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If We Were Going to Have a Reality TV Host for President …

You would think it would be an exciting time for me. I’ve been writing about reality TV since 2003. So, one of our own has made it to the White House. But, he’s not mine. I’m not claiming him. Not that I didn’t watch Celebrity Apprentice, as I did, but I never watched it and thought, “That Trump. He’d be a great president.” Never.

Watch the video below to find out wat reality TV host would make a good president or read the text below.

And even the thought that he could be president back in 2015 when he announced he was running seemed absurd to me. I was one of the ones who kept saying. No way. That is not going to happen. I thought people would never be able to actually pull the lever for him in the primary. But here we are. He won the primary and then the general election. And by this time it seems even more absurd then it did in 2015. We found out more about him, and it wasn’t great.

So while I was in the shower this morning, I was thinking, if I were going to pick a reality TV host for president, I wouldn’t have thought it would be him. It would be … and then I stopped. Who would it be? What reality TV host would make a great president as long as we’re aiming for people who don’t have to have any political experience at all?

Ryan Seacrest is just too busy. Chris Harrison would be starting every press conference telling us it’s going to be the most dramatic ever. I don’t know if I’d trust Nick Cannon with the nuclear button. He made the decision to marry Mariah Carey. Cat Deeley would be an interesting pick as I’d love hearing her announce her picks for the Supreme Court just because I love listening to her say the word “judges.” If it were Tom Bergeron, it would worry me that his prior job of hosting America’s Funniest Videos would come into play and he’d be showing blooper videos of Congress.

Then I thought about Phil Keoghan of The Amazing Race. Okay, so he was born in New Zealand, and that could be a problem. But hey, Ted Cruz ran for president.

So let’s examine Phil. He’d be great at foreign relations. He probably wouldn’t be upsetting other countries with his tweets. He travels all over the world for his job, and there is always someone from each country on that mat with him to welcome the teams to the country.

He’d probably have to ditch the Travelocity gnome, as that’s just a bad sidekick. But is it worse than Eric and Donald Jr.? I don’t know.

What would be great would be when something upset Phil. He wouldn’t run off to tweet about it. No, he’d be raising that one eyebrow, you know, just to let you know he thinks it’s questionable.

Come to think of it, where has The Amazing Race been? I missed it last season. Will it be back this March when Survivor comes back?

I’m off to get check on that possibility, both whether or not the Race is coming back and whether or not we can get Phil to run in 2020.