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The Bachelorette, Week 1 – Whabamm!

Obviously by now if you’re a young adult looking for fame, you’ve figured out that your future is on reality TV. There are many competition shows where you can show your talent, but for some reason these people sometimes end up on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

I can’t figure out why going on a dating show is the answer. Perhaps they figure they could use a date as well, so they may as well just kill two birds with one stone. Or maybe they realize they’ll have less competition on a dating show because that’s not why people are supposed to be there.

But one thing is for sure: as long as ABC keeps giving these people a forum, they’ll keep showing up.

Whabamm? Seriously?

It’s so incredibly obvious this guy is just looking for his fifteen minutes of fame and thinking he can parlay that into a career. He thinks he’s funny and clever, and he’s not. And he knows he’s over the top, but he’s just trying to get people to talk about him. And it worked, I guess, as here I am talking about him.

And as if it’s not bad enough that ABC cast him on the show, Rachel kept him! I can see why those other guys are upset. To not be chosen to get a rose and have to watch that guy get a rose?

At least the people who show up in costumes only carry out the gag throughout that first show. The Dolphin Girl didn’t keep wearing the costume that she said was a dolphin that we all knew was a shark. That was done. It’s just something to get noticed. But Whabamm guy seems like he’s going to keep that going.

But aside from him it was a good season premiere. There are a lot of guys who I can see ending up with Rachel. They’re nice, pleasant, attractive … and sane.

The prosecuting attorney needs to take it down a notch, though. It’s great that he has self confidence, but there’s a point where it’s annoying. To continually call Rachel his wife is going to start to get creepy.

I definitely agreed with Rachel regarding her choice for the First Impression Rose. Bryan made an impression on her and didn’t need a costume or a catchphrase. He was just himself, even if that just happened to be with some sexy Spanish thrown in there.

And if there’s any saving grace, looking at the previews for the season, there’s no Whabamm in sight.

Image Credit: YouTube