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Big Brother 6 – House Calls, September 26th – It's A Wrap

Big Brother 6 – House Calls, September 26th – It’s A Wrap

by LauraBelle

I think we can suffice it to say this season of BB has become personal for everyone. The problem is the HGs are all out of the house and getting back to their “normal” lives, but we’re still living in our houses; our lives are still the same.

The Friendship had raised such emotions in us, mostly bad, but good as well, that we expected some resolution to it all. The HGs are healing their wounds, so they’re all fine, but for some of us the wounds aren’t healing. For Marcellas and Gretchen it’s different as well, as they are now seeing HGs in the flesh and have a chance to see they are different than what they showed of themselves on TV and live feeds.

Hopefully while HC continues for at least the time being, it will give everyone time to sort out their emotions and get past it all.

Marcellas is obviously looking for some levity on HC and to lighten this heavy mood. He is wearing his BB wig and a tiara. He explains it’s not as a tribute to Beau or Janelle; it’s just for fun. Yeah, let’s have fun.

The first call is from Amy. She says after all the crap in the house, she is glad the HGs aren’t saying it was just a game. She took it personal and it warms her heart that the HGs did as well, and that they aren’t taking it lightly. Amy wonders if the feelings between the two separate sides spilled out into the wrap party. Well, that’s not fun.

Marcellas is appalled that Amy is “glad” the HGs took it personal and that she is saying it warms her heart. He says what the HGs said they said to each other and not the fans. He has a life without April and Maggie in it. If the HGs are angry about what they said to each other in anger, we should let them worry about apologizing to each other on their own.

Gretchen addresses the issue of the HGs still being divided at the wrap party. She believes they were. The BB staff even made an announcement for all to realize it’s a game and they were in the moment. She says everyone took everything seriously, and she is hoping Amy was not wishing for the two sides to carry grudges.

Marcellas brings up the bad feelings he had with Danielle when their season ended. He forgave her and it’s over and done with. He only mentions it now because of the HC talk show. She apologized; he apologized; he forgave her. It created something personal for him that has now led to where he is today.

For Kaysar, public sympathy was created for him by Ivette making racist statements against him and Jennifer pulling a big move and going against her word to oust him after he gave her the HoH. With each person in the house, who knows how the show would have turned out differently without them. BB6 was whatever it was because they had those chosen fourteen people there; it would have been totally different no matter what changes had taken place.

Eric from Kansas calls and says he is a great fan of James. He feels James played the game how it should be played … to win. Eric is offended by the S6. He feels Howie was wrong to put up James and Sarah being they were part of his alliance. He says as far as the whole Bible issue goes, James never said he swore on the Bible, he just said he had his hand on the Bible. That’s it. He wonders how James reacted to Sarah when she told him not to be upset with the S6 as it wasn’t their doing.

Luckily for him, James and Sarah are on the line. They got back from LA yesterday and they are actually grocery shopping together while on their cell phone. James takes the phone first and tells Eric he loves him. He says he doesn’t remember that whole conversation about the Bible, but those that want to crucify him over it can “kiss my ass.” He believes they were manipulating his words to suit them. Marcellas tries to interject, and James tells him it’s his turn. Beau pissed him off when he denied him the Bible. He adds Howie isn’t the brightest, and he thinks with him, Janelle and Kaysar they realized they had to take advantage and try and get rid of James, as he was such a strong player.

Getting his chance to speak finally, Marcellas says with the Bible conversation, James had originally told Ivette he would take out Howie and Rachel, but then he came back and said no, it has to be Maggie. Maybe he never lied, and he really was considering getting rid of Howie and Rachel. James says no, it was all BS. He wanted Maggie to know he was coming after her. Yet, he says, she won first prize, and he’s sitting there grocery shopping.

With James still on the line, Michelle calls to say throughout the house, he went behind Sarah’s back with plots that ended up sealing her fate just to bring himself further. James says he didn’t want Sarah involved to begin with and didn’t expect Eric’s temper tantrum that exposed all the partners. His strategy was to be sneaky; hers was to be nice. Marcellas points out James and Sarah were two of the last to admit to being partners. James says that was because he knew she was an emotional weakness for him; he didn’t want her attacked.

Sarah picks up the phone and Gretchen asks how fantastic it was to reunite with James after all that time. Sarah says it was wonderful to see him. Twenty minutes before the show started, they were told they wouldn’t be able to touch or talk to each other, despite the fact they would be so close. She calls it horrible. She says the S6 had a great weekend hanging out together, and with Marcellas as well. They took lots of pictures that will be shown later on HC. Marcellas says he looks like “drunk and drunker” in the pictures.

Debbie calls in wanting to know if Sarah has forgiven James for the unkind things he said behind her back. Sarah says as much of an asshole as he can be, she can be one right back. They don’t hold grudges with each other. Sarah says she was part of some of those conversations anyway. She would never be upset with him about his game play.

Sarah talks about how the entire S6, Michael, Kaysar, Janelle, Rachel, Howie, James and Sarah all stayed at Michael and Kaysar’s apartments over the weekend. In a few weeks they are all planning on crashing at Janelle’s place in Miami. Marcellas says, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, I wanna go to Miami.” He says he wants to go too, but he’ll stay in a hotel, not Janelle’s house. Sarah says they’re just all used to sleeping in one room together.

