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Survivor 33, Week 2 – Showmances Always Come Down to a Numbers Game

It’s an interesting breakdown of the cast this season on Survivor, being Millennials vs. Gen X. Jeff Probst nailed it when he said ahead of the season that we would all identify with one of the other, if not belonging to a group then as parents or grandparents.

In the first place, there’s someone there older than me: Paul. I have always been a Baby Boomer, born in 1964, so the last year for them. But Paul was born in 1963, and he is being considered a Gen Xer. But I can’t say I really identify with him, per se. I do somewhat identify with the mentality of the tribe as a whole, though.

But as much as I want to identify with the TV writer, David, the guy does not have a prayer, unless he does a 180 on his game play really quickly. He’s created an alliance with Ken, and that’s great, but they need more than just the two of them. And while David finally found that idol he was searching for, he is just way too inept at physical and mental challenges. He’s in a minority alliance and can’t compete. That idol is just not going to keep him safe that long, and eventually Ken will have to abandon him to save his own butt.

On the other tribe, they really do embody the mentality of Millennials. That work ethic just isn’t there. They’re there to have fun, which they should be, but they’re failing at the basic concept of the game to outwit, outplay, and outlast, as they’re too busy having fun.

Especially Figgy and Taylor. In a showmance already just a few days in? Way to target themselves. It made me feel bad for their other alliance member, Jay. He had himself a great alliance, but now he’s the odd man out. If they make it to the end, they will take each other before they take him. Luckily Jessica is kind of in the alliance as well.

Michaela should have stuck with her first instincts. Mari was right to target the showmance as were the others. I don’t even know if it was a good idea for Jay and Jessica to save them. They would have been better off losing one of them and starting over as a three-person alliance.

It will always come down to a numbers game with showmances. They are two votes, not one. Michaela got scared when she was told Mari wanted to vote her out after Figgy. But she saved a possible two votes against her, compared to what she thought was one vote against her. She would have been better off keeping Mari.

Hannah needs to have a backbone. It took her so long to vote because she knew she shouldn’t just flip her vote blindly based on Jessica’s word. Yet she did it anyway. Saving Figgy could very well come back to bite Hannah and Michaela in the butt.

But I’m liking Jay. He has his head in the right place. He’s not just there to have fun. He’s there to work and win. Tonight he outwitted and outplayed the others by flipping the vote. Let’s see if he can continue it to the end to outlast as well.

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