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Thirteen Gems – America's Next Top Model 5, Premiere

Thirteen Gems – America’s Next Top Model 5, Premiere

by Syrone Harvey

Part One

America’s Next Top Model vows to glimmer, sparkle and shine brighter than ever. Showcasing 13 genuine diamonds in the rough, ANTM boasts a season filled with excitement and glam. With fresh new faces, a different kind of attitude and a kinder, gentler, new judge, season 5 began with rapt anticipation.

After reviewing thousands of audition tapes, (even one from a ghetto-fab version of Tyra) the choices are narrowed down to a select group of 36. As the semi finalists begin their journey many of them cling tightly to the hope of becoming America’s Next Top Model. Some of the girls scope out the competition; while first time travelers appear somewhat shell-shocked upon arrival at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Jay Manuel, Photo Director extraordinaire, is the first to welcome the girls. He tells them to be at the top of their game they will need to work hard and “live, eat and sleep” the business.

The first challenge launches the girls into a posing competition. Miss J Alexander arrives with devo-esque flair. He keenly sizes up the girls paired up in twos. The Jays call out various poses, inviting them to give the fiercest pose ever … the “real” Tyra Banks pose. Suddenly Tyra pops out and surprises the girls with a brief, but enthusiastic appearance. She tells them to look at their competition to the left and to the right. She tells them they may think the other girls seem prettier or edgier than themselves, but ultimately, the winner will be the one that possesses that little something extra.

One by one each of the girls are introduced to Tyra, Jay and Miss J. They are asked multiple questions in order for them to become more familiar. Then they change into swim suits and walk the mini runway in style. Some of the girls are not “skeered” to tell their biz, while others come across as shy and apprehensive.

First up is Bre from Harlem, New York. Surprised that Miss J knows Harlem, (he’s a Bronx native) she tells them that “the mentality of Harlem sucks…” She stumbles through an explanation about how some people feel that if you’re around poor people and with people who are poor it’s okay. No one wants to venture out or explore other areas because Harlem is “it” for them. (???) Tyra follows by asking her why she claims to be “messy and too lazy to take baths sometimes.” Miss J heads over to give Bre’s pits a whiff. He confirms that Bre smells “powder fresh and mixed with musk” (It looks like we’re in for a funky treat.)

Next, bubbly Kyle walks in. The 19 year old from small town Dexter, Michigan works at Dairy Queen. She appears confident and says she likes being a small town girl with a normal life and a great family. She feels set apart from other girls who have been abused or already have kids. She is fascinated to have met Kim, one of the other models, who is a lesbian. She is either being truthful or totally naïve when she says she has never met a lesbian before … but she’s open minded and an overall nice girl. But, where has she been hiding?

Next to enter is Kim, the lesbian Kyle previously mentioned. Kim wants to bring something different to the ANTM platform. She aims to present a more masculine kind of flair. She has openly “come out” and is proud of it. She says, “I’m proud but I’m not going to be go around kissing girls.” Since she has offended people in the past she realizes not everything needs to be expressed. She strikes a pose resembling a crouching football player. Hut 1, 2, 3…

Jayla the former Jehovah’s Witness announces that she has strayed from some of the things she is supposed to do. She says, almost proudly, that she is a horrible example of what a JW should be. Jay asks her for examples. She says she is a “fornicator and a smoker, who cusses like a sailor and doesn’t go to church.” Although she still “believes”, she first needs to get all the risqué stuff out of her system before getting serious. Miss J says, “You must be on the buy now, pray later plan.”

Jealous Nicole has a beef with her mom. She says she is not a perfect child, like her sister. “If your sister had tried out for ANTM how do you think she’d do?” Tyra asks. She strongly replies, “First of all she’s not as cute as me, and she doesn’t have a personality like mine. I just wish my mom would see that.” She’s reminiscent of Jan Brady … “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia…” She says she wants to be ANTM more than anything and is willing to do anything, including begging. (Get up girl. You’re making a fool of yourself.) They caution her against claiming to do anything. And since she is so excited about being there, she says she won’t complain about anything. I predict she may be munching on those words a little later on. After she leaves, J muses that with her ears and the shape of her head, she looks like one of the Seven Dwarves.

