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Big Brother 6 Live Feeds, September 17th – I Don't Remember The Last Time I Was So Hated

Big Brother 6 Live Feeds, September 17th – I Don’t Remember The Last Time I Was So Hated

by LauraBelle

Warning: This article contains spoilers. Do not read further if you don’t want to know what’s coming up on Saturday’s episode.

“I don’t remember the last time I was so hated.” – Maggie, September 17, 2005

Why is it that the HGs wait until a few days left in the game, when there are only two of them left, to start waking at a decent hour? Rachel and Eric were the only ones that would get up in what is standardly known as the morning. Once Eric left, it was only Rachel for weeks. As she left, each morning was spent watching the HGs sleep in the darkened HoH room, GR and barracks. Now this morning, three days before the end, with just two of them there, they wake early again.

When Ivette arises first at 7:00 AM, she apparently has the time frame mixed up and think it’s Halloween, all decked out in black and orange sweats. She is the final HoH, has her choice of partners with her, yet lays around depressed. Perhaps she’s worried if her Vespas will get good gas mileage.

Maggie wakes three hours later and picks up the hair coloring BB left for her in the storage room. BB had offered Maggie and Ivette anything they needed to make themselves beautiful for the finale. Should they be offended that BB is asking them to please make themselves beautiful? I have to say I’m glad Maggie is finally taking care of those roots, as it’s been bothering me. I realize that sounds petty, but if they can talk about “Janelle’s fat ass”, I am assuming calling out offensive body parts here is fair game.

Maggie isn’t happy about the two color choices BB has left for her. They are semi-permanent and will wash out in 28 days. Maybe they figure if she doesn’t like what she does to it, at least she’s only stuck with it for 28 days. One will touch up her blonde, the other will make all her hair match her dark roots. Ivette tells her she likes the blonde.

Ivette does the dye job for Maggie who jokes it’s Salon de Ivetta, not Salon de Beau. They decide to try touching up the roots first, and figure if that doesn’t work, then they will dye all dark. They only other hair color Maggie has tried was a burgundy in junior high school.

While waiting for the dye to set, Maggie complains about her thumb still hurting after part one of the final HoH competition. Comparing it to the pressure cooker, they can’t believe Jennifer held on for fourteen hours. They can’t believe Janelle didn’t last longer, but they realize she was outnumbered and didn’t pace herself.

Maggie accuses Ivette of taking 20 laxatives today. Ivette tells Maggie she’s being mean, and she says no she’s not, she’s being funny. Odd sense of humor that Maggie has. It probably won’t be the worst Ivette hears today, though, as jury questions will be asked late tonight.

When all is said and done, Maggie thinks her hair is too dark. It turns out it hasn’t touched up her roots, but made the rest darker to match, but still not quite as dark as her roots. It still looks better than the two totally different shades going on.

Over cards, Ivette has come to the sudden realization she had a big mouth, but decides she doesn’t give a rat’s ass. Maggie realizes us feed watchers must be bored. Actually my day of watching you dye your hair and play cards has been quite eventful. Maggie then says one of the first things she does when she gets home will be to have a sex toy party. Thanks for that image.

Ivette and Maggie then get into a conversation wondering about the questions they’ll be asked by the jury. Ivette doesn’t think those f***ers will be too happy with her. Maggie says she can’t see Howie, Jen or Beau talking bad about her and says she doesn’t think Beau would allow them to anyway. Yeah, that’s right. Beau has always been the one controlling everyone else. Ivette claims to have played very well against the others, not falling to the temptations of their cheap proposals.

Maggie is one odd bird. Joe thinks I fall to childish name-calling too much in my recaps, but hey, she is odd! Besides, it’s a lot nicer than Ivette just calling everyone f***ers. After talking about sex toy parties, Maggie now is forcing Ivette to play hide and go seek with her.

After this rousing game of hide and go seek, Maggie and Ivette take a walk outside and wonder what the questions tonight will be from the jury. They suppose they will be questions such as, “What was your most strategic move of the game?” and “Who brought you to final two?” Have theses two never seen the finale of a jury-decided reality tv show? I’m thinking these questions might reach epic proportions rivaling Sue Hawk’s rat and snake speech.

Over dinner Ivette says she thinks the jury already has their mind made up as to who they will vote for. Maggie disagrees, thinking tonight will be decisive. She believes she needs to answer every question otherwise it will be over for her. Ivette tells Maggie not to worry, and says Maggie is better with words.

BB seems to be making Maggie and Ivette wait for hours to speak to the jury. They discuss whose questions they are most worried about. Ivette says Jen and Rachel’s, Jen’s because she’s worried about getting blamed for the Kaysar eviction week. Maggie is most worried about those of James and Janelle. Ivette is the least worried about the questions from Beau and James. Go figure.

