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Dancing with the Stars 23, Week 3 – Unique Competition = Expected Results

The Presidential Debate really threw a number at reality TV fans. What it did do The Voice wasn’t too bad, but the way they had to adjust Dancing with the Stars was really strange.

To fit the show within the hour provided, yet have all twelve couples still compete, the couples were paired with other couples. The winner of each pair was safe from elimination on Tuesday night. This left only six couples vulnerable to being voted out.

The competition was really quick and strange. It was done and over with before you knew it, with each couple competing for only a very short time. It’s hard to even remember any dances that went particularly well or badly other than Rick Perry. He’s just been consistently bad since the beginning. He just doesn’t have rhythm and always came off very clunky.

But then the Tuesday elimination show was still two hours long. After cramming the competition into one hour, then the results were drawn out over an hour the following night. That in itself is strange. It used to be a one hour review of performances on results night, followed by the results show. The elimination night was then … eliminated … altogether with everything being on one night. Suddenly we’re back to two nights again.

There was a little bit of worry whether having only six couples vulnerable would lead to unexpected results, but in the end the result was what it should be. Or rather what was expected. Many times in these first few weeks it seems the celebrity who scores the least just keeps hanging on while better dancers are frustratingly eliminated.

But not this time. Perhaps it’s because we had the two-fold elimination with half the couples being granted immunity on the first night. Or perhaps it’s because all the conservative fans were not watching, looking forward to the debate later that night.

Regardless of the reason, the couple who has continually had the lowest score every week, former Texas governor Rick Perry and professional dancer Emma Slater were eliminated. This will clear him for his daughter’s wedding coming up in a few weeks. He now won’t have to try and fit practicing in while also taking care of wedding prep. He’s in the clear, and we’ve been relieved of watching him every week.