The scene switches to a group of girls at a small market. Nicole announces that she needs Chapstick and insists the other girls go with her. The girls tell her to wait and get it as she checks out. She is insistent and thinks the girls are mad at her for needing Chapstick. What she doesn’t realize is that she is getting on everyone’s last nerve as she is consumed with finding that darn Chapstick. The other girls feel Nicole complains about everything. I thought she said she wouldn’t complain? I hope she’s stocked up on Chapstick cause I doubt any of the other girls will want to go to the market with her again. Bre is annoyed and says if Nicole doesn’t stop whining she’s going to stuff her in a closet and leave her there. (Hopefully bound and gagged)

Back to the panel intros … A faddish eyeglass-wearing Nik walks in. She says she wants to be ANTM because that what she is there for. She especially wants it for herself since she seems to be the only one she can rely on. Tyra tells her she has a Naima, mohawk look going on with her hair then asks her to let it down when she comes out with her swim suit. Somehow Nik “accidentally” bought a cheap, poorly fitted swim suit causing her to dig it out of her butt crack. “It’s okay,” she says. Tyra likes the fact that Nik isn’t typically beautiful. (Her nose touches her top lip.)

Diane, the only plus size model, enters with spunk. The charming model is a Criminal Defense Investigator. Although curvaceous, Big D realizes the competition will be difficult, but vows to stay focused to win. Aside from the cool accent the girl has guts.

Meek and mild Diane walks in next. Tyra questions her about her experience with breast cancer. She shares the fears she faced and having to undergo surgery but is more thankful that it was diagnosed as benign. She comes across as sweet and soft spoken yet displays a sense of self assurance.

We’re given a quick peek as some of the other girls walk the catwalk. Then Texas beauty queen, Cassandra (sans crown) struts in. Born and raised in Texas, she proudly declares Texas is a most competitive state. Tyra zeroes in on her pageant experience and asks “Who is the current Miss USA.?” She answers, “Miss North Carolina”. Tyra then asks who the current Miss Universe is. She again answers correctly, “Australia.” Finally, Tyra asks her to name 3 cover girls. She gives a look that says “it’s-on-the-tip-of-my-tongue”. Tyra wants to see if she is more dedicated to the beauty pageant scene than modeling. Yeehaw cowboy!

Twenty-two year old Ashley gushes into the room. As a fashion buyer for a boutique she loves to look at fashion and travel. She wants to come out from being behind the scene to make an attempt at modeling. Jay asks her to name some of the most popular designers. Ashley rattles off a list of notables. They’re all impressed with her knowledge, that is until she claims to have the “pretty gene” in her family. She feels she has a lot going for her.

The girls get a kick out of razzing Beauty Princess Cassandra. They target her with questions like, “Since you are symbolizing Texas, why do you think you should win this pageant?” She answers, “I think I represent a lot that Texas has to offer.” (Safe answer) Somehow Cassandra doesn’t realize how annoying she really is.

Next in front of the panel is April who comes in with a stylish funky look. As she removes her sunglasses we’re graced with her pretty face but taken back by her darkly lined raccoon eyes. She loves her eyes. (Maybe a bit too much.) Miss J says he can’t see her eyes, while Jay asks her to remove her fake eyelashes. Sheesh, they resemble furry little caterpillars. They notice her over-painted make up and send her to wash it all off. They want to see what lies underneath the many layers of paint. Actually it’s a nice natural look yet April doesn’t seem as confident without her “Tammy Faye Baker” face.

Lisa from L.A. comes in revved up and excited about life. She says even the smallest things thrill her. Then Tyra asks about her relationship with her mom. Lisa explains that her mother has no maternal instincts, has been selfish and inconsiderate. The smallest things would usually set her off. She took a lot of her frustrations out on Lisa. Teary eyed Lisa says she realized she wasn’t a bad person, and wasn’t deserving of her mom’s treatment. Tyra asks if she can handle the criticism the judges may dish out. “I got it worse coming from my own mother. Because of this, I am strong person, and able to handle anything that is dished out.”

Meanwhile the girls enjoy a grub session. They fix a variety of sandwiches and ramen noodles. Nicole says her ramen tastes like hay. The other girls look at her and roll their eyes. Only Bre is brave enough to speak up about her constant complaining. She tells her that she needs 5 minutes without her complaining. One of the girls says, “I’m ghetto. I know how to make my ramen noodles real good!” You go girl!! Nicole says they can’t get mad at her for not knowing how to make ramen noodles. Somehow she doesn’t see herself. She points fingers at the other girls and says they’ve also been complaining. Obviously the girls are on edge and feeling a tad bit cranky. They lash out at each dramatically. “Is anyone on their period?” one of the girls asks. Kim replies, “If not, they’re going to be.” Talk about PMS’ing! Still, Nicole is baffled and can’t seem to figure out why everyone thinks she is complaining.

