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Survivor 33, Episode 6 – ‘Showmance, Romance, Some Kind of Mance’

You would think this was the first season ever of a reality TV show. Forget about other shows. This is season online slots 33 of Survivor. And if you don’t know how it works yet, you don’t belong playing against some of the fans of the show that know every in and out of the game.

One of the first and foremost rules of any reality TV show is be wary of the showmance. It can drag you down and do you in. The reason behind this on shows that feature an elimination is because you are seen as an automatic voting block of two. And making it worse is that everyone knows no matter what you promise them as far as final three, final four, whatever, you will never be the plus one in a showmance. They will always take each other to the end.

That’s what made early showmance Taylor and Figgy doomed from the start. From the get-go they never seemed to have any strategy. All they seemed to be focusing on is each other. That’s fine if you have a really strong alliance behind you, and they kind of did, but then there was the inevitable tribal shakeup last week, and that destroyed everything. Now they were on a tribe with one other millennial and two Gen Xers.

Taylor and Figgy thought they were being smart and hiding their showmance, but it’s hard to hide the cuddling, kissing, and staring into each other’s eyes. It didn’t take game play on anyone’s part to figure out this was a showmance. She “smartly” decided to tell Ken and Jessica, but they already knew and had it figured out long before she told them.

And of course another big rule at play here is that you have to play the freaking game! On Survivor you have to Outplay, Outwit, and Outlast. Figgy already proved she couldn’t outwit when she tried to hide the showmance and failed miserably. So now she just had to Outplay. But she performed badly in both the reward challenge and immunity challenge. Her tribe was ahead both times, and she lost their lead.

So now when it comes to choosing someone to vote out of their tribe, everyone needed to make a choice. For Taylor and Figgy it was obvious. They were voting out Ken as he was a direct threat to their game. He’s a strong challenge player, and they needed to break up the twosome of him and Jessica. For Jessica and Ken it was just as obvious. They needed to break up the showmance. If they got rid of Figgy they’d do that and make their tribe stronger.

So this left Adam in that pivotal position. Taylor and Figgy assume he’d stick with them to keep the Millennial tribe strong. But Jessica and Ken presented something obvious. With Taylor and Figgy he would always be number three. There is no way they would ever consider him more important than each other. Jessica and Ken might do the same, but at least Adam has a fighting chance.

The answer was so obvious to any Survivor fan: vote out Figgy, and that’s what Adam did, blindsiding her and Taylor. But I’m not even sure if you can consider it a blindside, as they were just too blinded by their own “like” for each other to see that, not by anyone’s strategy.

And even more telling, in her comments at the end of the episode after she was voted out, she talked about being such a great player that she would have taken everyone out, so she assumes they voted her out because of that. Not likely. She performed poorly in challenges and showed no strategy. They voted her out because of the showmance, plain and simple. And in the end, instead of wishing she could have made more of a run for the money at the end, she’s just hoping to see Taylor again. Not that there’s anything wrong with betting on love, or rather “like,” but she came on the show, assumably, to win a million dollars, not to find a boyfriend.

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