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America’s Got Talent, Season 11 – Simon’s Back

1464848115_IMG_6639 (1)That’s right Simon’s back. Well, was he ever really gone? In truth he’s always been a creator and producer of America’s Got Talent, but for the first time ever he’ll be judging this season. Well, this show. He’s been a judge of Britain’s Got Talent. So he’s not back as a judge on this show, but he’s back on our TV screens, last seen in this country as a judge on The X Factor which limped to its death after just a few seasons. So with the departure of Howard Stern, our judging panel with now be Simon, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel, with Nick Cannon again as host.

Nathan Bockstahler is six years old and has never performed on a big stage before, but he feels he’s ready because he has practiced a lot. Simon affirms that he is not married. He is doing comedy for his audition. If he wins he wants a million Legos instead of a million dollars. He is really charming. Mel says she couldn’t stop laughing. Howie affirms that he comes up with his material himself. Heidi thinks that’s fantastic. Simon sees a real character. He gets through with four yeses.

José talks about his partner, his dog Carrie. They are going to do a dance together. His ex-wife didn’t dance with him, so he started dancing with his dog. She dances on her hind feet to a Latin dance with him. Simon reaffirms how they started dancing together, and it seems to just kind of have happened. Howie wants to know why his wife wouldn’t do that, and Mel says she wasn’t expecting that. Heidi thought it was entertaining and fun only for the first fifteen seconds. He gets three yeses to move on.

The Clairvoyants are mind readers. She says they noticed from the very beginning there was a very special connection between them.Their minds crossed, and they began to be able to read minds. They involve Heidi in the act, having her bring her purse up on stage. With the woman in this team blindfolded, Heidi hands the man her lipstick, and she is able to figure out that it’s lipstick, as well as the color code. They do that with people in the audience and the judges as well. Howie says this is the most amazing thing he’s ever seen. Mel feels like she’s stuck in some crazy twilight zone. Heidi calls it absolutely incredible. Simon figures she must be a witch and wants to take her to Vegas. They obviously make it through.

Lincoln Bridge are four men who grew up in the hip-hop era and promise the crowd they won’t know what hit them when they take the stage. They look like they’ll be a tough hip-hop group but instead sing an a capella version of “Somehwere Over the Rainbow.” They get a standing O save for Simon. Mel is speechless. Howie loved it. Simon thought the first half of the song was okay, but it was sensational after that. One of the members in the group gets very emotional. They get four yeses.

The Slackers are also a group. They are inspired by boy bands and also the Spice Girls. They feel they were born to do this. By the time they take the stage they are dressed up like the Spice Girls. They only lip synch to a Spice Girls song and get buzzed by Howie and Simon. Howie jokes he didn’t like the track. Simon asks them to sing a capella, and it’s not good, but Simon jokes it was better than the original. He says yes, as does Mel, but Howie and Heidi say no.

They next act starts out in the dark, and somehow the lights that we see change into birds and disappear and multiply, etc. It’s truly mesmerizing. He even turns himself into a bird and flies away. His name is Hara, and he’s from Japan. Howie says it was just gorgeous and not until he saw his act can he say he now believes in magic. Mel feels like she is already at his show in Vegas. Heidi loved the creativity of it all. Simon says he either needs to come back or come home and live with him as it puts him in the happiest place. He gets four yeses.

Charles and Rose love to entertain. They’ve been married for four years and met at grief counseling. This is what it would be like if Liberace had a wife. She go go dances while he sings Viva Las Vegas. Heidi buzzes them, but the others let them continue. She starts stripping during the performance, and Nick comes and joins her onstage for a bit. The producers or whoever keep stopping the track upsetting the judges. Simon tells them they’re one of the worst acts he’s seen and heard, but he can’t take his eyes off Rose. Howie gives them a yes and says he’s seen the show. Mel knows it’s crazy, but she says yes. Heidi wants them to keep doing it but says no. Simon wonders whether he should think with his head who says they’re nuts or his heart who wants to see it again but bigger than ever. Yeah they get three yeses.

Tape Face is a contestant with black tape over his mouth. He won’t answer any of their questions  onstage. He begins his act and puts oven mitts on and they are puppets who sing “Endless Love” while he makes faces behind them. He then puts half a dress on and slow dances and caresses himself to “Lady in Red.” Simon likes that they didn’t know who he was or what he was going to do. Heidi thought he was creepy then truly loved it. Mel asks who is going to go home tonight and try the Lady in Red thing. Howie believes this is life-changing for him and that everyone …. no one … will know his name by tomorrow.

Ryan Stock and AmberLynn are a couple who met at a festival. He was working as an entertainer and found her dressed as a fairy sitting on a bench and crying and then hired her as his assistant. He shoves a pair of scissors up his nose. then licks them when he pulls them out. He then pulls out a meat hook and jams it right in there until it comes out his mouth. He hangs from the ceiling and no one can watch, and Heidi even buzzes him. Mel loved it but can’t watch it. Howie wonders what was happening in AmberLynn’s life that made this better. Heidi couldn’t watch. Simon says it’s probably the most disgusting thing he’s ever seen, but he loved it. They get through with three yeses.

Laura Bretan is 13 years old and is a singer. She’s nervous about singing in front of Simon knowing he will tell her the truth. She sings because her mom always liked to sing. She’s a really talented opera singer. Even Simon has to stand up for this standing O. Heidi says she was born with such a gift it is unbelievable. Simon has never heard anything like that in all his years of doing this show. She made all of Mel’s hair on her arms stand on end. She changed Mel’s life, so Mel changes hers and hits the golden buzzer sending her straight through to the live shows.

Greg has a passion for danger. They were taught to work hard and get a career, but he had this passion for danger and risk. A small pool is brought out, and he dives in. It’s full of shaving cream. Simon confirms it’s the worst thing they’ve seen, and he announces he’s going home. Heidi goads Nick into jumping  into the pool. She goes up to push him in, and he pulls her in with him. They spread the bubbles all over and chase Howie, Mel, and Simon around finally getting them.

If tonight is any indication, this will be a great season of America’s Got Talent. I had really grown to love Howard Stern on the show, but I have to admit I love seeing Simon Cowell back in action again.

Image Credit: YouTube