Back to the getting-to-know-you session … Sarah nervously walks in and greets the panel. Tyra acknowledges Sarah’s big, Angelina Jolie lips. She says she was made fun of in school because of her lips. When asked about her modeling background, she says she got a job, and saved up $1500.00 just to go to a modeling convention. Tyra says, “You should never have to pay someone to tell you whether or not you have what it takes to be a model.” Sarah feels confident cause she’s honest, real and has big ass lips.

Countryfied Whitney is not just pretty but as a Future Farmer of America, she knows how to handle livestock such as sheep and pigs. Jay asks how they’re sold. She explains they are sold in an auction. Jay gets on all four then crawls around, pretending to be a New Hampshire pig. They proceed to auction “Jay” off. Clearly Jay makes a unique kind of pig.

Next up is Latricia. (Her friends call her Bebe) She says she wants to be like Tyra… she wants to get her hair done, her nails done … The picture moves to Krystle who says she wants to be ANTM so that she can be like the UN and reach out to help third world orphanages … Back to Bebe, “I want to be pretty so they can take my photograph.” Krystle continues, “It’s about using my talent and what I like to do to help the world.”

Cut to Melissa …”To show America what I have to offer…” Bebe continues… ”It looks easy but I know it might be hard as well.” Krystle says she is tired of people being materialistic. “It’s all about the bling bling.” Tyra says, “It’s not about the bling bling, but you have the belt that says, “Kris” and the pumps that say Prada … and you want to save the world? You save the world by helping the person right next to you.” (Let’s see you get out of this one Krystle.) Tyra asks, “When was the last time you did community service?” Krystle gives a blank stare. Duh, never?? She tells them to forget everything she says. “It’s a new slate.” She’s changed her tune.

As Coryn walks in, Tyra notices that she seems nervous. Coryn isn’t used to sharing about herself. She explains that life has been rough for her. She grew up without a dad and her mother is into drugs and unemployed. Coryn stays in the house in order to take care of her little sister and keep an eye on her mom. Tyra asks if she feels her success will help her mother get out of her own funk. Coryn replies, “No, I don’t think so.” Tyra likes that answer. She says fame is not magic. Coryn admits she is bad at communicating with people and holds her feelings inside to protect herself from getting hurt. Tyra admires that Coryn is clearly sincere and not out to save the world. She is thinking of herself. Miss J holds two black pens imitating Coryn’s thick eyebrows. Uh oh, a good plucking may be in her future.)

Next to enter is red haired Regina. She says she always wanted to dye her hair blonde but didn’t. She gained a lot of weight when she was thirteen and is still working to get it off. Tyra says, “She’s a white girl version of my booty … the jiggle, the size, the shape … that is MY booty.”

Next up is “Don’t get it twisted” Ebony. She says some people want to be brain surgeons and some people want to cure cancers, but I was born to be a model.” Tyra asks about her motto, which is “Don’t get it twisted.” She says that’s how it is and that’s how she wants to serve it. Oddly Ebony has the talent of knowing each of the girls’ names. Miss J tests her knowledge. She babbles off a list of girls nailing it successfully. Tyra is impressed since she hardly knows the girls’ names herself. Ebony feels this will be an asset for her and that she will be able to get her own personality out there. Don’t get it twisted. We won’t!

Some of the girls have a gab session and play the hypothetical game. “If you had to punch someone in this room, who would it be?” One girl pipes up, “It would have to be you, Ebony. You are so over the edge and high energy.” That’s okay though cause Ebony is just being “real.” Don’t get it twisted!!! (Gag)

The meet and greet session concludes. The Jays gather the girls together and tell them they will participate in a fashion show in the evening. But, the only thing is that there is only room for 20 girls. Unfortunately it’s time to narrow down the girls. Jay says, “If you don’t see your picture in a dressing area back stage, then you will have to sit in the audience and be supportive of the girls who’ve been selected.” The twenty girls will be the ones to continue the competition. The girls make a wild dash backstage. There’s a flurry mixed with celebration, shouts and tears. The girls not chosen are hugely disappointed. There are tears, regrets and obvious sadness.

