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Final HoH – Big Brother 6, 9/15/05

Final HoH – Big Brother 6, 9/15/05

by dirtydog

We made it. We’re down to the final 3 and the second last episode. I’m so glad too. I don’t think I can handle any more emotional game play. Tonight is our last chance to see if anyone will use strategy in their decisions.

It’s day 76 in the Big Brother house and there are only 5 days left.

We pick up tonight’s episode with Janelle, Ivette and Maggie competing in the first round of the final HoH competition. This event is called Key to Safety. If you haven’t seen the last episode or read the last recap, this competition is very simplistic. The 3 ladies are standing on a large replica of a combination knob of a safe. They have to hold on to a large key while this knob spins in both directions, fast and slow. There is no consistency to the direction or speed of the knob. The last one to let go of their key or fall off the knob is the winner of this round. That person also wins the combination to the 3rd safe in the gold room.

Maggie appeared to struggle with this the most. It appeared that her height was her weakness in this competition. Janelle wasn’t feeling that great and was complaining of back pain fairly early.

As the ladies are battling it out, the scene cuts to April’s eviction. After April had left the house, Janelle put her fist out to Maggie, to congratulate her on making final 3. Maggie, the suck that she is, refused to do that because she was too sad. This didn’t faze Janelle, though. She was quite happy to see April go and have it crush the Nerd Herd’s dreams to be final 3. Maggie continues her pathetic crocodile tears and tells Ivette that she’s going to miss her. A whole week. Wow, Maggie can’t last a whole week without April. I think I need a Gravol.

Back out on the safe, we are now 2 hours into the competition. Janelle is complaining that her hands are purple. She also seems to be struggling to maintain her balance. They all seem to really need some water too.

At the 3 hour mark, Maggie starts with the psychological warfare by mentioning that she still has a lot in her. Janelle again nearly loses her balance. Things aren’t looking too good for her. Janelle says that the task was hard. She even says that even though she hasn’t given birth yet, she believes it’s harder than that. Hehehe. I heard a few ladies snort when Janelle spewed that beauty.

As the knob continues to spin Janelle starts saying that she doesn’t think she can last. Amazingly, Ivette and Maggie start to offer up words of encouragement. Then finally after 3 hours and 45 minutes, Janelle lost her balance and fell off. Ivette and Maggie show more signs of good sportsmanship and congratulate her on her effort.

After Janelle goes into the house, Ivette and Maggie start telling each other that they love each other. They then go straight into blowing sunshine up each other’s ass. Ivette tells Maggie that she doesn’t like battling her. They also tell each other that they have to continue because neither of them are confident that they could beat Janelle in a skill competition. Huh, they do have a sense of reality after all. Oh, nevermind. I just gave these people too much credit again.

Ivette is now trying to convince Maggie that she will be in the final 2, no matter what. Ivette truly believes that Janelle wants her out. Maggie doesn’t buy it though. She knows that she’s not safe if Janelle wins HoH. She actually gets quite uncomfortable with Ivette’s rambling and asks her to stop.

At the 4 hour and 20 minute mark, Maggie fell off the knob. She had changed her position so she was walking rather than side stepping and that caused her to miss a step. Ivette couldn’t believe it. It looks like Ivette thought Maggie threw another competition for her.

As the winner of the first round, Ivette is given the combination to the last safe. When she opens it, there is a note that says “your prize is waiting for you in the backyard!” All 3 ladies jump up and run out to the back yard. Ivette is very excited about her win. She won a pair of Vespa scooters. She seems quite excited to get back home and go ride with “Tushie”.

For the second round of the HoH competition, Janelle and Maggie have to answer trivia questions. Each is given a giant padlock. On the top of it, there are 8 strips with questions underneath. The answer to each question is a number. When they have the answer to the question, they have to go to the end of the “lock” and dial up the number. These 8 numbers are the combination to open the “lock”. Once they have the combination correct, they run to the other side and pull the big silver loop. When it opens, they can take their key off of it and run it over to a pole. The first person to have their key on the pole is the winner of this event.

