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Who Wants To See Bush Doing The Krunk? – So You Think You Can Dance?, 09-21-05

Who Wants To See Bush Doing The Krunk? – So You Think You Can Dance?, 09-21-05

by LauraBelle

The competition in So You Think You Can Dance gets tighter and tighter every week. Good dancers are going home each week as the dancers are paired down. Tonight will trim them down from eight to six dancers, and next week we’ll lose two more to leave us with our final four finale.

Up for elimination tonight, Melissa and Jamile had lucked out getting hip hop for their first dance, but Jamile was stuck with ballroom once again, having to do the paso doble, forcing them in as one of the bottom two couples. Melissa then danced a freestyle solo while Jamile did the same.

The other couple up for elimination, Artem and Ashlé, also lucked out getting the fox trot, certainly a strength for Artem. The judges panned their second dance, the cha cha, placing them as the second of the bottom two couples. Ashlé did an African freestyle solo while Artem did a Latin influenced solo.

Asked which of the two females should be going home, Nigel Lythgoe says it shouldn’t be either Melissa or Ashlé. He feels it should be Kamilah and that since the premise of the show is that our partner can make or break you, her partner Nick saved her.

The vote is revealed and it’s Melissa going home. Through tears, she says thank you to her friends, family and fans. Brian Friedman tells her he thinks she was robbed, making him “so sad.” He tells her he thinks she is fabulous.

Dan weighs in with his thoughts on the bottom two guys. He says no one can touch Artem when it comes to ballroom, yet he feels he has a lot to learn as a soloist. Dan tells Jamile he is glad he got through all the ballroom, as now he finally gets to show what he can do. He refers to him as unbelievable.

It’s a surprising vote as Artem is the odd man out. He thanks all the judges for the opportunity, especially Mary Murphy who stood up for him always. Holding back tears, Mary says she disagrees with Dan. If he was given hip hop, Artem would have done it. If asked to do any other style, he would have done it. She calls him an inspiration and gives him a standing ovation.

Finally the “see American Dancing” spots are showing some creativity. No longer do we have firemen dancing to “Hot! Hot! Hot!” We now have a fashion mannequin company in Industry, CA dancing to “Freeze Frame.” That was actually fun as I didn’t feel like they were talking down to me.

Kamilah draws a partner first, and picks Jamile. His luck seems to be holding up as they choose hip hop again. They dance to “Toma” and just seem made to do this type of thing together. Interestingly enough, she doesn’t seem to have that “sexy” air about her in this dance.

Mia Michaels says her dad used to say there were great technicians and great fakers. She tells Kamilah she is a great faker. Mia tells Jamile he’s gotten ballroom every week, yet he’s still there. Nigel says they’re laying down the gauntlet for the other four dancers. He says all hip hop doesn’t have to be angry and suggests politicians should start doing it tomorrow. He’d love to see Bush doing the krunk. Mary tells them they are the king and queen of hip hop, although they looked like they weren’t completely comfortable with it. Dan agrees with that, but says Brian Friedman’s stuff is like that – very intricate. He says their great energy saved it.

Ashlé pulls Blake’s name, and he in turn pulls the smooth waltz. They have had success dancing together before. Dancing to “Relassamento”, it proves the name of the song. It’s definitely smooth, than again, maybe it’s the dancers and not the choreography.

Mia tells Blake and Ashlé that she felt she was watching a Disney fairy tale love story. She would like to see more openness from Ashlé. Nigel notes the difference in the American style and what he is used to. He won’t argue with the choreographer, though, and says they danced it beautifully. Mary says they nailed it and notes the extreme amount of body connection. Dan says after the hip hop, it’s hard to match the energy of it here. Nigel argues with him about that point and Mary yaps at him.

Melody and Nick make up the last couple. These two friends came to the audition together, but it’s their first time dancing together on the show. The style they choose is Broadway. They dance to “All That Jazz”, and it looks like Bob Fosse choreographed it himself. These two have great chemistry together.