Backstage the girls have four minutes to scramble into their outfits before it’s time for the runway. Sarah worries she might fall since heels aren’t exactly her specialty. Poor thing is wearing stilettos. It’s time!! Each of the girls step out to an audience made up of the eliminated girls and the two Jays. So far, so good … until Sarah trips going down the runway. Many of the girls are poised and seem to almost have a natural talent for the runway. Although Kim comes off a bit too boyish, and Regina shows off a bit of tummy flab. Aside from a few minor goofs, the fashion show ends with success. The Jays remind the girls that they still have to go through a final elimination.

Back with Tyra the girls each have a chance for a one on one to convince her why they should be a finalist in the ANTM competition. It all comes down to this. The girls have to shake off their fears and speak honestly with Tyra. There are a wide array of questions, comments and responses. Lisa wants to know what it was like for Tyra to work with Will Smith. (???) The girls are all convincing, but it’s up to Tyra as the final judge.

It’s elimination time! The panel reviews the girls’ pictures, their personalities and their overall knack for modeling. Finally, they arrive at a decision. The girls are called into the room. Tyra admits it was a tough decision. She will call the names of each of the girls chosen to continue on in the competition. There will be 7 girls who will not make it.

The first girl called is Cassandra, the Texan. The next person called is Nik. Then Kyle is called. The next person called is Ashley. Next up is Bre, then Kim. The waiting girls hold their breath. There are 7 names left. Sarah is the next girl called. Giddy Jayla is the next one called. Tyra says, “The next girl I call has a lot riding on this competition…” Then she calls Coryn. Only 4 spots left to go. Nicole is stunned to be called next. The next one called is Diane. The name after that is Lisa. The final girl called is “Don’t get it twisted” Ebony. The 7 girls eliminated are totally devastated. Amidst tears and hugs Tyra consoles the eliminated girls. But for the 13 girls who are selected it’s a dream come true.

Part Two: Just Another Pretty Girl

The two Jays congratulate the final 13 girls. Beverly Hills is where stars are made. To be a Top Model they will need to look like stars; totally be like stars. The girls are treated to a tour of the stars’ homes. They are shocked to discover Robin Leech, (Mr. Champagne and Caviar Dreams) is their tour guide. The girls are ushered onto a tour bus where Robin begins with a traditional toast of “champagne.” (The girls get apple cider instead.) He pours a glass for himself then passes the bottles to the girls on each side. Even though ever-so-eager Lisa has a glass in her hand, she turns up the bottle and takes a chug. Cassandra shudders as Lisa drinks out of the bottle. She is thinking, “Oh my gosh! Have some class.” But being more privileged than “some” she chooses to keep silent. How noble!

They tour Rodeo Drive and the luxurious homes belonging to the stars. Robin quips, “When you become America’s Next Top Model, this could be where you live.” Saving the best for last, he escorts them to their final destination. The girls have no idea where they are. Robin tells them, “This is a very special house. It contains a very unique cast of characters. It is the home of America’s Next Top Models!” He hands over the keys as the eager girls run towards the house.

Inside, the house is designed like a small department store. Each room contains special items such as purses, belts, scarves, hats etc. The girls squeal when they realize they haven’t found the bedrooms yet. They run, find a bedroom and stake a claim to it. Each room has a different theme. One room called, “Bling it on” is filled with a variety a sparkling jewelry. The “Bag Ladies” room contains a myriad of purses. The “Stiletto Room” is packed with shoes of all types and styles. Downstairs, there is a room called “Eau de Model” which not only smells good, but also has a variety of perfumes. The girls excitedly select their rooms. Friends, Kim and Ashley are thrilled to be roommates. The girls are amazed by everything they see, including the hot tub outside their bedroom doors. The girls scatter throughout the house. Some of them stop to look at pictures of previous Top Models. Several girls dangle their feet in the pool and ask Kim curious questions about her being gay. Although she has a girlfriend, they have an open relationship. Still she has no plans to act on impulse. Small town, open-minded Sarah has no problems with Kim being a lesbian. The girls unpack and settle in for the night, anticipating what the next day may bring.

