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Big Brother 6 – House Calls, September 21st – Left Wanting More

Big Brother 6 – House Calls, September 21st – Left Wanting More

by LauraBelle

Marcellas got put in a bad spot today. Since the point in the season the evicted HGs started being sent to sequester, Marcellas has been promising us harder hitting questioning later on. Marcellas and Gretchen didn’t want to affect the outcome of the game with their interviews.

As fans, we couldn’t wait to tune in today to see the NH skewered. Even though only four HGs total would be there, assuredly at least one or two would be NHs. Yet the questioning wasn’t quite as hard-biting as we had been promised. Sure, tough things were asked, but not as much as we were hoping for.

After the show, Marcellas went on record at jokersupdates.com saying he had been greeted with a crying Maggie just off of a phone interview that trashed her, and Ivette seemed to be making some realizations on her own. The producers screened calls to get the easier questions and asked Marcellas and Gretchen to do the same.

Marcellas did not agree and even walked off the set. At this point, Marcellas has become CBS.com and CBS.com has become him. He is entwined. He has a recurring role on a CBS soap and makes appearances on another CBS internet show, Soap Box. He and Gretchen hosted red carpet interviews at the Emmys. This would be a separation that could get quite messy. Eventually Gretchen and the producers talked Marcellas into continuing with the planned show.

The four HGs in studio are Maggie, Ivette, Janelle and James. None of them have slept at all. Maggie says she’s still trying to adjust to the outside and stood in the parking lot pointing out, “Car! Person! Security Guard!” Ivette says she’s still dumbstruck. She can’t figure out how to answer a phone, and has decided to not drive a car until she gets her reflexes back. Janelle says it feels great to be out, and she loves talking to people. That would be because we all love you! Of course you like it!

Marcellas says he had been in the BB house sixty-nine days, and the first time he saw a baby after he was evicted, he started crying. He asks James how it felt to finally see Sarah again, since she had been evicted back in week five. He says it was amazing when they finally got to hug. It drove them nuts to sit across from each other last night and be so lose, yet so far. He says before the show they had been warned they would be close and not be able to embrace, so as not to talk, still protecting the integrity of the game.

Just who did everyone have sitting for them in the audience? Maggie had her boyfriend, Dave, and her parents. Ivette had Tush, Worm (her mom) and her dad. Janelle had her mother and best friend Naders. James had his best friend he has known since he was eleven, who is not the friend that was supposed to be on the show but backed out. His mom couldn’t make it because she is busy on a mission trip teaching Sioux Indian kids.

Marcellas requests a full tilt boogie as they go to the viewers’ questions. He warns Ivette to watch her mouth. Gretchen asks the callers to keep it concise, as there are many calls waiting already.

Marks calls and asks outside of their own careers, do any of them plan on furthering their careers off their success at CBS. Maggie says absolutely not. She plans to go back to her nursing career in the ER. Better add a bulletproof vest to that uniform after saying that you ignore the patients. Ivette says Tush wants to do TAR. She still wants the money! Janelle says if asked she would entertain the idea, but she won’t pursue it. James says he hasn’t even thought about it.

Carla tells Janelle she loves her and that she is so awesome. She notes that Ivette was very verbal, putting herself out there, and wants to know, knowing what she does now, would she make the same alliances. Ivette says Tush has filled her in some stuff she saw, and that she doesn’t like hypocrites. She would make different ones now that she has seen their true colors. We know Tush doesn’t understand the Cappy allegiance, so my guess is Tush told her that Eric has made negative comments about gays and that she has also explained to Ivette that April and Jen were the ones that were trying to evict her over Sarah, not Janelle and Rachel.

Donna tells Janelle she loves her and that her favorite is James. She asks him if he slipped up when Sarah left, or was it his plan to be devious and play both sides. James says he was loyal to Eric first until he turned on him, and then was loyal to the other side until Maggie and her morons convinced Howie to put James and Sarah up. They took out Sarah, and then only wanted to play to get into the sequester. He made it his goal to make sure they didn’t get any further.

Marcellas asks Maggie how hard it was to hear negative things about Eric. She says very, and that they had a lot of fun, but they are also people with hearts and have feelings. Some saw it as just a game, but that she still cared.

Pushing a little further, Marcellas says that her alliance did a great deal of bashing. He wonders who hurt her feelings. She says she was fortunate, never to hear it to her face. As far as personal blows, they were only done to her back. Marcellas tells her that he thinks she may find with the 24/7 feeds and HoH feeds, a lot of the things the Friendship said went out over the cosmos. She can’t speak to any of this, as she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I believe they call that pleading the 5th, Maggie.

Gretchen’s itchy trigger finger cuts off Autumn telling Janelle she had a fabulous season and that she was rooting for her.

Zoey tells Janelle and James she loves them and thanks them for the great season. After congratulating Maggie and Ivette, Zoey asks James if he would play both sides again. James says he would hope his alliance wouldn’t go behind his back again. They had an agreement to say whatever and know they were still true to each other, but he says the other side were good manipulators and turned Howie against him.

