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Survivor Kaôh Rōng, Season 32 – Tai Trang Interviewed by Joe Anglim

Every year of Survivor gives us a contestant that we just can’t help but root for. Good players and sometimes even bad players, occasionally a ruthless person, but usually someone with a good heart. But always they’re very unique and stand out among the others on their tribe.

This season that award undeniably goes to Tai Trang. He made the season enjoyable to watch. Every week we all just fell in love with him a little bit more. From trying to steal a kiss from Caleb Reynolds to tearfully saying goodbye to him when he was medically evacuated and from giving Mark the Chicken a stay of execution to pulling off the best blindside ever when he refused to give Scot Pollard his idol. We rooted for him every week and cheered Sia when she gave him her own fan favorite prize.

In two earlier seasons that player was Joe Anglim. He was a nice-looking guy who had a big heart and was very spiritual. And on top of that he was a beast at challenges, but that’s what made everyone want to vote him out. They knew he was a surefire winner if he made it to final  three.

So it was very fitting when it was Joe who interviewed Tai after the season finale and live reunion. They discussed Tai’s game play, Mark the chicken, why he was placed in the Beauty tribe, the hope we all have that he will get to play this game again, and his struggle to find the right animal charity for Sia’s award to him. And you just can’t help but imagine what a great pair they’d be in this game should they ever play together.

Image Credit: YouTube