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Big Brother 18 – What’s Next for the Showmance and the One Left Behind

They keep saying that three showmances made it to the end, but to be fair, Paul and Victor aren’t exactly a showmance. Pair? Sure. But they’re not a showmance. Regardless of that, this is something that rarely happens on Big Brother or Survivor, The pairs never make it, as the others are smart enough to eliminate them knowing if one of them makes it to the end, they are bound to take their partner with them.

But this week we knew that one of those pairs was not going to make it. It was a complete tossup of who it would be, as everyone was aligned with everyone else and had multiple side alliances. Everyone has lied to each other at some point, except for their partners. HoH was very important this week, and it was Victor, yet again, who resided up in the HOH suite this week.

He was obviously going to keep his partner Paul safe, but would he choose to keep Nicole and Corey intact or would he choose to keep James and Natalie? He chose his most recent alliance and nominated James and Natalie. Really though, it wasn’t the smartest choice. Victor’s only challengers physically are Paul and Corey, so why not have Corey be one of the nominees?

Instead, Victor nominated James and Natalie, the two in the game who have won the least amount of HoHes and Vetos. And in the end, they eliminated Natalie who was not a threat to Victor’s game. She had campaigned to keep him the second time he was evicted. This made no sense.

So now the game is once again left to an HoH that was not decided during Thursday live show. We’ll have to wait for the results on Sunday, unless we’re into spoilers and have already checked it out. Victor can’t play, so it will either be Paul, Corey, Nicole, or James. And if anyone other than Paul wins, they are not playing the game if they don’t nominate at least one of the Victor/Paul pair. They are definitely threats to go all the way to the end together, and the others are running out of time to break them up.

But what will happen to James and Natalie? Will they end their relationship not going any further than a showmance? Or is there possibly something there between the two?

Natalie has told James and the audience that he was someone she’d consider dating. However, everyone else in the house seemed to think she was using him. And James let those rumors get the best of him this week when he chose to believe that she was throwing him under the bus. Sure, she did say she was following his lead in evicting Victor, but she wasn’t doing it to put her own game ahead of his. She was doing it to let Victor and Paul know she was on their side over Corey and Nicole’s. But James tooks his own securities and choose to believe the others over his ride-or-die.

I think there’s a chance for them on the outside. Sure, they’re from different worlds, but if they can remember everything they enjoyed about each other throughout the season, they can maybe take this thing past the showmance level. I think they have a better chance at becoming the next Jeff and Jordan or Brendon and Rachel than anyone else this season.

But James needs to keep his insecurities in check and trust her. And that’s the opposite advice for people still in the house regarding the others. At this point, this close to the end, they can’t trust anyone.

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