The next morning, the girls get up and make breakfast. Their conversation is filled with mindless chatter about food and cereal. Cassandra looks at how dirty her feet are and complains about the floor being filthy. This time, Nicole calls attention to the complaining. (Between Princess Cassandra and whiny Nicole, it’s a neck in neck race to become the Queen of Complaints.) Cassandra whines about the cold pool, the small room and even some of the previous Top Models. Kyle feels Cassandra believes she is better than everyone else. Lisa predicts spoiled Cassandra is headed for a rude awakening. She sees this as Cassandra’s weakness.

Tyra Mail arrives. It says, “You have high self-esteem. How much are you worth? Be ready at 4 p.m.” The girls hustle to get “prettied up.” Then a limo driver arrives at the door. They can’t believe they’ll be riding in a blinged out stretch limo. The interior is decked out in pink. Riding in style they finally arrive at, what appears to be, a nightclub. They’re greeted by Jay who tells them to prepare for a huge event. The girls will be tossed into work. Life and Style magazine is throwing a big party. The fashionista crowd, press and celebrities will be in attendance. The girls have an opportunity to give it all they’ve got. Sarah, who trips over her own feet, is filled with happiness and fear. She doesn’t know what to expect.

The girls get ready for the Life and Style Fashion show. Some of the girls have never put on make up. Kim is especially confused. She asks for help putting on eyeliner. No one volunteers. Ebony over hears Kim, asking Ashley her roomie, for help. Ashley blows her off. Apparently, it’s every girl for herself. Ashley can’t figure out why everyone is mad at her for not helping Kim. Ebony graciously lends Kim a hand. Kim doesn’t understand why Ashley didn’t want to help her. She realizes Ashley can’t be trusted.

The girls hurry into their outfits. It’s almost curtain time. The girls peek at the runway which resembles a crazy maze. The runway will be a huge challenge with each of them moving in different directions. Backstage is total chaos. The girls attempt to practice walking but have very little room to spare. Sarah’s especially anxious about having to walk. She says her walk isn’t the problem; her balance is.

They are introduced to Nate Dog, a hip hop artist who will be the host. The fashion show begins. So far they manipulate the runway with ease. The girls slightly bump each other in passing. The girls seem to be at ease. Kim clumps down the runway. I’m expecting her to grab at her crotch or do something boyish. It’s Sarah’s turn. She feels like a chicken with its head cut off. Nate Dog calls her “dangerous”, which is totally appropriate as she stumbles at the beginning of the runway. It clearly shakes her confidence. Thankfully she doesn’t have a full blown fall. Nate Dog jokes about it and says, “And she’s still fine.” Although backstage continues to be hectic, many of the girls seem to feed off the adrenaline rush. Sarah is once again on the runway. (Fingers crossed) This time she only slightly trips. (Who can blame her wearing stilt-like stilettos?) Even though she feels a bit humiliated, she makes it to the end.

The girls head to the limo ready to continue partying. They goof around and throw water on each other. Suddenly Kim says to Sarah, “You’re a beautiful girl. What’s wrong with you?” Sarah squeals and says, “You think I’m beautiful?” She leans over the seat and starts making out with Kim. The girls can’t believe it. After they finish necking, Kim announces, “One down, 11 more to go!” I guess she forgot all about telling Tyra she had no plans to go for any of the girls. It’s ANTM’s Gone Wild!

Back at home Ebony tells Lisa she is amazed that Kim, a lesbian, has so many dynamics. She says, “It’s like everyone has layers of deep.” Lisa says, “All except for Cassandra. I don’t understand her.” They feel that Cassandra hasn’t struggled at all in life. Lisa wonders if she plugs into a wall to recharge her batteries since she comes across so robotic. She does a robotic Cassandra imitation. “I am breaking down right now…” Ebony thinks Cassandra’s a weirdo since she is so prim and proper; a total pageant queen. As they pass Cassandra Ebony tells her, “Girl, I was talking about you.” Cassandra asks what she did. They’re not shy. She boldly says, “We almost feel like you’re a robot. What’s the deal? I mean; you’re this pageant queen…” Cassandra gives her a totally bizarre answer. She says, “You know how sociopaths don’t feel emotion that’s how they can kill people without feeling bad about it? Only I’ve never killed anyone.” (I would definitely sleep with one eye open and a baseball bat underneath the bed.) Lisa wonders what is underneath Cassandra’s eyeballs and what she could be thinking. “It’s not that I don’t like sharing things with other people, I’m just not that emotional,” she says.

