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The Voice, Season 10 – Performance Finale Night

imageThis finale seems like it’s nearly decided. While there are four finalists, it seems like the competition is probably between Alisan Porter and Adam Wakefield, though I’m not counting Hannah Huston and Laith Al-Saadi out of it. What’s most interesting about the finale is that each coach has one artist and one artist only competing. Everyone is representing.  They will each sing a cover song, a duet with their coach, and a new original song that they wrote themselves.

Laith of Team Adam is up first. They talk about his original audition, and he says Adam Levine was the coach he was hoping for. Tonight he is singing “White Room,” and Adam feels he’s stayed true to himself. Of course, there’s no other way to do this but to have him accompanying himself with his electric guitar with one of his tremendous solos. I’ll be downloading it when the show is over. Blake Shelton notes he made it here doing it his way. Christina Aguilera is just so excited to see him tear this thing up. Pharrell Williams asks who doesn’t want to play guitar after watching this guy? Adam has no game here and is just enjoying his guy.

Coach Christina brings Alisan some gorgeous shoes as a present. They are working on her original song, and Alisan says it’s about her story and what she’s been through to give others hope. Christina loves the words “Nothing comes easy when you’re fighting for the top.” It’s called “Down That Road.” It’s a very beautiful, moving song, both the song itself and the performance, and yeah, I’ll be downloading it if the originals are available in that capacity. Adam notes the show is called The Voice, but all these other factors start to creep in. If he would be super critical he’d say hers is “The Voice” that deserves to win. Blake says it’s a cool song coming from what he knows of her story. Christina loved being there with her recording that song as she is the epitome of “The Voice.”

For the first duet of the night, it’s Blake and Adam singing “The Conversation.” They are both singing and playing the guitar. He shows that he can move from southern rock to country music very effortlessly.

Hannah of Team Pharrell admits she didn’t think she’d make it when she auditioned. She says her students have been super important throughout this whole journey. She’s singing a dark, moody version of “Every Breath You Take,” and he says it seems to speak to her spirit in such an amazing way. It sounds like a torch song, completely flipping it, but does seem a little ominous, like it’s coming from a stalker. Adam is very protective of the song, but he thinks it ended up really cool. Blake says it was risky, but he thinks it’ll be a huge reward for her. Pharrell gives credit to the bandleader for taking the song to that place.

It’s another duet, this time with Laith and Adam singing a Bealtes medley with coach on the drums and student on his guitar of course. Adam switches partway through and joins Laith on guitar as the two of them completely rock it out.

It’s another duet – this time it’s Christina and Alisan singing “You’ve Got a Friend.” The two of them harmonize really well. Like Adam said, if it’s truly about “the voice,” it needs to be Alisan under the confetti tomorrow night.

Blake and Adam meet up in the studio to work on Adam’s original song. The coach says he tells everyone that Adam has worked on this for so long. He admits he wrote this song by himself when he was laying on a beach with a margarita. It’s called “Lonesome Broken and Blue.” Even though he’s on guitar tonight, like every time he sings from behind the piano, this song just packs in the emotion. It’s a download for sure. Pharrell likes all the different sides of him and feels like it’s another slice. Adam says it must be the coolest feeling in the world to play his song for the whole world. Blake see the wriiting in this song as brilliant.

Hannah and Blake are the last duet of the night as they take on Justin Timberlake’s “Brand New.” It’s definitely a great song for Pharrell to do, but somehow it just doesn’t seem like it’s in Hannah’s wheelhouse.

Laith meets up with Adam in the studio to work on his original song. Laith feels he’s the Brie cheese of The Voice, or even the Steely Dan. He feels the song is kind of in that Georgia on My MInd vain and leads to some great guitar solos. It reminds Adam of a really nice, charming Clapton moment. It’s called “Morning Light.” Adam might hear Clapton, but I kind of hear Van Morrison, too, which is never a bad thing, and yeah, of course I’ll download it. Christina says it is really cool to see them do their own songs, and she enjoyed it. Pharrell wants everyone to go buy that song now, so I guess the originals will be available. Adam notes he makes everyone feel so good and plays music for the right reason and fills the room with joy.

Adam says he was living in Nashville before the show, and here he is now part of the final four. He spent a lot of time playing music but not a lot of time out in front. For his last song he’s singing “When I Call Your Name.”Blake knows this is the type of artist they made the show for. He’s back at the piano again with another really country song, which is interesting as much of the season he’s been doing southern rock, but tonight it’s all country, albeit a hint of gospel in this one. He pours it on thick at the end. Christina notes his adlibs on his runs are always impressive to her. Adam says he has amazing taste in the decisions he makes. Blake admits he’ll be downloading this song for himself as well.

Hannah meets up with Pharrell in the studio to work on her original song that she co-wrote with him. He feels the song should talk about her growth and calling her own shots. She calls it crazy to work with the producer of the music of our generation after he notes he worked with Justin and Beyoncé in that very studio. The name of this song is “I Call the Shots.” She’s back to that torch singer feel, although there’s some bluesy soul added in for good measure. She wasn’t owning that thought as much as she should for the title of the song. Adam calls it an amazing process to watch Pharrell  work. Pharrell is honored to be part of the process.

Last up tonight is Alisan who explains she picked Christna as a coach because of course she’s going to pick the person who’s doing everything she wanted to do. She recognizes the pressure on her tonight to bring Christina her first win. Tonight she’s singing “Somewhere” with her coach saying she’s had a tough journey, but now she’s living her dream. Her voice is flawless. Rather than be repetitive, Adam simply says congratulations. Christina is moved to tears, which seems like it could be a first for her on the show. She says she’s an inspiration for everyone who’s ever had a dream  and wants a second chance.

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