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Survivor: Game Changers, Week 5 – Exile ‘Island’ Is Back

As they say in Oz, “Ding Dong,” and I don’t mean Ozzy.

But before we get to that, we had not just another tribal switch, but a return to Exile “Island.” But there were surprises to Exile “Island.” It was exile, but it wasn’t so much an island.

The tribes switched up again. Everyone dropped their buffs again, and this time they went back to being in two tribes instead of three.

However, this left an odd woman out: Debbie. This meant she was sent to Exile. She wasn’t too happy as Jeff Probst explained that there was good and bad, as while she wouldn’t have to deal with anyone else, she wouldn’t be able to bond with a new team. But for everyone it had to be a win-win. After she was losing it in camp last week, she needed a break from everyone else, and most assuredly they needed a break from her.

Imagine Debbie’s surprise when they dropped her in Exile, but instead of being a deserted island where she’d have to forage for food and shelter, it was a fully-stocked boat. She had food, wine, a hammock, and Cochran!

Cochran – aka John Cochran, the winner of Survivoir: Caramoan in 2013 – jumped aboard the boat with Debbie. Not as a threat, as he was not joining the game, but as a strategy helper. He was there to help Debbie get back in the game, meaning in her mind. He watched her last season and knew she favors herself as being good at everyting, so he knew she was likely not to take his advice.

She cried at the end of their time together. It almost seemed like she felt like she could finally let her guard down and admit that she was scared and that she knew she did not have it all going on.

Then it was back to the two tribes. The largest emphasis was put on Sandra’s new tribe, of course. Also on the tribe are Jeff Varner, Zeke, Tai, Ozzy, Andrea, and Sarah. Because of the way the old tribes were split, it set Varner and Sandra apart as the odd players out.

Zeke right away talked about taking out Sandra, knowing that you only get so many chances to take out a two-time winner. But they were going to let Jeff and Sandra think that they were taking out Tai because he is a flip-flopper and an idol threat. Both are true, and he had just found his third idol, meaning he now has two in his pocket.

But then Tai had to open up his mouth to Varner that he knows they’re supposed to be voting out Sandra, but he just felt it was him. This worried Varner. And Sandra was already picking up on it the strangeness anyway. It just didn’t make sense to her. So she set to work flipping it to make sure people would really vote out Tai, convincing them that they didn’t want to keep him, Debbie, and Aubry, who were all on Kaoh Rong together, in the game.

After the challenge, it was no contest. Despite the first half of the challenge being physical and in the water, the team with Ozzy lost because of … Sandra. She really slowed them down, as Jeff Probst pointed out. They lost, meaning they’d go to tribal council and vote someone out, and Debbie would come back from Exile and take their spot.

Tribal ended up being another jaw-dropping one. Tai just could not keep his mouth shut again. He again said they were trying to get rid of Sandra. Sandra worked her wonders and had the others thinking of voting out Tai.

Then Tai worked his way over to whisper in Sandra’s ear. He wanted her and Varner to vote out Ozzy, bu they needed a fourth. This was then verbalized with eveyrone hearing it, and again everyone began talking amongst themselves. If the vote went against Tai, though, he had two idols to play, so he should be safe, meaning either Ozzy or Sandra was going home.

Jeff made the call for idols, and Tai sat there, choosing not to play either of his. Hopefully he wouldn’t end up going home with an idol in his pocket as J.T. did last week. And the first two votes were for him.

But then every vote afterward went to Sandra. The others must have recognized their opportunity to get her out. While it may have seemed attractive to vote out Tai who can’t seem to shut up and keeps flip-flopping, their smarter move last night was to take out Sandra when they had the chance.

This means the team now picks up Debbie in Sandra’s place. It could work against them in physical challenges, as while they have the physically stronger team, she may insist that she can do it all and may fail, like she did last week.

But at this point, we just don’t know how this season is going to go. Are they going to keep up with the Exile every week? Or was that a one-time-and-out kind of thing? We don’t know, and that’s what is making this season so fascinating and exciting. We don’t know who will be voted out week to week and what the twists are going to be.

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