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This Bud's For You? – Real World Austin, Episode 15

This Bud’s For You? – Real World Austin, Episode 15

by Clicker

This week’s episode starts with the lush…:

— Johanna tells Rachel she’s going to cut back on the vodka. And we learn that she “has no in-between buzz that people usually get.” This is proven by footage of her totally drunk, screaming at people on the street. Nice.

… And the crush:

— tension is high between Danny and Melinda as Danny tries to figure out exactly how he feels about being with just one girl. “I can’t right now see Mel as a girlfriend… the word girlfriend, boyfriend, couple is scaring the hell out of me right now,” he says.

He does write Mel a letter that tells her he loves her and misses her but adds that this is something he has to do. After all the crap he’s put her through NOW he wants to be his own person? Nice.

Both scenes a bit of foreshadowing for what lies ahead in the episode:

The boys and the girls decide to go out separately. The guys go to the Dizzy Rooster where Danny quickly gets a girl’s number – or rather she scribbles it on his hand.

Then Danny is shocked to see his female roommates come in to the bar. Hello? You’re at the Dizzy Rooster. If you didn’t want to meet up with the girls don’t go to the same bar you go to every single night!

ANYWAY … Melinda starts doing sexy dances with other girls and Danny watches from the sidelines. Then all of a sudden Rachel comes up and tells them that Johanna is outside taking money out of a homeless guys basket and walking away. By the time the roomies get outside Johanna is surrounded by police and is being cuffed and taken away in a police wagon.

Johanna tries to explain that all she did was take one of the roses the homeless guy was selling without paying. The cops say they are arresting her for public intoxication.

Wes and Danny try to go to the jail to get her out but are told hey can’t. Lacey calls the jail to see if she can pay the bond. She is also told that there is nothing they can do until Johanna sees the magistrate and that won’t be until the next day.

Lacey calls Johanna’s pal Leo to get some help. Then decides it’s a bad idea for Leo to go with her tomorrow to pick up Jo because she will be too embarrassed.

Forget Jo for a moment. Melinda has her own problems. She sees the phone numbers on Danny’s hand and gets very upset. Lacey and Rachel try to comfort her as she cries in bed. Lacey tells her that Danny is just “really, really selfish” at this point in his life. Mel says she thinks the letter Danny sent her earlier was just a bunch of crap.

Danny overhears and goes ballistic. He says he didn’t dance with, kiss or bring home any girls tonight. He defends himself by saying the numbers on his hands and arms are for Nehemiah and Wes and not for him. (This is a bit of a fib because one of the numbers is his, but I guess Melinda won’t find that out until she watches tonight’s episode).

“Wes doesn’t have his own hands and arms?” Melinda asks.

Danny tries to explain to Lacey and Rachel that he is totally innocent (which isn’t true) but Lacey does a 180 and is suddenly on Danny’s side saying that Melinda just reacts to him quickly because she’s so much in love. (Lacey is scary). And in the end it’s Melinda who ends up apologizing to Danny. (huh? What until she sees this episode!)

At 5:30 am Johanna calls from the jail. Lacey answers the phone and tells Johanna she should be glad she was in jail because she missed the Melinda-Danny drama. (Like I said, Lacey scares me). She then tells Johanna that she told Leo what was going on and that Leo wants to come to the jail to get her. Instead of getting angry, Johanna is delighted.

Johanna also learns from the DA that if she does some community service and pays a fine she can get the charge dismissed.

Leo picks her up from the courthouse and it seems as if she is starting to take a liking to him. So maybe some good has come of it.

The guys do have a good time ribbing Johanna for stealing a flower from a homeless guy.

Who knows maybe the flower incident is the beginning of a “budding” romance between Johanna and Leo?

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