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Big Brother 6 Live Feeds, September 18th – The Day-Long Rehash

Big Brother 6 Live Feeds, September 18th – The Day-Long Rehash

by LauraBelle

Warning: This article contains spoilers. Do not read further if you don’t want to know what’s coming up on Tuesday’s episode.

The final two of Big Brother Season 6, Maggie and Ivette, just don’t seem to be getting quality sleep. On Sunday morning, Maggie says she really only slept from about 4:00 to 6:00 AM. Do you think it’s because of the backlash from the jury? The RN is also wondering if she did nerve damage to her thumb.

Ivette tells Maggie not to let it eat her up, and for herself, she wishes she could re-do her speech, thinking that she screwed it up. She also believes Rachel hates her. Hmmm. That could have something to do with the horrible things you said to her in your good-bye message, Ivette. Just like the NH, though, you seem to have forgotten all about that.

It looks like most of today will be spent rehashing the questions all over again. Ivette can’t get over Howie’s question to her, asking when she started to play with integrity. Wait til that word is thrown at her on a daily basis once out of the house. Maggie thinks Howie’s question to her was worse, as he asked if they had evicted her instead of her partner, if he’d still be there.

Ivette is very proud of herself for playing the game without lying. So after your hero, Cappy, blew the cover on the all the pairs in the game, and you steadfastly refused to admit that you and Beau knew each other other, what was that? What was it when you didn’t tell the truth of how many quarters you had found?

Maggie and Ivette discuss the offer that Janelle had made to Ivette for final two, decide it was very wrong of Janelle to make it (but it was okay for the two of them to encourage Beau to exchange oral sex with Howie for votes), and believe it makes Ivette look better to have not taken it. Apparently they aren’t understanding the scope of the questioning. When Janelle asked why she didn’t take the deal and everyone else is asking her why she keeps saying her family is the most important thing, yet didn’t take the deal, it’s because she talked nonstop about how much the money would improve her family while in the house, and said it was the reason she was there. Yet when given a chance at sure money, she chooses the friendship of a woman she has known for three months over helping her family.

Ivette wonders why even her own alliance wasn’t nice to her during the jury questions. Could it be because when it wasn’t under Maggie’s careful guidance the Friendship crumbled and they found they weren’t friends after all, but just people brought together in an alliance? Maggie suggests maybe they didn’t come up with their own questions and they were given to them. That’s right; you keep thinking that.

Now moving past the jury questions, Maggie and Ivette go back to the thoughts of the jury that were used in the part 3 of the final HoH. They can’t believe that Rachel thought the Eric/Michael fight was more shocking than the Howie/April fight. Well, in the first place, Eric lunged at Michael, and Howie never made a physical move towards April. In the second place, Eric was provoked by a simple stare and Howie was provoked by being lied to and used when he was HoH. Oops, I forgot, the Friendship never lied.

Maggie just doesn’t get it, thinking Janelle isn’t that good of a competitor. Ivette does, though, saying she had been trying to get her out since the second week and she lasted until last Thursday. Maggie says she was the only person left out of her alliance, and asks how was that a good competitor. I’ll take that one, Ivette. Maggie, you convinced someone else from her alliance to turn on two of the people in the alliance, instead of putting you and Ivette up. Then lied and turn on him and your agreement the following week. That wasn’t Janelle’s doing, and was Howie being gullible.

Why after fourteen weeks living together, Maggie wonders, was it now hard to speak with them. That would be because they’re on to you. She is upset that no one noticed her hair color. Could be something else, like the rightful ownership of $500,000 was more important to them at the time.

Ivette thinks us viewers will be watching the jury questions during the finale and thinking what the …? Umm, no, the majority of us will be cheering the jury on, saying, “Right on!” Maggie admits the line of questioning is starting to make her think. A little too little, a little too late, Mags.

After discussing laundry, having babies, and dropping a load while walking in the back, Ivette and Maggie’s talk turns back to the game. Ivette says her strategy was to be honest and blunt so she wouldn’t be questioned on it later. That worked well, Ivette. She sees herself as being so blunt and honest and in everyone’s face the whole game. Well, okay. She was blunt and in everyone’s face, but I don’t know about the part about being honest.

Moving back inside, Ivette goes over Janelle’s question to her yet again. Something tells me this is going to haunt her. Maggie’s eyes tear up as she talks again about not believing their friends could talk to them like that. She can’t wait to get outside and walk in public. If you think the jury comments to you are bad …

Moving on, well, not really, Maggie is upset by James’ comments as well, even though she thinks she bested him by addressing him, “Hi, Best Friend!” Yeah, that’ll show him! She can’t understand what his hatred was for Eric. Ivette explains that Eric had said he owed him one and then went on to screw him over. Maggie asks why all that wasn’t forgotten about once Eric was evicted. That would be because you and the Crapettes wouldn’t stop evoking his memory.

Maggie mentioned they don’t even know if Bush is still president. Does she know about an assassination attempt that we don’t know about? Has she been planning something? She also wonders if the war in Iraq and the World Series are over.

BB must be tired of listening to Maggie and Ivette rehash the jury questions from yesterday. They are given gummy bears, Uno, Dominoes and a jigsaw puzzle. They crack open Uno to play, but the pencil isn’t sharpened and they can’t find paper to keep track of the score. They play without scoring, then move on to the puzzle.

Maggie just can’t wrap her head around James’ question to her. He had asked if she thought she was responsible for getting her own alliance evicted. She doesn’t understand, explaining Jen was evicted by Janelle, Beau by Howie and April by Janelle. Ivette suggests maybe James is suggesting Maggie set them up to be evicted.

Ivette and Maggie discuss when they first got to BB, and their impressions of people. Ivette remembers Cappy laughing. Maggie says April was the first person she liked and that Jen was screwing with her by lifting up Maggie’s skirt with her BB bag. Asked if she picked up on the couples right away, Maggie says she knew right away James and Sarah and Howie and Rachel based on how they were acting with each other. She guessed Janelle and Ashlea were together since Janelle was lobbying to get rid of Kaysar after he and Ashlea were put up.

Reminiscing, Maggie says her favorite time was in the HoH room since they were there 13 out of 14 weeks. Huh? There’s Rachel’s reign, Howie’s two reigns, Kaysar’s reign, Janelle’s two reigns. How does Maggie figure they were in there 13 out of 14 weeks?

Basically all Maggie and Ivette did in between reminiscing and talking about the jury questions was play cards, Uno and put the puzzle together. Not exactly fascinating. Too bad they aren’t sleeping, as I sure want to. It makes me wonder how different it would have been with Janelle and one of the other two in final two instead. I’m sure they would have started exchanging words once their asses were on the line with the jury questions. That would have garnered lots of excitement. Until then, we’ll just have to wait for the excitement of the finale, seeing Ivette and Maggie asked these questions in person.

This is my last feed recap, as it will be in Carrie’s able hands the last two days. Thanks to everyone for reading and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. The offer still stands, if you want me to sit around and watch you 24 hours a day? Email me at LauraBelle@realityshack.com

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