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What’s Hot on TV Tonight – Boston Rob Post-Survivor

Have you been wondering what’s next for Boston Rob? He’s still in the adventure-seeking business. Catch him tonight, along with his co-host, in Around the World in 80 Ways. Find out more about this series and his future in this <interview. Catch up on your other favorite shows and head to TV-Links.

1. NFL Football. Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears. 12:00 PM CT Fox

2. Con Air. This movie has one of my favorite movie lines of all time. Steve Buscemi hears Sweet Home Alabama playing, and watching the other convicts dancing around to it on the airplane, says “Define irony. Bunch of idiots dancing on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash.” Love it. 12:30 PM CT TBS

3. NASCAR Racing: Sprint Cup. AAA 400 from Dover International Speedway in Dover, Delaware. 1:00 PM CT ESPN

4. Rugby: IRB World Cup 2011. New Zealand vs. Canada. 2:00 PM CT NBC

5. MLB Baseball. American League Divisional playoff between Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees 2:00 PM CT TNT

p>6. NFL Football. Denver Broncos at Green Bay Packers. 3:00 PM CT CBS

7. Auto Racing: American Le Mans Series. Petit Le Mans. 3:00 PM CT ABC

8. MLB Baseball. National League Divisional playoff between Arizona D”diamondbacks and Milwaukee Bucks 4:00 PM CT TBS

9. Hancock. Will Smith plays an anti-super hero of sorts. He doesn’t do things the right way, but it gets the job done. Jason Bateman plays a publicist that tries to make over his image. Charlize Theron stars as well. 5:00 PM CT FX

10. 60 Minutes.Reports on the connection between Otsuchi, Japan, and Ft. Bragg, CA, a rock-climber who doesn’t who tools or any other assistance, and Andy Rooney’s last appearance. 6:00 PM CT CBS

11. America’s Funniest Home Videos.Clips include a mean teasing an alligator, homemade rockets, a poodle not wanting to take a nap, a lizard crawling on a man, and a package of frogs. 6:00 PM CT ABC

12. The Amazing Race. The racers find out it will be a double elimination leg, and multiple teams are put in jeopard by a costly mistake. 7:00 PM CT CBS

13. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.A family with a young song inflicted with a blood disorder get a new home built for them by Ty and his team. 6:00 PM CT ABC

14. The Simpsons. Superintendent Chalmers gets fired for bringing Bart and his friends along on an unauthorized field trip, leading to the boys holding the school hostage and demanding he be reinstated. 7:00 PM CT Fox

15. Little People, Big World: Off to School. The family faces a dramatic change, one of the twins moves out of state, and Amy and Matt face the realities of their future together as well as the future of Roloff. 7:00 PM CT TLC

16. Making Monsters. Ed and Marsha Edmunds, co-owners of Distortions Unlimited, a monster making shop in Greeley, CO, Jordu Schell “ is Ed’s right-hand man, bringing Ed’s twisted creations to life. Based in Los Angeles, he is a renowned sculptor, best known for his work on James Cameron’s Avatar. 7:00 PM CT Travel Channel

17. Tough Love: Miami. Series Premiere. Eight contestants train for love. 7:00 PM CT VH1

18. NFL Football. New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens. 7:15 PM CT NBC

19. The Cleveland Show. Cleveland J. makes a shocking announcement as a storm his Stoolbend, Langley Falls, and Quahog. 7:30 PM CT Fox

20. MLB Baseball. National League Divisional playoff between St. Louis Cardinals at Philadelphia Phillies 7:30 PM CT TBS

21. The Good Wife. When one of Alicia’s cases is retried in Britain, with the help of a satellite, she needs to quickly learn English law. 8:00 PM CT CBS

22. Desperate Housewives. Susan finds a way to easy her guilt that’s dangerous and thrilling, Gaby plans a surprise for Carlos, Bree learns something about chuck’s past, and Renee wants to win over Ben. 8:00 PM CT ABC

23. Family Guy. When a storm hits Quahog, Stoolbend, and Langley Falls. Meg’s family takes too many jabs at her, causing her to lose it. 8:00 PM CT Fox

24. Sister Wives. In the first half hour, Kody, Christine, and Janelle try dealing real estate, the teenagers find new friends, and Robyn and Kody get a scare. In the second half hour, Robyn and Kody make a quick visit to their midwife, and the wives want to make over each room in the house. 8:00 PM CT TLC