Marcellas asks how it feels to Maggie and Ivette to hear people calling up repeatedly saying they love Janelle and James. Ivette says she went into it as one of the girls, and wasn’t going to hide things, but people didn’t get to see how she was provoked to do things. She felt it was a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation as far as talking in the house. She finally just went with the truth so that she would never get called out on it.

Marcellas says if there is a moment that Ivette intellectually knows she could go too far, she could consciously pull back as well. He points out that her saying things like “Don’t make me go Cuban” is continuing a negative stereotype and says it would be like him acting like the stereotypical black guy. Ivette claims to have only said it one time, and that everyone holds onto that one time. She says it is part of her culture. They are loud. It’s the way she is and the way she was raised.

Melissa calls asking Maggie if she will return to nursing and what her outlook is. She says she is excited to return and wants to go back to that stress, as she loves that type of stress, not that of BB. She says nursing is her passion.

Rita calls in wanting Ivette to know that she does have supporters, as she has been one from day one. She saw Ivette’s honesty, integrity and how she stuck with her friends and wasn’t afraid to let them know. Gretchen mentions here that people really enjoyed becoming emotionally involved with everyone and taking sides. She starts to mention doing sixty-nine shows so far, and Marcellas thanks the HGs for his job.

Gretchen says the season was filled with drama, head-butting and promises that were made and broken. She says they all have huge groups of supporters out there. Janelle asks if it’s true there are hate groups for the NH. Marcellas says they will all get past it. Ivette says people didn’t live in the house and just don’t know. Marcellas absolutely agrees and says that was his response early on as well. Now three years out, he sees it as a crazy learning experience and a chance to look at things to work on personally. People just need to give the HGs a little latitude to evolve. Maggie and Ivette will take the brunt of it just based on being the final two.

Ivette says as long as her girlfriend and family still care, that’s all that matters to her. Marcellas says Ivette’s mama might have a problem with her not taking Janelle. She says her mom has just said the live feeds were no good.

Dennis tell Janelle her AC wins were awesome. He then asks Ivette when Janelle made the final two offer to her over the game of chess, if it ever crossed her mind to throw it. Saying she has been asked this often, she wants to make it very clear. Ivette says the same way Janelle knew she wouldn’t get higher than second, she know the same things. It wasn’t a win/win situation (That doesn’t makes sense. She must mean it wasn’t a win or lose situation. She saw it as a lose or lose situation.)

Maggie says she never saw that she would definitely win either. She thought it was a crapshoot and not a given. Ivette argues it was different for her, as two people on the jury didn’t like her at all. Maggie argues back that at least she had her partner on the jury for votes. Ivette says she just doesn’t sugarcoat things for herself like that.

Marcellas asks if she knew that intellectually, why did she not get Maggie out. He continues, saying that was his problem with the Friendship. If she is the one all the people are playing for, she needed to be taken out so no one would have to make decisions based on their feelings for her. Ivette answers back she never said she was the best player. She is emotional, passionate, sensitive and cannot lie. She was not meant for BB. Marcellas says she was final two, so yes she is meant for BB.

Back to the original question from Dennis, Marcellas tells Ivette she had no poker face. She didn’t have to tell Maggie she was going to throw it. Ivette says she was worried in the Q & A that it would come up that she took this deal. Marcellas laughs that off, saying all she would have to do would be turn it into a he said/she said, and just say she’s lying.

Gamorah calls in congratulating Ivette, and says they all supported you, and something about the language of the calls, leaves the impressions she knew Ivette previously. Marcellas asks her about this and she says the name Gamorah rings a bell. Personally, I’m left wondering where Sodom ran off to.

Jr. calls, telling Janelle America loves her more than anyone else in BB history. He asks James if Ivette and Janelle were final two, who would he vote for. James says it depends on how it was they got there to final two. He says that in the final competitions, Ivette blew away janelle, and if anyone can beat Janelle, they have his vote. For him it just comes down to who played the best.

Patrick tells janelle America loves her and the entire S6. He then asks a very intriguing question. He wonders if the HGs were to pair up with anyone else on this year’s BB, other than their own partner, who would it be. James picks Sarah, is reminded that Patrick had said other than their original partner, gives a sigh of relief, and says he would take Kaysar and would reign him in to not give away their plans. He would also like to take Janelle.

Maggie says she would take Rachel, as she liked how she played the game, and thinks they were the most alike. She says they talked a lot in the beginning. Janelle says Rachel says the same thing, that her and Maggie are a lot alike. Ivette will not comment right now on who else she would take. Something’s going on with her I think. Janelle says she would take James or Michael as they are both athletic and smart. Marcellas asks if she’d take Michael because he’s cute, and she says no. It’s because he’s an awesome player.

Bill calls with a funny question for Maggie. He wants to know if James gave her any ideas for becoming a celebrity cop. She says she got the biggest kick out of that. Maggie has never thought of being anything other than a nurse, though. It’s funny, too, she says, as they have never talked since about all that.

