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It's All About the Jury – Big Brother 6, Season Finale

It’s All About the Jury – Big Brother 6, Season Finale

by Carrie

So here we are. The Summer of Secrets is coming to an end. Just a quick suggestion to CBS before we dive into the finale – no more people who have existing relationships on the show, please. Leave that for The Amazing Race, and give us strangers next year. Thanks.

Before we can see anything new, we have to watch clips of the entire season. Every HoH, every eviction, every plot twist (of which there weren’t many). Last week we saw Ivette evict Janelle, leaving herself and Maggie as the final two. Who will win? Who will care?

Now we join Julie Chen, live, in front of the BB house. The audience is eagerly anticipating the moment when they can boo the Nerd Herd. Oh wait, that’s me. There are friends, family, and former houseguests in the audience.

Julie introduces the next segment – catching up with the final two. Janelle leaves the house and Ivette and Maggie hug and cheer and all of that stuff. Cue diary room confessionals, where Ivette says she was herself the whole time: honest, loud, obnoxious. Well she got the last two right, anyway. Maggie says that she loves to be the centre of attention normally, and that it was hard for her to stay quiet throughout the game, as the stronger personalities took over and eliminated themselves.

Over in the sequester house, the jury is waiting for their final member to arrive and speculating on who it might be. April thinks it’s either Ivette or Janelle – she’s not sure which one. Darn, how I wish it were Maggie walking in right now. But no, we all know it’s Janelle. Howie looks truly disappointed to see her, but Janie is all smiles, saying she “got beat by a nerd herd”.

Janie settles in – they’re all sitting divided by their groups. April, Beau, and Jenny on one side, and Rachel, Howie, James and Janelle on the other. And may I take a moment to say that Howie cleans up really nice. He’s dressed in a button-down shirt and a pullover sweater, and he’s had his hair cut. Two thumbs up Howie, you beefcake. Janelle tells everyone that she offered Ivette a deal, but that Ivette didn’t take her up on it. She says that it shows what kind of person Ivette is, that she chose her friend over the money. April adds that the Friendsheep had a deal that if they didn’t take one of their own to the end, those on the jury would vote for the other person. Now we all knew about that deal, but seriously, how petty is that?

James says that Ivette made a stupid move, and Beau tells him that it’s not all about the money. Well actually, since it’s a game to win money … meh, never mind. James argues that she’s put someone she’s known for eleven weeks ahead of her family.

Janelle says that she has some new respect for Ivette now, because she played that last move with integrity. Howie questions Ivette’s “integrity” though, and wonders when she started playing the game with it. James balks at the idea of integrity, saying it’s a game – they all lied at one point or another. Janelle says that she loves the game, and will vote for someone who actually played it rather than hiding behind other people.

Rachel pipes up and says that Ivette made things personal. She calls Ivette a piece of trash (which is still better than what April called all of us, I guess). Beau gets defensive and says, “That’s your opinion”. Janelle says that Maggie only won one HoH comp, and that was by luck. She says that Maggie went into hiding after that, knowing that Ivette and April would carry her to the end. Rachel says that this was Maggie’s strategy, and it worked. April agrees, and adds that Ivette only started winning competitions when there were only five people left in the house. James says that the best competitor was Janelle, and Ivette beat her.

James points out that Maggie used her group – she set them all up to take the fall for her. That’s why they’re all on the jury and she’s still in the house. He says that she played a great psychological game; she had a decent strategy and set everyone else in her group up ahead of her. Of course April says she knew that’s what was happening, but she liked Maggie, so she didn’t do anything about it. Sure April, we believe you, don’t we? They all decide that they have a big decision ahead of them.

Now it’s time for the jury to ask their questions of the final two. We only get to see clips of these instead of the entire grilling, but most of the questions are pretty standard. James asks Maggie what the definitive moment was for her in the game, to get her where she is now. Maggie blabbers something about how her whole team helped to get her where she is, and that there wasn’t one definitive moment. Rachel asks Ivette why she should vote for her instead of Maggie. Ivette, ever the loyal friend, can’t think of a reason.

Howie asks Ivette if she feels that she played the game with integrity. Now, on the live feeds, Ivette said that Howie asked when she started to play the game with integrity, so either the question was edited, or Ivette exaggerated. Anyway, Ivette says that she played the entire game with integrity – she never lied and sometimes she was even too honest for people.