The feeds go to fish during the jury questioning. Once they return, Maggie and Ivette seem shocked that they took a beating from everyone but Beau. Maggie says they made her feel like she didn’t deserve to be there. Imagine. Both James and Janelle asked Ivette why she didn’t put her family first. Fair question. You sit there and talk about how you’re doing this for your family and how badly they need the money, then make a decision to go with someone to final two that you know you probably won’t beat. Either your loyalty is stronger for someone you have known for three months than your family or you weren’t being truthful earlier.

Jenny does ask the Kaysar question, posing it to Maggie. Even though Beau was nice to Ivette, Maggie thinks he wasn’t very nice to her. Ivette is very upset that Janelle asked why she didn’t take the deal she had offered that would benefit her family. Something tells me Ivette will be discussing this nonstop for the next three days.

Maggie asks if someone screwed her in the ass and didn’t use lube. She feels like they were telling her what a shitty person she is. She had thought they would get hugs and a “thanks for being here.” Again, have they never seen a finale before? Janelle told Maggie she didn’t deserve anything. April seems to be carrying her grudge against Ivette, still, asking her if she was throwing competitions. Ivette is in shock, apparently not realizing the big epiphany was leading up to something.

Howie had wanted to ask the same question James and Janelle did, but instead asked Ivette when she started playing with integrity. He seems to have asked a similar question of Maggie, and she calls that one brutal. She also can’t understand why Janie is considered a better player. This is just my opinion, but for me it’s because she is the same person throughout the game. Janelle had told Maggie she looked shocked, as usual, forcing Maggie to ask if she always looks like a deer caught in headlights. Why yes, Maggie, you do! It’s not me name-calling, Joe, that was Maggie herself!

Ivette says Maggie made her feel bad when she said Jen was the only person she felt she could turn to in the game. She also says Beau seems to be the least angry. Could have something to do with him being the only jury member with a partner still in the game. She is upset, too, about still being blamed for the Kaysar thing. Maggie says the mistake was not keeping a promise, not evicting him. I’d call that one dead on, Maggie.

April really seems to have carried through with her epiphany. She told Ivette that she is weak and only still there because the competition part is over. Maggie can’t get over their “friends” calling them out like this. Hmmm. Friendship. That would be the problem with calling a reality tv alliance, The Friendship. There is no way all of them could ever make it to final two. Someone would be slighted.

Maggie is very upset about James’ question to her. He had asked if she intentionally set up her own alliance to be evicted so that she could win. He had been gunning for her since week three and is shocked he still is? Ivette still can’t get over the integrity question from Howie. She just doesn’t understand it. Perhaps he should have phrased it this way: “Many of us are questioning your integrity in the game. DoYouUnderstandWhatIAmSayin’ToYou?” He also told her he thinks Janelle is the best player there and should have won.

I just cannot believe this one. Ivette actually says had she been evicted earlier, she would have left the game differently and would have never blamed others. This is the person that cried and pouted every time she didn’t win America’s Choice. But for some reason she would have acted completely differently when she was evicted.

They seem to be very upset by their friend Jennifer. She had been the one to backdoor Kaysar instead of James based on someone else’s suggestion, which everyone agreed to. When the other side became enraged about the decision, fingers were pointed. Jennifer and April always felt they took the blame unfairly, and Jen seems now to want the guilty culprit to take the appropriate blame. Geez, at least have the guts to stand up and say I suggested it, or I didn’t suggest it, but thought it was a great idea, instead of sitting there blaming your friends.

Ivette was asked by Rachel why she deserves the money more than Maggie. Ivette says how was she supposed to answer that. It’s kind of funny, as she was the one talking weeks ago about how she needed the money and some others obviously didn’t. Now, though, when winning the game depends on it, it’s all of sudden become something she has never thought about? Interesting.

Maggie and Ivette have a hard time falling asleep. I would too. Wait til they find out that the majority of America, as in the same people that voted for America’s Choice, feel the same way as the jury. They might need to join the Witness Protection Program, and perhaps Maggie will need to dye her hair yet again in disguise. That voice of Ivette’s, though, would give her away every time.

America’s Choice voted consistently against the “Friendship”. I can’t speak for America, but I can speak for myself. I didn’t agree with the way the Nerd Herd treated people while living with them in the tight quarters of the BB house. Joe says to me that he hopes I have better luck next year picking a winner, since my choice has been evicted. Well, y’know Joe, I’m not hear playing the ponies. I’m not betting on who will win or who has the better chance. I root for people that I believe in that stand for the same things I do. In this case, it’s not anyone that is connected Friendship in any way shape or form.

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