With Sarah off the phone, a picture is shown of Marcellas, James and Sarah. Marcellas explains they were partying in Irvine there, not at the wrap party, but thinking about it more, he’s afraid he was wearing the same outfit both times and that it will show in the pictures. Gretchen says she got a call from him at 1 AM Sunday, and warns him not to think for a minute that she actually believes he ever went home. She’s pretty sure he rolled up there Monday morning for the HC. He had called her saying, “I’m in the OC with Janelle, Michael …” and proceeded to name all the names off. “And I’ve had cocktails. Mike! Hi Mike; feel better.” Gretchen explains Mike is her fiance and that Marcellas is always considerate. Even when he’s doing a drunk dial, it’s a polite drunk dial.

Speaking of wearing the same clothing (nice segue, Laura!), Karen calls asking if that’s Kaysar’s shirt that Marcellas is wearing . She sees that he is wearing a blue Dept. of Redundancy Department t-shirt underneath his button-down. He laughs and says it’s not, and that the rumors on the boards aren’t true. Okay.

Karen also wants to ask with the house so divided this year, if Marcellas and Gretchen think it will change casting for the next season. Gretchen doesn’t see how that will spill over that way, but Marcellas wonders if it did, if it would be the better or for the worse. He did like the level of honesty this year, but not when it came out in bad behavior. He just appreciates people being able to say, “I don’t like you” and that they didn’t feel the need to be phony. Gretchen agrees that she liked the honesty, just not how it was all divided into two teams.

Marcellas takes this time to begin showing the pictures of the wrap party and partying in Irvine. The first is of Marcellas, Gretchen and Rachel. He says Rachel is so beautiful in person, and so nice and warm. Next up is a picture of Howie, Sarah, Marcellas and James, and Marcellas notes that Howie dresses like a fifty-year-old grandfather. As a picture of Kaysar and Sarah is shown, Marcellas notes how pretty they both are. He also adds that Kaysar brought a beautiful girl with him to the wrap party. Hmmm, could be crushing many ladies’ dreams out there!

A picture of Ivette and Gretchen is shown, and Gretchen says Ivette asked if now that she met her she would say nice things about her. Gretchen said no, she’s a bitch just like Ivette and says what’s on her mind. Ivette’s mom had plenty of complaints for Marcellas and Gretchen over her treatment on HC. As a picture is shown of Ivette “choking” Marcellas, he says she told him he made people hate her. Ummm, that would be Ivette’s own actions. I like that she is coming to terms and mea culpa-ing somewhat, but she has to realize no one made anyone else hate her.

Howie took a picture with Marcellas and Gretchen, and Gretchen says he was talking about boobies all night. There’s also a close-up of a picture of his Jedi shirt that had his face super-imposed on who I assume is Mark Hamill. (Don’t tell Howie but despite the fact my son is huge Star Wars fan, I have never seen a single one of the movies, and it’s not an age thing, as I was 13 when the first one came out.)

Last season’s winner, Drew, took a picture with Marcellas and Danielle that were both on season three. Drew looks very tall in the picture, and Marcellas says he thinks he was standing on his tippy toes. There’s also a pair of pictures of Gretchen lifting Marcellas on the dance floor and vice versa.

Jennifer took a picture with Marcellas, and he says her boyfriend was very cute. April’s hubby was there (no mention of the infamous Pepperoni) and shooting daggers at Marcellas all night. Gretchen and Marcellas note here that for some reason they didn’t take as many pictures with the members of the Friendship.

Marcellas took a picture with Janelle and Marvin from last season, and he says Janelle was swamped the entire night. He took another picture with Howie and Ashlea, and he says she is really, really a pretty girl. Well, my twelve-year-old son sure thought so. There’s a huge close-up of Kaysar looking tanked, and Marcellas notes that Kaysar wasn’t even drinking.

The pictures done, Gretchen and Marcellas talk a little about some issues they think need addressing. She says it’s always awkward for them to be at the wrap parties with the families of the HGs. The HGs don’t really know much yet, as they’re still in the vacuum, but the families sure do. Gretchen says she never even spoke to Eric or Beau that whole night.

Beau’s mom, though, had quite a few words for Marcellas and Gretchen. She attacked them for their treatment of Beau on HC. He apologized for her not being happy, but stood his ground with his feelings. Going into the game, Beau was his favorite, as he was rooting for the black gay guy. And then, he was very nice to Marcellas. But once on the show, Beau proceeded to do nothing but be drug along. He then got drunk and threw up all over. Beau also did a fair amount of Marcellas-trashing on the show.

Gretchen says the oddity of it was that Beau’s mom kept saying over and over that he comes from an educated family. They never said he didn’t, but she thinks his mom was referring to them busting his balls for not being able to form a sentence. Marcellas says that doesn’t imply he’s stupid, just that he doesn’t do well in front of a camera. It’s all they were trying to say with those comments.

Gretchen says when you sign up for this show, you become fair game. Marcellas says it’s meant to be an irreverent look at a reality show, and meant to be fun. Gretchen adds that once the people are out of the house, she has to get to know them on a different level, as everyone plays different in the house. Marcellas still can’t figure out what is behind April’s husband shooting daggers at him. He also says that Ivette better marry Tush or he will. He liked her that much.

Next Monday, House Calls will be back with more callers, hopefully a guest or two. Hopefully it will begin to give the fans that closure they need.

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