Janie says that Ivette maintained all along that she was playing for her family, so she wants to know now why she didn’t take the deal that Janelle offered her, and if she thinks that she made a $450,000 mistake. Ivette says that if she had taken Janelle’s deal, then she would have lost automatically anyway. She would have broken a promise, and the jury (at least the nerd half) would never have forgiven her.

Janelle asks Maggie why the hell she deserves to win, since she hasn’t made many strategic plays in the game. Jenny rolls her eyes for the 734th time this season, and Maggie gets wishy washy again, saying that she feels that she was a strong competitor, but didn’t need the spotlight. So … the question was why she deserved to win. I guess we’ll never know.

Beau asks Maggie what her strategy was when Crappy was evicted. She answers that her strategy was not to be evicted. Okay. She says that no one really got to see who the real Maggie was when Eric was still in the house. I’m not sure that we’ve actually seen who the real Maggie is even now, at least not on television. The feeds are quite another story all together.

April asks Ivette if she was throwing the competitions early in the game. Ivette says that she knew she was a target since week two, so the only way to ensure her safety in the house was to make sure that she or one of her friends won HoH each week. So no, she never threw a competition. Beau looks smug.

Jenny asks Maggie about Kaysargate. She wants to know who originally came up with the idea to evict Kaysar the second time. Maggie waffles and says she doesn’t know, but Ivette jumps in and says it was her; she and Beau came up with the idea originally. Maggie just sits there looking confused.

Now we get to hear the final “vote for me” speeches. Maggie says that she wants everyone to know that she made plenty of strategic moves in the game, but she did so quietly without wanting to shine or stand out among the group. She let others play a larger part in the game, and gave 110% of herself to be where she is now.

Ivette says she would never say she deserves the money more, but in the same sentence says she deserves the money because she was herself in the game. She’s proud that she played “being Ivette”. She knows that there had to be casualties, but she offered herself up several times in the game, took risks, and stayed true to her friends. She’s grateful to be there with Maggie.

Alone again, the jury discusses the answers they just heard. James says that he was ready to vote for Maggie, but he’s leaning towards Ivette now because she played for the team, whereas Maggie played for herself. When did James become all about the team? April says that one played as an open book, while the other played as a closed book. Both strategies obviously worked though. Janelle isn’t sure, since she and Ivette disliked each other so much. Jenny says she’s surprised by a few things that Maggie just said, so she’s 50/50.

Questioning over, Ivette and Maggie are alone in the house looking stunned. They wonder what just happened, and Maggie says incredulously, “I don’t think any of them like us very much!” That Maggie, such a smart girl.

Julie introduces the jury, who come in one at a time to join the live studio audience. Jennifer comes in to light applause, Rachel gets more applause and a few cheers. James get a bit more, Beau gets not much, Howie gets a great deal of applause and lots of shouts, April gets very little, and the crowd goes nuts for Janelle. Nicely done, studio audience!

Just like last year, the jury members have a bag with two keys in it; one for Maggie, the other for Ivette. They will get up one by one, and put the key corresponding to their vote for the winner of BB6 into the nomination box. They are permitted to make a statement to the final two, who are still in the house, without revealing who they voted for.

Beau is up first, and he says how proud he is of Ivette and thankful that he got to bond with Maggie. April says some fluffy stuff about loving both of them. James says that both women have done an outstanding job, and that he’s already said what he needed to say to them throughout their time in the house. He thanks them for putting up with him.

Rachel says that her vote is going to the person who has played the game the best, both strategically and personally. Janelle says that her vote was difficult, because she couldn’t decide whether to base it solely on strategy or whether to make it somewhat personal. Jenny is glad that two of “them” made it to the end, and says she loves Maggie and wishes Ivette good luck. Gosh, I wonder who she voted for?

Julie calls on Howie, the self-proclaimed star of the show, to cast the last vote. Howie says that he loves them both and they both played a great game. Unfortunately he can’t vote for America’s number one choices, so he has to vote for America’s last choices (cue scrunchy-faced look from Maggie). He adds “Don’t hate the houseguests, hate the game”, and puts his key in the box. The audience applauds his speech, as do I. You go Howie!!!

Before we get to see who wins, let’s bring out the five houseguests who didn’t make the jury. Ashlea, Michael and Sarah get applause and cheers as they come out. Eric gets applause, and not many people put their hands out for him to slap as he walks in. Heh. Kaysar gets the crowd roaring again as he takes his seat. Julie warns everyone that the security guards are standing by.