Mia asks if that was fabulous and answers her own question with an “Oh yeah!” She would like to see them in five years with even more maturity behind them. Nigel says he has always heard the performance should be better than the applause, and their applause was stupendous. Their performance was greater than that. Mary says, “Gotta say, ‘Wooh!’ Broadway here you come!” Dan calls it sexy with something for the girls and for the guys. He says the dancing and their looks are both phenomenal.

Kamilah and James pull the American Jive for their second dance. To me it sounds like something James would succeed with, but that Kamilah would struggle with. Dancing to “Jump Jive An’ Wail”, I see what I had thought I would see. This doesn’t seem to be a strength for Kamilah, but Jamile seems able to adapt to anything.

Mia says it felt amateurish. She would like to see Jamile go to New York, as she thinks there is so much more than street dancing for him. For Kamilah she can only say that she got through it. Nigel says flick kicks should be quick like a serpent’s tongue, and doesn’t feel Jamile pulled it off. He calls Kamilah a junior Tina Turner. Mary tells them they started fantastic, but it went downhill after that without enough energy. Dan busts down the technique and says the performance quality of both can’t be matched.

Ashlé and Blake get the Argentine tango for their second dance. Call me naive, but I never knew there were different tangos! They dance this tango to “Santa Maria.” I can’t help but notice Blake’s legs and the way they fly around quickly in these unique moves. They both seem to have great lines too.

Mia starts off saying she loves the Argentine tango and the choreography; it’s so electric. She follows this saying it wasn’t there tonight. She wanted them to devour each other. Nigel tells them if they get the chance to see Forever Tango to go see it. The Argentine tango is an obscene dance, so much so the Pope banned it. In the dance they are escaping to live a lifetime together. The audience should feel like voyeurs and he felt nothing. Mary thought the performance with amazing. She says the technique wasn’t there in the legs, no, but felt it had passion. Dan says he nothing but enjoyed it. The whole thing moved and set the stage. He says with Ashlé’s flicking foot between Blake’s legs, he was waiting for him to catch one.

Melody and Nick get disco for their last dance and are very excited. They dance to “Knock On Wood” and they have so much fun. There’s a lift that I instant replayed on my TIVO several times, trying to figure it out. I just want to jump in and join them on the dance floor, as their fun is that contagious.

Mia agrees with me that they looked to be having so much fun. She adds that it’s the first time Melody has come out of “Melody zone.” She took her on a journey and she had a blast. Nigel says it’s great to finally get them together. Without question, they are his favorite couple. As they are completely dressed the part of disco dancers from the seventies, Nigel tells Nick he is so pleased to see that Ryan Seacrest loaned him his shirt for the night. Mary is stumped for words and can only say it was great. Dan says some can really dance, some can really perform, but they can do both. He calls it unbelievable.

For the solo dances tonight, they will all be dancing with no defined bottom 2 or 3 couples. Kamilah dances a quick solo to “Maniac” and is even dressed the part in leg warmers. She thanks everyone and says she has had the time of her life. Jamile dances to “Atomic Dog”, a robotic hip hop and even does think funky thing with his stomach making it look distended then flat and back again. Ashlé looks like she is doing the same solo as last week, yet with a different costume, and different song, “I Like It Like That.”

Blake dances to “Body Language”, but it seems all spins and flips, no real dance. Melody dances to “Brave and Crazy.” While Kamilah is known for her sexiness and Ashlé for her technique, Melody seems to be able to pull all of it together. Nick dances a solo to “First Time Ever I saw Your Face”. There’s more dance than there was with Blake, yet still not short on spins. He thanks everyone that supported him and the judges that inspired him to be a better person and dancer.

The judges offer some last words for everyone, and Mia can’t think of anything to say other than a thank you to the dancers for giving them so much. Nigel says this isn’t about one, but four finalists. He suggests they just do it. Mary can’t wait for the finale and Dan tells the dancers they offer something unique. He wouldn’t even know what number to dial.

Next week two will be eliminated, and the final four will dance for the finale, although I’m not sure what this will do to the format. My prediction is that Jamile and Kamilah will be going home. The only thing that will save Jamile is that he is such an audience favorite. Nick and Blake are just so good with technique, you can’t touch them. The same goes for Melody. I don’t think anyone can touch her right now. She’s found her groove and the awkward dancers she had to deal with earlier are gone.

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