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captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Guatemala, Episode 2

captainD’s Boot Prediction – Survivor Guatemala, Episode 2

by captainD

One week down, 13 more to go! While some came crashing down, I correctly predicted last weeks challenge winners and the first boot out of Guatemala. I felt bad for Jim. He seemed so nice on Survivor Live. But that’s not the point – We must charge ahead!!

It’s easy to see that this season the so-called “spoiler” sites are hurting for information. Usually by now there are nearly complete boot lists all over the internet. The lack of those this time around means we must rely only on vid-caps from commercials and good ol’ common sense. The reward challenge appears to be a very physical rope climbing challenge that will surely test everyone’s strength. The healthy tribe of Yaxha will win reward.
The immunity challenge is a simple, more physical, version of tug-of-war. Despite being sicker, the upper body strength of Nakum will lead them to a victory. At tribal council the choice will be between a lazy Jamie and an annoying Amy. Which means: Amy, the tribe has spoken!

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