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For This Upcoming Season, the Entire Cast of Survivor Had to Be Evacuated

For the first time ever in the history of Survivor, and we’re talking more than thirty seasons, the entire cast of Survivior: Millennials vs. Gen X had to be evacuated.

In a recent interview, Jeff Probst said that while they have been lucky for thirty-two seasons to escape severe storms, this time they weren’t so lucky.

“This time, the storm caught us. It was only day two and in a matter of hours, a nice afternoon turned into a severe rainstorm that kept growing in intensity by the hour.

“We were monitoring the weather minute by minute back at base camp. When the national Fijian weather service upgraded it to a cyclone, we had to evacuate both tribes from their beaches and get them to safety. We have never had to evacuate tribes in 32 seasons of Survivor.”

As a faithful viewer of Survivor, we’ve seen some really miserable people stuck out in thunderstorms, huddling under a crudely-thatched roof and squatting on bamboo poles perched on a sandy beach. Yet they were never evacuated before. So this had to be some storm.

It does make you wonder if the former survivors will be sitting there watching others being evacuated and think they had all the luck. While it was a potentially dangerous situation, they got to go to a shelter and avoid the game for a bit. Tropical Cyclone Zena could have saved their sanity.

But we’ll have to wait until the season starts on September 21 to see how and if this changed the game.

Image Credit: YouTube