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Survivor: Game Changers Week 2 – As If We Needed Another Reason to Dislike Sandra

She may be a game changer, and she may be a two-time winner, but I just never warmed up to Sandra Diaz-Twine on Survivor. I never felt like she really outwitted and outplayed, only outlasted. Her whole gameplay seems to consist of being bossy.

Tonight’s episode started out with a tribe switch, which I always hate this early in the game. It makes it impossible to get to know people and alliances. Sure, theyse are all former players, but some of them I don’t remember. I recognize the face a little and maybe the name (Troyzan anyone?), but I can’t remember the particulars of many of their prior games that made them such “game changers.” So to now have a tribal switch just makes it more difficul to remember the people and learn who they are.

But I definitely remember Sandra. I remember that I never liked her too much before. And after tonight I will never, ever like her as a person, let alone as a player.

After the tribal switch, she’s on a tribe with four chickens. Four! That means they have daily eggs and can also sacrific one of the chickens for a dinner. But Sandra became obsessed with wanting to kill one of the wild goats to eat because she was hungry. She’s been there one week. How hungry could she really be? She knows how to go hungry. She’s played until day 39 two times before. But she’s having a hard time making it past a week?

But she insisted she was starving and needed to eat a wild goat. So J.T. took off in search of a goat to sacrific for Sandra’s hunger pangs. The firs tone he caught is a baby. A baby! Sandra snatched the little tyke up in her arms, and I could swear I could see the images of that cute little thing on a spit in her eyes. What is the matter with her?

Then J.T. caught the baby’s mother. Sandra was insisting that they have the mother goat for dinner. And of course if they did that, that would mean the little baby would have no mother, essentially ending his life even if they weren’t sacrifing him. That was perfectly fine for Sandra. She saw no problem with this. After all, she was hungry! But, she didn’t want to kill the goat. She only wanted to cut it up and eat it. She wanted someone else to do the dirty deed for her.

They polled the tribe, and no one wanted to eat either the baby or the mother. She was all alone in that.They pointed out they still had four chickens to eat. So they decided to release the baby and its mother back into the wild, knowing they could always eat a chicken, which they didn’t show, and usually do, so they made it seem like after all that they didn’t eat anything.

I do not know what I would have done had they killed one of those goats. I honestly do not know if I could have kept watchng the show, and I don’t mean just this episode. I’ve watched all thirty-four seasons, but allowing them to kill a goat unnecessarily because a woman just felt like eating that instead of the chickens that they have specifically for meals may have just been too much for me.

Now I’m a little afraid to watch rsulting episodes. I’m afraid Sandra will get her way eventually.

And for the puzzling aspect of the show, what is with that tribe to vote out Caleb and keep Hali? They already lost a challenge, and they think getting rid of the youngest, strongest guy on the tribe is a smart idea? Now they are left with Culpepper, Deb, Tai, Hali, and Sierra. They think this is a tribe that will win challenges?

But I blame Tai and Deb for that. After all the talk of prior relationships, they git rid of the preson who could have given them the advantage in the tribe. Had Debbie, Tai, and Caleb stuck together and voted out Hali, that would give them the advanage and control of the group three-to-two. True, it would have ended up in a tie, and wth the rule change, if they couldn’t convince anyone to switch their vote, it would have automatically gone to pulling rocks, both Caleb and Hali would have been safe, and it would have been one of the others going home.

But that was a risk they needed to take, to sacrifice someone else. Instead they left their tribe even weaker than it already was. They have little hope of winning the real physical challenges now. They’re already handicapped with Debbie. If memory serves me correctly, she always thought before that she could do every challenge but couldn’t.

I belive that Tai was so intent on not playing with his heart that he convinced himself he was playing iwth his head, but instead he wasn’t playing with his head or his heart. He’s just playing with the fear that Culpepper filled his head with.

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