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Big Brother 6 – House Calls, September 19th – The Buxom Blonde Checks In

Big Brother 6 – House Calls, September 19th – The Buxom Blonde Checks In

by LauraBelle

Marcellas and Gretchen open today’s House Calls with the Dumbest Move Pageant. Gretchen is wearing a cute, short dress and blond wig, while Marcellas is wearing a flashing Princess sash and tiara. Gretchen explains he is the reigning queen of the Dumbest Moves and is ready to give up his reign to his successor.

The nominees for most emotionalist (Marcellas explains that’s Beau speak.) move are Howie when he nominated James and Sarah, Kaysar when he voluntarily took his finger off the button and Ivette for keeping Maggie and getting rid of Janelle.

The envelope reveals that the winner is Ivette. Marcellas says he should be giving his goodbye speech over a loud speaker, as he crowns the new princess, saying for three years people have been taunting him but he has really enjoyed his reign. He knows Ivette will do good work with her reign in the future.

Marcellas produces a tiny trophy for Ivette and says she is accepting on her behalf. He then gives it over to the orchid behind him to keep for her, as the orchid is far less offensive. However, he is keeping the jeweled tiara and Princess sash for himself.

The pageant over, Marcellas and Gretchen talk about the Emmys and joke they wore the same outfits when they worked the red carpet for CBS.com that they are for the Dumbest Move Pageant. They will talk more about the Emmys and upcoming town hall meeting later, but for now, they have an important guest on the phone.

Marcellas welcomes “the goddess of BB, second runner-up, but first in our hearts, Janelle.” He tells her he misses her already. She says she knows and that it was fun while it lasted. Asked if she thought she’d make it that long, she says no. She thought she’d be a target early on, which she definitely was, yet still lasted. Gretchen points out Janelle practically lived in the blue nomination chairs. Janelle wonders if she can keep them along with all her other prizes.

Jumping right into the previously phoned-in questions, Jessica would like to know how Janelle prepared for competitions. She says she would focus, clear her head and just do it, getting into the zone. She is asked if she would have ever thrown a competition and how important winning them was to her. She says she never would have thought about throwing one. Winning each one was important to her.

Another caller asks Janelle what her most memorable moment was in the BB house. Without any hesitation, she says it was when Kaysar won HoH. This was because Eric had spent the week taunting her, saying Ivette was going to win HoH and get rid of her.

Talking about the competitions, Gretchen tells Janelle she has an amazing memory and nailed the memory type of competition every time. Janelle says that’s just part of who she is; she remembers everything. Gretchen says she’s gong to be a hard one for a man to be with as she is going to remember every little thing, then want to fight about it.

Marcellas then mentions the very public romance Janelle had with Michael. She tells Gretchen she of course want to see him again and can’t wait. Marcellas asks if she got to talk to him the night she left the house. She says no because she was only allowed one call (she’s going to sequester, not prison) and since she had already talked to Michael when she won her first America’s Choice, she called her family. Asked why she would chose to talk to Michael for the AC, she says it was because he had been in that house with those people and would know what she was going through.

Michael happened to talk to Marcellas this weekend and asked if he could call in to speak to Janelle. Marcellas had to tell him no, as he needs to protect the sanctity of the sequester house. He couldn’t take the chance that Michael would tell something to Janelle that could alter her vote.

As far as the sequester house, Janelle says she and Beau have already gotten in a huge fight. Alcohol was involved and there were lots of F bombs dropped. It started because she wanted to use his pillow, and if I remember correctly, Ivette had asked her to take it to him. Marcellas pleads with her to tell him she’s joking. She admits she did this because she likes to get Beau going like that.

Back to the callers’ questions, Stacey has asked Janelle how it felt to win the America’s Choice trip to the 2-1/2 Men filming. Janelle says it felt so good. The other girls were so jealous and upset that she had won. The fans were so great at the live taping and it was great to get out. The first time she won AC she was so excited; the second time she thought you have to be kidding me. She was so happy to know she had fans as she was feeling so alone in the house at that time. Marcellas understands this, saying it really changes the dynamic of the game to know that people really are watching you.

Marcellas ends the interview telling Janelle he’ll see her at the finale. She can’t wait to be done with it all. He mentions they’ll see her at the Wednesday town hall meeting too. Janelle says she can’t wait to see them and that she loves them. After the call Marcellas thinks maybe he’ll give her his sash and tiara.

Apologizing for softballing questions to her, Marcellas says again it’s to protect the game as to not affect voting of the jury. He and Gretchen promise to ask harder questions at the town hall meeting, once everything is said and done. They then realize they were so excited to talk to Janelle they forgot to reveal their eviction prediction envelopes for her.

Another reason they forgot the envelopes is they’re still reveling in the glory form last night. Marcellas and Gretchen worked the red carpet for CBS.com at the Emmy Awards. They call it amazing, glorious and over the top.

