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No More Bottom 3 – Rock Star: INXS, 09-18-05

“No More Bottom 3” – Rock Star: INXS, 09-18-05

by LauraBelle

The final three of Rock Star: INXS return to the mansion after an elimination for the last time. Marty, Mig and JD give a toast to no more bottom three and bemoan the loss of “Sweet Suzie McNeil.” Marty notes the lack of women in the room and says he was shocked that it was Suzie that left. He thinks she kept things real and honest and was funny.

The guys think it’s going to get real competitive now. Mig is actually glad to have finally been in the bottom three. Had he not been, he would have felt cheated never having had a shot at singing INXS songs for INXS and Dave Navarro. He calls being in the bottom three empowering. Yeah, Suzie thought so, too, the first few times she was up.

Mig says both Marty and JD are capable of winning. Marty is a threat to him as he’s gone from strength to strength to strength. JD has a certain danger to him that seems to worry INXS. Marty sees that JD has had his ups and downs, and he is concerned about Mig. He says if his strategy was to save it all for the end, it’s really effective. JD sees himself as going in like a lion and out like lamb. Okay, odd analogy, but okay.

Dave Navarro shows up to join their celebration and tells the final three about their last and final clinic. Tomorrow they will each be receiving a new Honda Civic which they will drive to the Gibson/Bladwin showroom. There they will each collaborate on a new song with Andrew Farriss. To help them out, Andrew has loaded a track for each of them onto Dell DJ Ditty MP3 players to get them started.

Marty feels this will be interesting as they are three very different songwriters. Showing either he hasn’t learned much or is just very, very stubborn, JD has decided not to listen to the track until tomorrow. He tried that the week they recorded a song in the studio, took heat from INXS and his fellow singers and failed miserably.

The next day, driving to the showroom in their new Civics, all three listened to their tracks on their MP3s. JD is so excited about the opportunity, calling Andrew a genius. He hopes he’ll be writing with him for the next twenty years, and says INXS is one of the reasons he became a singer/songwriter.

First in with Andrew is Marty, who says he’s coming in with what he thought the song was. Andrew is amazed that Marty has the chorus virtually correct to what he was envisioning. Andrew suggests something for the verse, and Marty offers to try it and wing it, wanting to show that he’s not over-controlling. Andrew ends up being stunned at the lyric they put together. Marty feels to get this job you need to be over-qualified as a singer/songwriter.

Next up is Mig, and Andrew is pleasantly surprised at the energy Mig put into the lyrics, although he does ask Mig to make the last line a little darker, noting Mig likes to take the sweet road with his harmonies and lyrics. Andrew isn’t sure if INXS really wants to go there. Marty says Andrew has a track record that’s damn impressive, so when he makes a suggestion, Mig is going to listen. Andrew says Mig has a strong sense of his own personal songwriting abilities (huh?). He always wants to go to the happy side and needs encouragement to explore the other sides.

JD approaches this songwriting collaboration as he approaches all other songwriting opportunities. He tells Andrew he is approaching the song with a love and war feel to it. He gives Andrew a short snippet, says it’s all he has, and asks if Andrew has anything to add. Andrew says he’d rather go with what JD has and JD is forced to say again he doesn’t have any more. JD says it’s important not only to be able to write, but to be able to play around enough to spark something. Andrew says JD thinks quickly and outside the box which is a good thing. He surprised Andrew as he wants to get out that he has a lot of passion, but maybe what he needs is more of Andrew’s discipline to get it out.

Later, Marty, Mig and JD return to the mansion for their “last supper.” Mig asks what the other three will miss the most about the mansion and JD says he’ll miss the chaos. They say the whole show will rest on one sentence, when INXS tells one of them they are right for their band.

Walking into the music room the three find instead of displayed sheet music, an envelope with a note that says for the finale they are to pick one song from any done the entire season that defines them the most. This includes songs done by any of the performers.

JD takes the huge stack of sheet music of songs done previously and tosses them onto the floor. As they read them off, they pick ones they like. Interestingly, Marty grabs Pretty Vegas, but it’s not clear whether it’s because he really likes it or is just trying to prevent JD from doing his bona fide hit. When they get to “Baby I Love You Way”, JD says no one did that. Mig stops him and says he did it. JD adds a just kidding; he was obviously just blowing smoke up Mig’s butt.

Once they have made their final decisions, Marty settles on Wish You Were Here, as he thinks he found his voice performing that song. Mig wants to get what he couldn’t get before, choosing Bohemian Rhapsody, the song he lost to Suzie. He knows INXS has said they want him to move on from Queen songs, and he feels he has, so it’s now safe to go back and do a song he loves. Perhaps he’s not paying attention to the instructions – choose the song that defines you the most. Choosing this song tells them he can move on, but it will always be who he is.

It’s JD that understands the instructions the most. He chooses You Can’t Always Get What You Want. JD has it written into his will that this song will be played at his funeral. He sits down to practice the song, and they play his vocal in the background as the three pack their bags and prepare to leave the house. Listening to him, you can hear the emotion in his voice and know that it does truly define him.

As they stand overlooking the pool before walking out the door for the final time, Mig says this has been the most incredible experience of his career, sounding very trite, which is probably where the “sweet” comes from in his song lyrics. Marty says you have to come into this with your guns blasting, and if there’s any doubt who you are, you will fail (this would be what happened to Jordis). JD says I’m going to be a better human being and artist for this experience, as I never would have been able to be a part of this band as the guy that walked in here three months ago.

Any of these three could win. I see Mig as the safe choice. The band will be successful, the girls will all scream, he’ll sound good, and can be plugged right in. Marty is the one that could be a huge success or a huge failure, as while he is an amazing talent in the creative department, he still creeps too many people out and could turn off long time fans.

JD is a long time fan himself. He turned off his peers and fans in the beginning with his bold admissions, but everything he said happened to be true. He knows how to sing these songs as he grew up on them, literally. They are as much a part of him as he could be of them. He has shown that not only does his voice fit the songs, but he fits inside the songs.

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