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The Voice, Season 10 – Alisan ‘Curly Sue’ Porter Wins It for Christina Aguilera

imageIt’s a really exciting finale for this season of The Voice. It will probably be either Adam Wakefield or Alisan Porter taking home the win, but I wouldn’t be that surprised if it was won instead by Hannah Huston or Laith Al-Saadi. It’s going to be an interesting one.

After starting off with a performance by Little Big Town and a look through Hannah’s entire season, she sings a duet with CeeLo Green as they take on “Crazy.” She actually seems to combine much better with him on this than she did last night with her coach, Pharrell Williams.

Alisan Porter gets ready for her Bring Back performance and brings back Kata Hay, Paxton Ingram, and Ryan Quinn. They’re singing “Straight On” which she promises to be a killer rock show. They deliver, although Ryan needs to loosen up a little more.

Laith gets to check something off his bucket listen when he performs “Rocky Mountain Way” with Joe Walsh. The two guitarists are amazing together. This is a great matchup.

With a look through Adam”s entire season, Sia sings “Cheap Thrills.” She’s apparently making the rounds of reality shows this week after gifting Tai Trang with a secondary prize last week on the Survivor finale.

Alison Krauss and Adam Wakefield perform a duet of “Willin’.” He’s been at this so long it seems as if he’s already a star. Hannah then gets ready for her bring back performance along with Bryan Bautista, Caity Peters, and Brian Nhira. They sing “When We Were Young.” It’s a song that matches with Hannah’s style really well.

Zayn performs “Like I Would,” and Blake Shelton follows this with a performance of “She’s Got a Way with Words.” For Laith’s bring back performance he’s calling on Katie Basden, Owen Danoff, and Shalyah Fearing to help him sing “Georgia on My Mind.” Shalyah shows just why she nearly made it to the finals.. Owen  isn’t seen at all, however, and it’s explained at the end that he wasn’t feeling well so didn’t make it.

After a look at Laith’s journey in the competition, Alisan sings a duet with Jennifer Nettles of “Unlove You.” Their voices blend together really well.

Adam Wakefield gets his shot with a bring back performance, and he’s relying on Nick Hagelin, Justin Whisnant, and Mary Sarah. They sing “Gimme Some Lovin’.”  This could be the first time we’ve seen Adam sing without playing either the guitar or the piano.

Ariana Grande performs onstage before Christina Aguilera joins her for a duet. This must be what they replaced the Whitney Houston duet with. Her family backed out once they saw a leaked copy of it feeling the technology used wasn’t as perfect as it could be.  Following this is a look back on Allison’s time on the show.

With the finalists on the stage, the third and fourth place finishers are named. In fourth place is Laith Al-Saadi of Team Adam. In third place is Hannah Huston of Team Pharrell. It’s between Adam and Alisan, and the winner of season 10 of The Voice is Alisan Porter, leaving Adam Wakefield in second place. Christna is the first female coach to win the show.

It’s been a great season, and it was wonderful to watch Alisan on this journey. Next season will be an interesting one as well with Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys taking a seat in the coaches’ chairs with Adam and Blake. Watch for it in the fall!

Image Credit: YouTube