Some photos of Marcellas and Gretchen working the red carpet are shown. We see them with Dan Rather, where Marcellas stops to mention Gretchen’s dress was amazing. He says she waited until the last minute and bought the whole outfit, jewelry and all, on Saturday. Marcellas and Gretchen are also seen chatting with Phil Koeghan of The Amazing Race, with Marcellas noting he looked handsome in an Armani tux.

We also see pictures of Marcellas and Gretchen with Kristen Bell, Craig Ferguson, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brad Garrett who they say was so funny and so tall. He had told them he was hoping Peter Boyle would win instead of him, as he was the only Raymond star to not win any Emmy yet. Of course, Brad went on to win.

Another Raymond star, Doris Roberts, is shown with her grandsons that accepted her award with her, and a picture of Mark Burnett is shown, with him talking to someone else. You can see a cameraman on the outskirts of the picture and Gretchen says he kept slamming the camera with velcro on it into her updo all night. Bald Marcellas asked her if she wanted to switch places with him, but she held her ground.

PR agents for non-CBS shows asked Marcellas and Gretchen all night if they wanted to interview their clients, but they always said no, as they were only there for CBS stars. They were excited to see and hear from many BB and HC fans waiting there that couldn’t believe Ivette and Maggie were in the finale. The videos of these interviews are up at CBS.com for anyone that wants to watch.

Finally getting to the live calls, Pedro says she couldn’t believe right after Ivette evicted Janelle, she and Maggie celebrated, then went right back to bashing Janelle. He wonders if when Ivette and Maggie leave the house at the finale, if there will be an organized boo. Marcellas wonders if that will be allowed.

Trish says she was watching Friday as well and was so bummed. She can’t figure out who will win and wonders what Marcellas and Gretchen are thinking. Marcellas says he doesn’t know as Ivette’s move was so dumb. Maggie’s mistake was putting four sovereigns on the jury to vote against her. He also wants to know why there are no cameras on Beau and Janelle fighting in the sequester house, figuring it to be much more interesting than Maggie and Ivette right now.

Victoria calls saying she already can’t wait to watch HC next year. She believes she’ll be going through withdrawals in the off-season (as we all will!) Marcellas understands saying he’ll just sit and watch the archives over and over and over. Victoria is glad, though, that the Souther accents are finally out of the house.

Janelle used to be one of Victoria’s favorites, but no longer. Th is is because of conversation Janelle had with Beau and Howie while all were still in the house. She now hopes Ivette wins and that the karma will come back to bite Janelle in the hiney. Pressed to explain, Victoria says in the conversation she heard, Janelle said she used to party hardy and she is concerned if she wins the money she won’t put it to good use.

Marcellas says that’s just one side of Janelle, and she has multiple sides to her which is why we like her. He recalls when April and Maggie were hoarding the found quarters, but Janelle was giving some of hers to Maggie, saying sharing is caring. Gretchen points out that Janelle is very young. To party at that age, well, she did as well, but she would hope she herself would have bought a house for her parents had she won that money at that age. Marcellas says Lisa from season three did buy a house for her parents and a car and tried to create a nest egg, but had given away too much, and soon there was nothing left of her winnings.

Leah calls in saying she has a gnome named after Marcellas in her yard. She then says she was so upset after Janelle was evicted, that she doesn’t remember what happened after that. But her husband came home and found her passed out and the wine gone. She doesn’t believe that the NH were so innocent and didn’t know all this stuff about BB that they claim not to. They were all fans of the show previously. How could you not know that what happened in the HoH was aired?

Kim calls saying she thinks the voting will go with Janelle, April and Rachel voting for Maggie, and Jennifer, Beau, James and Howie voting fro Ivette. Ivette had actually thanked Cappy for giving her Maggie. They wonder if she will ever see that he set her up to not look nice now.

A man calls in from Lousiana, reminding me that my sister always says she thinks every guy down in New Orleans sounds like James Carville. He doesn’t think Ivette made a bad move, saying he doesn’t think she ever would have won had she kept Janelle. He then goes into some confusing thing saying that Marcellas is the last person he would have wanted to win BB, just like Ivette. He says if Ivette loses, it will be because of her exit speech. Marcellas says he thinks that’s where Danielle from season three lost it.

A caller who is obviously from the South calls in saying she “rooted for y’all on BB.” This confuses Gretchen, being that she seemed to be included in it. She says it was hell in the house. The caller says she was disturbed when Janelle went on her name-calling spree. Gretchen is still going on about not being in the BB house, and Marcellas says he’s freaking out, worried that the callers are taking his job away from him and are out to get him. Gretchen says this job is like being in BB and is very stressful.

Lisa calls in and talks about the final two and how shocked they are going to be to realize they are not America’s little darlings once they are out of the house. You would think they would have realized that when they didn’t win any of the America’s Choice. Marcellas thinks they’ll realize it a little here and there.

Okay, they probably will realize it here and there, but who of us can’t wait for Tuesday night’s show to not so much see who wins, but see the shock on their faces, asked such tough questions from the jury. And the town hall? That ought to be great when everyone is finally able to expose their feelings for each other.

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