make a phone call home.

Matt says if it was for any other prize, he would sit out due to his knee injury from last week, but for a phone call, he’s playing. Suzanne gets pissed when she sees Shannon walking through the car instead of running like everyone else. In the end, the men win as Jeff runs the final ball in.

All is not well with the winning team, though. Pete complains of a fire in his chest and an ambulance is called in. Jeff, being a physician, wants to make sure he’s okay, so goes out to the ambulance with him. When he sees two ambulances, he says he knows Pete is big, but not that big. The other ambulance is for Ryan. After the challenge she can’t seem to catch her breath.

When Ryan gets back to the house everyone is sitting around in the kitchen and they greet her calmly and ask how she is. She explains she had an asthma attack coupled with an anxiety attack. She says you can tell who really cares about you, and to not have family with you at a time like this is tough.

Shortly after, Pete arrives back home to a much better greeting. The men give a cheer and greet him with huge hugs. He was told he just had a really, really bad cold, but says now he feels great. Then men then “really” celebrated their big win.

Each man gets to go into a private room with an egg timer for his phone call home. Pete says he normally talks to his wife for at least two hours every day, but hasn’t talked to her now in over a month. On the phone he tells her not to cry. After the call he says she means the most to him.

Seth calls his wife and she tells him in his absence she’s been working out as well, and has lost 5 pounds. She says their son has started crawling. Jeff calls home to his wife and daughters. When they hear Daddy is on the phone, they all scream. He tells his daughters he is lucky to have a wife and a friend in their mommy. He says she is his best friend, and drops the phone and cries as he says good-bye.

The next day everyone is working out for the last chance to lose a little before the weigh-in. Seth feels vulnerable because he’s the smallest guy, meaning the least to lose. If he was to pick someone to leave, though, he’d pick Nick, as he doesn’t work out as hard as the rest. Suzy is still feeling guilt over what she did to her team with the milk shakes, and with them losing the train challenge, she’s very worried for herself. She thinks she needs immunity to stay.

Coming into the weigh-in the teams are tied at 1 weigh-in each. The guys started out the week with a collective weight of 1914. They are no longer wearing their inspiration t-shirts, but I will keep including them in the weigh-in results, because I like what it says as a whole.

Jeff “to inspire patients” is up first. He weight 344 last week, and this week weighs in at 4 pounds, losing 30 altogether. He thinks he wasn’t controlling his portions this week. Matt “to be an athlete” weighed 304 last week, and now weighs in at an even 300. He has lost a total of 39. Seth “to see son grow up” has already missed his son learning to crawl while on the show. He weighed in last at 262, and just like the other two has lost 4 pounds, giving him a total of 33 pounds lost so far.

Mark “to fit into bulletproof vest” weighed 325 last week and is now at 318, losing the most for his team for the second week in a row. He’s lost 40 so far, and now sees he won’t ruin his diet, but must make the right choices. Pete “to slam dunk” still being the heaviest, started the week at 371 and also loses 4 pounds, losing 34 to date. Nick “to be healthy” doesn’t believe he has lost that much. He says he ate so much sushi, heh feels like he ate a dolphin. He started out at 308 and has lost the least, getting down to 305. He has lost the most so far, though, losing 41.

Then men have lost a total of 1.35%, meaning the ladies will have to lose more than 17 pounds. They started their week with a total of 1307 pounds.

Suzy “To find Mr. Right” is asked if she is confident, and says not really. She started her week at 205 and continues the 4 lbs. lost trend, making it down to 201. She has lost a total of 26. Suzanne “to be a hot bride” was at 209 at the beginning of the weeks, and finishes it at 206. She now has a total loss of 23 on the show. She is upset saying she really wanted to see a ten pound loss, and Caroline says she is really tough on herself. Andrea “to be a princess” started the week at 204, and makes it down only to 202 for a total loss so far of 18.

Shannon “to turn up the sexy volume” ended last week at 240, and makes it down to 236, having lost 21 so far. Jen “to be a role model” was at 244 last week, and tonight shows a 0 pound loss. That will keep her at 23 pounds to date. Suzanne says she doesn’t know how she sucked that one up, recognizing it would be hard. Ryan “to turn heads” started her week at 205, and needs to lose at least 5 for her team t o win. As she steps on the scale, she hits the mark exactly, weighing in at an even 200. Her team wins with a -1.37% loss. It will be the men sending someone home this week.

As they work out, Nick is beating himself up for his low weight loss this week. He talks with Matt and Mark while they work out and agree to stick to their original plan. They plan to tell Seth he is the youngest and can do it on his own. Despite being upset with himself, Nick isn’t worried, since he has lost the most so far at 41 pounds. Later Matt talks to Mark and says he thinks it should be Nick eliminated.

In the elimination room with Caroline, she asks Jeff which is harder, changing your diet and exercising or playing this game. Jeff says it’s definitely the game, as everyone deserves to be there. To go home before reaching your goal wouldn’t be fun.

Jeff reveals his vote first, voting for who he sees as the most successful and ready to go home. He is voting for Seth. Seth votes for someone that is very caring, but lacks a level of commitment, Nick. Nick says back home they have a word for people when you can’t believe a word they say, Larson. The Larson here he believes is Seth, who gets his vote tonight. Pete says he enjoyed every minute with this person, and votes for Nick. Mark says he had a different person in mind until this afternoon, and reveals his vote to be for Nick. It seems maybe Matt was able to sway the vote. With a trembling hand, Matt says making this decision has made him sick. He is breaking his word and possibly losing a friend. He says, “Nicky G., I’m sorry.”

Matt realizes he made the right choice as Nick leaves without any goodbyes to anyone. Perhaps instead of the Biggest Loser, he should be crowned the Sorest Loser. Matt says the reaction made him feel horrible, and he broke his word to the guys, but they’re a team.

Nick says when we see him again, he will be charging a 2 drink minimum, and it will be worth every pound. Yet as we catch up with him, he is calling the show his worst experience ever, and points to being called a baby by the trainer the worst. He says he has no idea what he weighs now, as he doesn’t weigh himself anymore. He eats healthy and walks, but looking at him tells us nothing has changed.

It’s apparent that Nick has more issues that just his eating and exercise habits. He was the biggest loser at the time on the show, yet was constantly being called out for not working hard enough, and was told by Jillian that he was sabotaging the team, cooking garbage for them. Since the show he can’t get back to what he was able to accomplish with his lax habits. I hope some day he can get all this straightened out and get to where he deserves to be.

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