Andrea calls and asks Janelle if she realizes now that the night she had a dream that a hurricane came to her house that there really was one in Maimi. Janelle is shocked and says it upset her so bad that night she had to get up and go to the bathroom. She also dreamed she’d win HoH in a purple shirt, and when she wore her purple shirt, she won. Maggie points out Ivette was the one with the dreams that came true, and she says she usually only sees bad things. Yet she does remind marcellas that in the pre-interview, she had told him, “See you at the end.” Marcellas starts to freak out a little bit about it and says Ivette won’t quit looking at him.

Josh calls, tells Janelle he adores her, and asks James how hard it was without Sarah in sequester. James says it was nice to be out of the game and in sequester, but it was hard while still in the house to listen to Busto and JBlo bashing her. It was April, though, that tried to stop the fight between Janelle and Beau in sequester. She says she walked into his room with his special pillow and candles and he got upset. They were fighting enough that the handlers had to pull them apart. James makes a joke and says Beau was up against the wall saying to hold him back.

Stacey calls in to say she loves Janelle, then mentions to Maggie how she had said the other day that she loves being the center of attention, and her friends and family must be wondering who is that. Stacey now wonders if the people she has met in the house are her real friends if she wasn’t being herself with them. Maggie says the other thirteen people in the house were all amazing and also the center of attention. She was shadowed down watching Howie being hilarious with his light sabers and always so entertaining. She felt comfortable sitting back and was really entertained by everyone else. That’s great, Maggie, but you never answered the question about your friends.

Marcellas asks Maggie is that was her strategy. She says not at the start. People would talk about their lives and it was so interesting that she sat there listening. Soon she realized she wasn’t participating and people weren’t demanding it of her. It felt comfortable.

Marcellas also points out that people accuse Maggie of being a manipulator. He wonders if that’s how she views herself. Maggie says no, and that the surprised her. People ask her opinion and she’s all of a sudden seen as trying to push her views on others. Marcellas points to a conversation Maggie had with Jennifer where Jennifer was concerned with her big move. Maggie said, “I am the leader of this alliance.” Maggie says she did not say that. She was mimicking what others say, and saying that other people view her as the leader so she would take the heat, not Jennifer.

Angela calls in telling Janelle the fans want to know about her future with Michael. Before getting Janelle’s answer, Michael himself is brought in on the phone line. Marcellas asks if he has anything to say to these four players. Michael congratulates Maggie and thanks James for sticking up for him when most of the others were against him.

Marcellas asks Michael to explain to the others the difficulties he may have had to deal with upon leaving he house. Maggie wants to know what t he public’s perception of them is. Marcellas asks if she really wants Michael to say. Janelle urges Michael to tell them. She obviously know it’s somewhat hurtful. Ivette says she doesn’t need to know has her girlfriend has completely informed her. Maggie still wants to know.

Michael explains for him it was wonderful as people confirmed for him that they knew he wasn’t that big of a pervert. He says he doesn’t want to be in Jennifer and April’s shoes though, because of the way they attacked people’s character and were despicable. Asked if that’s what they wanted to know, the other four don’t really answer, and Michael says that people really loved Janelle, James, Sarah, Kaysar, Rachel and Howie.

Trish calls to tell Maggie and Ivette that they love them. She says they watched the feed 24/7 and saw them hug outside. She feels America has been rooting for Maggie and Ivette all along.

Yolanda now calls in to tells Ivette and Maggie she loves them. She says as far as the S6, she didn’t like any of them. Okay, now why let this phone call in, but not ones that are trashing the Friendship? The calls let in may have said the love Janelle or James, but never trashed the other side. Yet this one is allowed through. I can understand keeping out the negativity, but then you should be doing it all around.

Marcellas and Gretchen then pull out their original eviction predictions for Ivette, Maggie, and Janelle that were doing in the beginning of the year. Gretchen had thought Janelle would reach final four and Marcellas final three. Ivette was expected to get to final three by Gretchen and final 6 by Marcellas. Marcellas tells her it’s because he saw her as himself. Too outspoken with no filter. Here’s the thing. Gretchen waits until now to get one right. She had Maggie picked as the winner, and she admits to basing it solely on her occupation. She was a nurse and thought she’d do well based on that. Marcellas had Maggie only making it to week six.

Gretchen ends the show wishing they did an “Oprah After the Show” type of thing. She and Marcellas do say it’s not the end yet. Based on a caller’s idea, they are bringing HGs back after they’ve read the feed reports every Monday until further notice. Yea! I’m glad it’s not over.

As far as the feel of this show and trouble that ensued between Marcellas and the producers over content, it has to go down to it’s just that type of show. It’s been said again and again all season long that this year things were so much personal for the HGs. Now it’s gone as far as to involve a talk show host that is a past personality from the show.

But this is all CBS’ doing. They set it up and now must deal with all the consequences. They had promised us before the season every started, the most explosive season ever. James and Maggie had it figured out right away, that everyone in the house were such strong personalities, it must be by design. They were waiting for them to explode and cause trouble. But now they’re trying to bring the show’s most favorite personality from the show, Marcellas, into the trouble, involving him in it. Why do that? He’s said time and time again, he just wants to have fun, especially during a season that is racked with conflicts. Why now involve him and stick him in the middle of it, making him feel his place at CBS is at jeopardy. That doesn’t seem fair to do to your favorite son.

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