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captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Guatemala, Episode 3

captainD’s Boot Prediction – Survivor Guatemala, Episode 3

by captainD

Welcome back for week three of Survivor! Last Thursday was the first of probably many shockers this season as Morgan’s vanishing act worked so well she even surprised herself. Sixteen people remain and it’s clear that no easy information will be handed to us this year as in the past. That makes my job harder, but the harder the better.

Temperatures of 114 degrees and croc infested waters will be the highlight early in the show, but Amy’s sprained ankle will soon be the focus at the Yaxha camp. No footage has been shown of a reward challenge so it’s possible that one challenge will double as both reward and immunity. That challenge will once again be physical which gives me no reason to pick against Nakum winning again. Tribal council is another toss up and just about everyone will be feeling vulnerable. If you want to take a chance pick Lydia or Gary, but for once I believe the red herring will be true and AMY is finally gone.

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