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Who's a Stud? A Trip to a Ranch Tells All – Real World Austin, Episode 14

Who’s a Stud? A Trip to a Ranch Tells All – Real World Austin, Episode 14

by Clicker

The Real Worlders give up dancing at the Dizzy Rooster for digging up dung on a dude ranch – at least for a couple of days.

But even before the trip can begin Wes is already in deep shit – with Wren. He “accidentally” kisses a girl at the bar in front of Wren and then freaks out over it.

Wren tries to tell him that she really doesn’t care but Wes continues to carry on and on and on about it.

Danny says what the guys need is a night out without the ladies because he too is feeling a little cramped.

Then it’s off to the ranch. Melinda seems to be the ringleader of the trip. Wes doesn’t want to go because he’s hungover. Lacey says she’s uncomfortable around horses and cows. Melinda is right at home on the horses and shows off her riding skills early. Her roommates ask, “Is it because she’s from Wisconsin?” Yeah! And you should see her make cheese!

Later around the campfire a simple song “spurs” some discontent between Melinda and Danny.

The ranch owner sings the campfire favorite:

“I got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle. As I go riding merrily along. They sing, O ain’t you glad you’re single. That song ain’t so very far from wrong.”

It prompts a serious talk between Danny and Melinda about whether their relationship is moving too fast. Suffice it to say it isn’t what Melinda is thinking.

The roommates get woken up at 6:30 am the next morning for more of what Lacey calls “Ranchero hell.” The Real Worlders are asked to do a little muckracking (picking up animal crap). Later that night, it’s Wes and Danny who take some crap from Nehemiah and their relationships.

Nehemiah is upset that he has lost his two “wingmen” saying Danny is “married” and that Wes acts like a “bitch” whenever Wren is around. (Is it just the editing or is Nehemiah just not getting any?)

Danny admits he is feeling a bit dissatisfied with his relationship with Mel. He wants to be around her 95 percent of the time but it’s that other 5 percent he’s worried about.

(He could be like Nehemiah and be 95 percent alone….)

Then it’s time to leave the ranch and get back to some serious partying at the Dizzy Rooster.

The guys are out having a good time looking for “potentials,” then Wren shows up – and even dances on the bar (don’t worry Wes she was wearing pants not a skirt!)

Wes tells Rachel later that for some reason he just isn’t satisfied with Wren. (Two weeks ago he was in love, go figure.)

Melinda tells a friend over the phone that her roommates overheard Danny talking about having “spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle”. Which of course means that he wants to be single!

It puts Melinda in a cranky mood and Danny wants to know what is going on. She plays coy and then they get into a deep discussion about their relationship.

She cries because Danny has doubts. And despite telling the boys that he wants his space, Danny tells Melinda his real fear is losing her. (huh???).

He says he wants to be with her but he also feels as if he is missing out on the full Real World experience spending so much time tied down to one girl.

After all the crap Melinda has been through — she should have given him a swift kick and really made his spurs jingle, jangle, jingle.

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