Maggie’s strategy was to do one question at a time. Janelle tried to do 2 questions at a time.

The questions went as follows:

Number of women at the start of “Pressure Cooker” (6)
Number of times Veto was NOT used (4)
Number of pairs in the house the day before Eric got evicted (5)
Number of house guests who won Veto twice in a row (1)
Number of menu items in “Snack Shack from Hell” (8)
Number of votes to keep Rachel in the house when she got evicted (0)
Number of house guests who won HoH & Veto in the same week (3)
Number of different house guests who have won the Power of Veto (7)

Seems that neither of these ladies are on top of their game. After numerous tries, Janelle gets the combination correct first and wins this round. Maggie was behind by only one question.

After the competition is over, Janelle is the first one to go back in the house. As she walks inside, she notices the new dining room table. It is now a 3 seat table with a glass top and a stack of cash in the middle of it. Janelle lets out a primal scream when she realizes there is money in the table. All 3 ladies stand around the table staring at the money and drooling all over the table.

We now see Ivette and Janelle sitting in the bedroom playing chess. Maggie was sitting outside in the backyard. Janelle asks Ivette if she’s been thinking about winning the game. Ivette says that she has and doesn’t think she can beat Maggie. Janelle tells Ivette that she could make her life easier if she throws the competition. Janelle asks her which is more important; money or a friend. Ivette says that that’s the part she’s been struggling with the most. Janelle then flat out tells her that she would take Ivette if she wins HoH. She also tells her that she can’t beat Maggie. Ivette looks distraught by these facts.

We now join the ladies in the living room for the obligatory round of Q&A. Julie starts with Janelle and asks her who she misses most out of all her former house mates. Janelle responds with the surprising answer of Michael! Julie then follows up with who she misses the least. Janelle gives us the right answer by saying Eric. When asked to elaborate, Janelle gives the very diplomatic answer about them not seeing eye to eye. Julie then asks the first question to Maggie. Maggie blows us away with the unexpected “Eric” for her answer. When asked about the least, Maggie says James. Wow. These questions are giving us so much insight after 11 weeks. Julie then asks Ivette the same 2 questions. Ivette says that she misses Cappy the most and misses Ashlea the least. Yay. There went 3 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

We now get to see what the first five evictees have been up to since they left the game. We start in sunny Miami with the beautiful Ashlea. Her big regret was getting evicted first because she didn’t let the others get to know her. She is also quite surprised about Janelle and Michael’s romance. She says that she will be very supportive but if he breaks her heart then she will break his face. We then go to the other side of the country to Irvine, CA where we see Michael and Kaysar reading the “who’s hotter: Michael or Kaysar” thread on Michael’s forum. Apparently people think Kaysar is hotter. The poll results apparently give Kaysar 60% and 30% to Michael. Kaysar has been quite busy outside of the house. I’m sure I don’t need to go into details. Michael apparently has been asked about his relationship with Janelle. People don’t understand how something like that could develop so quickly under such extreme conditions. Michael seems cautious and is excited to see how things flourish.

Off to Las Vegas now where we see that Eric is still stubborn. Apparently all his coworkers only call him Cappy now. He also says that he and Ivette clicked so well together because they are very much the same. He says that he has no regrets in the house. He also hopes that people understand that that’s who he is and he isn’t going to change. Ok, we get it. You’re still a dumbass. Let’s move on.

In Chicago, we see Sarah hanging with her family. She feels that her relationship with James is stronger coming out of the game. She is also proud of how well James did in the game. She also is a supporter of Janelle and hopes that James chooses her if she makes it to the final 2. As the segment ends we see Sarah holding up a t-shirt that says “Bye Bye Bitches”. Hehe, brilliant.

It’s now time for the final round of the HoH competition. Janelle and Ivette are sitting in the living room ready to answer more trivia. This competition is based on quotes from the jury members while at the jury house. Julie will read a statement with 2 different endings. Janelle and Ivette have to decide if the answer is A or B. Each correct answer earns them a point. After 6 questions the person with the most points is the Final HoH.