25. The Oprah Facebook Interview. Oprah talks about her life post-show. 8:00 PM CT OWN

26. IRT Deadliest Roads. Dave and Lisa deal with a broken down truck, Hugh and Rick have to deal with both a language barrier and muddy roads, and Tim and Tino aren’t confident on the deadly, cliffside roads 8:00 PM CT HISTORY

27. Snapped. A Florida teen make a decision that turns deadly between her mom and boyfriend. 8:00 PM CT Oxygen

28. Bridezillas. In retaliation for them walking out on her, Ruby drags her bridesmaids out of bed for a workout. After learning her brother-in-law may miss the rehearsal, Ruby calls him at work to yell at him and force him to come. Bridezilla Kim is convinced her wedding production – the “Kim Show” – must go off without a hitch so when her bridesmaids don’t comply with her every rule, including no gum chewing, her anger boils over. 8:00 PM CT WE TV

29. Big Rich Texas. Season finale. the feud between Pam and Leslie comes to a head after Pam grills Leslie’s son Tyler. While taking a trip to see family in Seattle, Connie decides to investigate her newfound cousin Leslie’s background and makes a shocking discovery that she’s very willing to share with Pam. Meanwhile, Bonnie is worried that Whitney’s romance with Tyler may be bad for their mother-daughter relationship, especially when he decides to move back to the west coast — and Whitney wants to follow him. 8:00 PM CT Style

30. Boardwalk Empire. Nucky considers the possibility of betrayal within the inner circle, Margaret tries to help him avoid trouble, Chalky has a hard time in prison, and Owen Sleater checks out the Thompson residence. 8:00 PM CT HBO

31. Dexter. Between his usual killings, dealing with Deb’s drama, and keeping up with Harrison, Dexter will more than have his hands full. It’ll be a bloody good time! 8:00 PM CT HBO

32. American Dad. The Smiths fight to survive when a storm hits Quahog, Stoolbend,and Langley
Falls. 8:30 PM CT Fox

33. CSI: Miami. The CSIs are brought into the world of gigolos after a strange murder weapon is found. 9:00 PM CT CBS

34. Pan Am. On a flight to Paris, Laura’s mom tries to work out unfinished business, Maggie gets attention from an aggressive passenger, and Dean searches for information on Bridget. 9:00 PM CT ABC

35. Dirty Soap. Kirsten says an emotional goodbye to her brother who leaves for flight school and Nadia’s mom reveals her feelings about Brandon and Farah doesn’t see eye to eye with John-Paul’s mom.. 9:00 PM CT E!

36. The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The New Jersey housewives travel to Punta Cana, and Ashley creates memories that will be everlasting. 9:00 PM CT Bravo

37. Hillbilly Handfishin’. Beverly Hill sisters, Berkley brainiacs, and Kentucky tattoo mavens. 9:00 PM CT Animal Planet

38. Around the World in 80 Ways. Series Premiere. Rob Mariano and Dennis Anderson make their way around the world using a different form of transportation each time they move on. 9:00 PM CT HISTORY

39. Against the Wall. Abby and Lina investigate another detective from Internal Affairs, and Brody wants advice on how best to woo Abby . 9:00 PM CT Lifetime

40. Big Easy Brides. a bride insists on an all-out Mardi Gras-themed riverboat wedding. The staff can handle the ceremony, but will they be able to deal with the bride’s attitude? Maria and Lou Ann get into a screaming match that ends in disaster. 9:00 PM CT WE TV

41. Breaking Bad. Hank pushes Gomez to go after a lead, Walt has difficulties protecting his family, and Jess receives alarming news. 9:00 PM CT AMC

42. Hung. Season premiere.
9:00 PM CT HBO

43. Homeland. Season premiere. This season will shed light on why Carrie thinks Brody isn’t the war hero the government is claiming he is and why she isn’t so squeaky clean herself. 9:00 PM CT Showtime

44. How to Make It in America. The series stars Bryan Greenberg, Victor Rasuk, Luis Guzman, Lake Bell, Eddie Kaye Thomas and hit recording artist Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi and follows them as they hustle their way through New York City to achieve the American Dream on their own terms. 9:30 PM CT HBO

45. Kendra. Season premiere. Kendra is is back in California and ready to put down roots. 10:00 PM CT E!