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Big Brother 18 – No Friendship for Paul in the Final 2

Throughout the history of reality TV, there have always been those who make a critical error once they get to the end. They decide to go for friendship over winning, and it costs them the game. This is precisely what happened with Paul Abrahamian in the Big Brother 18 finale. He preached friendship all season long, but when he chose it in the end, it cost him his game.

There are two instances of this happening before that immediately come to mind. Cody won the final HoH in Big Brother 16, but instead of taking Victoria, who he could have easily won against, he chose to take his ride-or-die, Derrick, and that cost him the game. But the first time we saw it happen was in season 2 of Survivor. Colby chose to take the more deserving Tina to the final two with him over Keith, and again, it cost him the win.

This season on Big Brother we had a finale three of two returning houseguests – James Huling and Nicole Franzel – and a newbie, Paul. James hadn’t really been competing for the most part throughout the game, so there was no reason to think he’d start now in final three. Paul won the first legof the final HoH, and Nicole the second.

This left them facing off in the final leg of the HoH. With both of them their easier choice to take to final two would have been James. He hadn’t really done much throughout the game, so he would have been an easy one to beat in final two. Sure, he had a great social game, but when it comes down to who to award the $500,000 to, it should have been one of the other two. Paul should have been able to beat Nicole who everyone thought was a snake, so she’d definitely want to take James, but there was always that off chance that she could beat Paul, so he should have taken James as well.

But once he won that final leg, the choice was his. He gave a speech and noted how he and James had been working together, yet James stabbed him in the back too many times, so he chose to take Nicole, who it should be noted also stabbed him in the back. It was his last time to preach friendship.

When it came down to the votes, however, it was shocking that the vote ended up in Nicole’s favor. Only James, Victor Arroyo, Michelle Meyer, and Bridgette Dunning voted for him. Corey Brooks, Natalie Negrotti, Paulie Calafiore, Zakiya Everette, and Da’Vonne Rogers voted for Nicole.

That last vote was quite a surprise, as Da’Vonne had been preaching throughout the whole episode that Paul was the more deserving winner. Yet when it came down to it, she put her money on Nicole, who became the first female to ever beat a male in final two of Big Brother.

Victor still had some glory of his own, though. He won America’s Favorite Houseguest, taking home an additional money prize. He was truly deserving after winning his way back into the game on two separate occasions. Of course the other thing he won was Paul’s friendship. There’s no doubt these two will be friends to the end, that is unless Pablo the duck gets in the way.

Image Credit: YouTube (https://youtu.be/vKMq-JHKBis)