Ivette answers the first one correctly and earns a point. Neither one answers the second and third one correctly. Ivette answers the fourth question correctly and now has 2 points. Janelle answers the fifth question correctly and finally earns a point. Janelle answers the last question correctly and forces a tie breaker.

For the tie breaker, the question will be based on math again. Julie asks “what is the combined total of all votes cast to evict this season?” After a long wait, both ladies show their answers. The correct answer is 74. Both ladies answered 66 and we have another tie breaker question. Julie asks “How many hours have you lived in the Big Brother house from the night you entered until 5pm this evening?” After an even longer wait and Julie asking for their answers numerous times, they finally show their answers. The correct answer is 1797. Ivette was showing 1875 and Janelle was showing 1900. Ivette is the Final HoH.

Ivette is clearly ecstatic about this. She runs into the kitchen and gives Maggie a huge hug. Unfortunately, Maggie jumps up and wraps her legs around Ivette, therefore showing us all that she decided to go commando this evening. I really did not need to see that either.

Julie then interrupts the celebration and informs Ivette that she now has to decide who to evict.

After the commercial break, we rejoin the ladies in the living room. Julie then asks Ivette to stand and cast her vote. Ivette stands up and says “You know what’s coming. Aside from being a beautiful woman you are an amazing, amazing player and have given me a total run for my money. But I have to evict you Janelle because I have a promise to keep. But I want you to know that I think you’re amazing. Truly, I do.”

Janelle stands, hugs Maggie, then hugs Ivette, has a few nice words with Ivette and heads out the door.

Julie starts by asking Janelle about how surprised she is to be sitting there. Janelle: “I’m not surprised. I knew that if Ivette won, she’d probably evict me because she had made promises to her friends in the house. I’m not surprised she chose to evict me.” Julie asks if she was surprised to have made it this far in the game. Janelle: “I am! I’m really surprised. I thought I’d be evicted right after Michael because they had spoken that they wanted me out of the house pretty bad. Yeah, I didn’t think I’d make it this far. Absolutely surprised and thrilled.”

Julie then asks what she thinks about Ivette choosing to take Maggie to the final 2. Janelle: “I think it was a poor decision because she can’t beat Maggie. I think Maggie will win the money.” Julie: “Do you think Ivette realizes that?” Janelle: “I think she does but she’s just the type of person that doesn’t want to break her promise. Props to her, I guess.” Julie: “She made it no secret that she really needs this money. Her family needs the money. So, are you saying that she chose friendship over money?” Janelle: “Yeah, she did.”

Julie: “What does that say about her character to you?” Janelle: “She’s a good person.” Julie: “For a while there we thought you guys were arch enemies.” Janelle: “We were. We hated each other. Ahh, I couldn’t stand the sight of her. But I got to know her better. She’s a bit loud and, you know, harsh but she’s a good person.” Julie then asks what she would do over. Janelle: “Oh, I would do so many things over. I mean, just looking back I wouldn’t have maybe told people that I didn’t like them or, you know. (laughs)” Julie then shows Janelle the good bye messages. Maggie says that she went on what other people told her about Janelle throughout the game, but then finally got a chance to get to know her. “What can I say. I was wrong,” she says. Ivette repeats that Janie was an amazing player.

Julie then asks for her final thoughts. Janelle: “I’m just happy that Ivette won. I do. I mean, I tried. It was such a hard game – the last one.” Julie then asks what Janelle will base her decision on when she votes for the winner. Janelle: “Well, I want to change my decision after tonight ’cause I do think that Ivette is a good person. But, I don’t know, I just don’t know.”

We join Ivette and Maggie in the living room one last time. Julie congratulates them on making it to the final 2 and asks how it feels. Ivette bursts out saying that she just won her family $50 000. Maggie interrupts her and tries to correct her by saying that she won $500 000. Ivette continues by saying that she’s thrilled and “had just done miracles in her family”. I wonder how she’ll feel next week when her family slaps her silly for giving the game away to someone that was ready to stick a knife in her back last week.

Be sure to tune in on Tuesday for the finale of the most predictable season of Big Brother.

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