Julie asks Sarah what she wishes James had been aware of that was going on in the house. She says that there are so many things, but the most important one is that Rachel, Howie, and Janelle were loyal to them all along. They were great friends, and the reason that Sarah left the house had nothing to do with them. James says that he isn’t surprised, but the house got to him and in the end he figured he had to get rid of all of them to get to the end anyway.

Eric is asked the same question about Maggie. He says nothing – Maggie did just fine on her own. He says that she had the ability to figure people out and know what was going on around her, and she definitely didn’t need his help. He adds that he wasn’t surprised that James thought she was a cop.

Julie points out that Michael was attacked in the house, and later the women who pointed fingers regretted what they had said about him. She wants to know what he would like to say to his accusers? Michael says that he has received a lot of great feedback from fans who watched the live feeds, and knew what really happened. He’s fine with everything now. Jennifer and April look a bit surprised.

Now it’s time to revisit Hurricane Howie and his Busto tirade. We get to see some clips, and then Julie asks Howie how he explains his behaviour now. He says it was totally scripted for television. Heehee. He’s apologized to April, Matt, and Pepperoni, and he kisses April on the cheek. April says that “Howie is Howie, whether you love to hate him or hate to love him.” She was surprised to learn that they were to be roommates in the sequester house, but they have worked things out. Howie kisses April on the cheek again.

Julie asks April about her reaction when Janelle overwhelmingly won the America’s Choice phone call. Overwhelmingly – love it. Thanks Julie. April starts to answer, but Julie interrupts to say, “Let’s see the clip first”. Oh boy Julie! That rocks! They play the “If that’s how the viewers feel then they’re all pieces of sh*t” clip, and April looks like she’s about to cry. She can’t believe that made it on the air. April says that the house does things to you, and she obviously doesn’t think that America are you-know-what’s. It was just an emotional response, and she apologizes for it.

Julie, who is on a roll, decides to mention that not only did Kaysar win the America’s Choice to be brought back into the game, but he did so with 82% of the vote. The jury looks shocked – some in a good way, others not so much. Julie asks Kaysar if there’s anything he’d like to say to Jennifer, who broke her promise to him and evicted him the week he came back. He says simply, “Jennifer, next time think for yourself.” Jenny admits that her decision was influenced by “her group”.

Eric, who is feeling left out and sitting there smirking, says that it’s funny that Kaysar is upset about someone swearing on their life to him, when Kaysar did that exact thing to him. He says that the same medicine doesn’t taste so good or something, and Julie basically ignores him as the crowd boos.

Now it’s time to briefly talk about James and Sarah. They went into the house as boyfriend and girlfriend, and now James says that this experience has made them even closer. Julie tells them to get up and hug each other, as we go to commercial. Okay, I’ll admit it – I got a little choked up watching them hug.

And now we’re back, and with only ten minutes of show left, it must be time to find out who wins this thing. Julie brings Maggie and Ivette back via the screen so the voets can be counted. Here we go!

Julie pulls Beau’s key, and he voted for Ivette. April voted for Maggie. James voted for Ivette. Rachel voted for Maggie. Janelle voted for Ivette. Jenny voted for Maggie. It all comes down to Howie’s vote. Thankfully, Julie doesn’t draw things out and pulls Howie’s key. He voted for Maggie, who is crowned winner of Big Brother 6.

Maggie and Ivette hug each other. Ivette looks devastated. They both head for the door, and Maggie stops to wave goodbye to everything. Maggie walks out first, and runs to hug Eric. Out comes Ivette, who is totally ignored at first until Julie announces her name. She also runs to hug Eric, leaving a beaming Beau empty handed. Beau gloms onto the Ivette/Eric embrace. The families are brought out, and Maggie and Ivette exchange more hugs with everyone.

Maggie says that she feels awesome. She says she has a lot of gifts to buy, a house to furnish, taxes to pay, and animals to provide for. Ivette says that she is happy to be taking home $50,000. But she doesn’t really look all that happy, do you know what I’m saying?

And that, my friends, it that. All in all, not a bad finale. We didn’t see much of the final two at all – instead, CBS put the emphasis on the jury and those that were loved by most of the viewers. They got a few good jabs in at the nerd herd too, which can’t be a bad thing. Just wait until they discover just how “America” thought of them.

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