Tyra Mail suddenly appears. It says, “It’s a bird, it’s a plane … no it’s a top model in the making. Be ready at 5:30 a.m.” The girls don’t know what to expect, but they’re excited. Once they arrive, Jay tells them they are going to be flying as super heroes. An amazing photographer, Mike Ruiz will take their shots. Jays warns them to “bring it and be superhero top models.”

They head to hair and make up where they are transformed into wild, colorful super beings. Jay gives each girl direction. He tells them how to pose, glide and move to capture the look of a true super hero. Kim struggles with being free and natural. Ashley tells her, “Dude you sucked.” Way to encourage, Ashley! When it’s Ashley’s turn, she discovers how hard posing really is. Her explanation is simply a matter of physics. She says, “After all you can only stretch so far.” Nik at first struggles with the super hero concept. She says she is more “girlie” than superhero. All in all, she does a great job. Kyle, resembling Rainbow Brite, is up next. She soars through each of her poses. A worried Coryn watches from afar. She admits to Jay she is majorly afraid of heights, but it’s an obstacle she’ll have to overcome. Both Lisa and Diane are successful super heroes. A little reluctant, Coryn takes the courage to go for it. In the end her shots turn out great. Ebony, Sarah and Jayla work their poses with the intensity Jay desires. They’re finished for the day.

When they get home, Tyra Mail is waiting for them. She reminds them about tomorrow’s elimination. This is what the girls dread the most.

Tyra welcomes the girls to the judging room. She tells them about the prizes the ANTM winner will receive. The first is a contract with a well-known agency, Ford Models, and a photo spread in Elle Magazine and a cover on Elle Girl Magazine. The final prize is a contract for $100,000 dollars with Cover Girl Cosmetics.

The girls are introduced to each of the judges. They meet famous fashion photographer, Nigel Barker. Then Miss J, “diva-walking extraordinaire” comes in wearing a huge floral bouquet. Each flower will represent each top model. As one is eliminated, the flower will be pulled. The last judge is a fashion icon. She is Twiggy, one of the three most renown models on the earth. The judges will evaluate each girl based on the Life and Style Fashion Show and their super hero photo shoot.

The judges critique the fashion show and super hero pictures. Their remarks are kind, but allow room for improvement. I actually like Twiggy’s soft, gentle approach. Even giving a negative critique, she remains kind. (Not at all like Janice.) The judges have a tough time deliberating their choices.

Finally the girls are brought back into the judging room. “Thirteen beautiful girls stand before me. But, I only have 12 photos in my hand,” Tyra says. The girl whose name isn’t called will be immediately eliminated.” The first name called is Nik. Next Lisa, Cassandra and Diane are called, then Jayla, Kyle and Bre. Ebony, then cute, bushy eye browed Coryn is called. Nicole follows next. With only two photos remaining, Kim is the last to be called. Tyra calls Ashley and Sarah forward. “I only have one photo remaining. The girl I do not call must immediately return to the house, pack her bags and go home.

“Sarah, you’re not standing here because you can’t walk. We don’t want perfection. We want palettes we can work with. But when we see someone who cracks under pressure, someone that can’t handle the stumble, it makes the judges wonder if you can handle the pressures of the competition.” Tyra says. She continues, “Ashley, you’re probably wondering, Why in the heck am I standing here? Your picture, it was alright. Your runway walk was alright. But the judges think, “Maybe she’s just a pretty girl who doesn’t have what it takes to be America’s Next Top Model.” Tyra pulls out a picture, and chooses Sarah. Ashley is eliminated as ANTM.

As Ashley embraces the girls, Miss J plucks out a flower. Leaving, Ashley says, “Ya’ll make me proud, you hear?” She heads to the house to pack. “To be crushed sucks. To be the first to be crushed sucks. If I try harder I wonder what’ll happen on my second casting call, if this is what happened on my first? It’s all I can think about. There can only be one winner anyways. This is how it was supposed to be. I’m not going to cry. I’m not going to cry … yeah.” She holds up her head and bravely walks out the door. Her picture slowly fades out of the group photo.

As part two of America’s Next To Model ends we’re left wondering if there was a valid reason for Ashley to be voted off. Since when is being a pretty girl a negative? I’d love to hear what you think. You can reach me at Syrone@realityshack.com. Remember … always stay real.


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