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The Voice, Season 10 – Pink Mentors and Final 4 Are Chosen

Voice051716Before the semi-finalists take the stage tonight they’ll get some tutelage from Pink. She’ll act as mentor for the teams of Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton. Each artist will sing twice: a solo and a song with one ot the other semi-finalists.

First up tonight is Shalyah Fearing of Team Adam. Pink tells her she is so amazing she wants to punch her. She’s singing “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going,” explaining it’s her way of telling America she doesn’t want to go home. Pink says she has the most beautiful voice she’s ever heard. This is another song that’s been overdone on reality TV, and while she doesn’t have the power Jennifer Hudson does unless she’s yelling, she puts great emotion into it. After a standing ovation, Christina tells her she was singing for her life. Pharrell recognizes it’s a lot for a 16-year-old to connect and communicate like that. Adam is so overjoyed they got to have this moment they’ve been wanting to have for weeks.

For the first duet of the night we have Alisan Porter and Adam Wakefield singing “Angel from Montgomery.” He accompanies the two of them on the guitar, and the two of their voices blend really well on this song. 

Paxton Ingram of Team Blake, fresh of his Instant Save, tells Pink he has her first album. He’s singing “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That).” Pink notes she doesn’t get good until she starting yelling, but he starts good, and she thinks it’s ballsy to even attempt a Meatloaf song. He brings some great energy into this performance when the tempo steps up. Christina never would have expected Meatloaf from him but notes he pulled it off. Pharrell thinks he’d be good on Broadway. Blake doesn’t know if he’s ever been more proud of an artist he’s worked with on the show. 

Team Adam’s Laith Al-Saadi mentions hitting number 10 on iTunes last week and Bob Seger mentioning him on Facebook. He’s singing “One and Only” because he wants to show he can take anything and make it his own. When he thinks he can’t hit a note, Pink tells him to clench his butt cheeks to hit it. He has his electric guitar out again tonight for this, and he does hit that high note. Blake says it was beaitufl singing, and his guitar solo worked. Pharrell urges everyone to keep supporting Latih. Adam says he would be the most proud if he were to make it through because he represents somethng that’s near and dear to him.

Bryan Bautista and Mary Sarah combine for a duet of “Break Free.” It’s a different side of her as it’s very contemporary, and we’re used to seeing classic country from her. It’s more Bryan’s style. 

Alisan Porter of Team Christina is up, and Pink wants to geek out over meeting Miss Curly Sue. Alisan returns the favor explaining that for her very first audition she sang “Try.” Alisan is singing “Desperado” tonight, and Pink tells her that her interpretation of it is “the bees knees.” Yeah, I’ll agree with Pink’s assessment. It is the bees knees – so much so that I just set a reminder to download this after I’m done watching the show. Adam says someone who wins the show can do everything and do it in a way that connects you emotionally, and she really does have it all. Blake always looks forward to whatever she’s going to do, and that’s one of his all-time favorite songs. Christina is speechless, yet has so much to say as she’s bursting with pride and admiration.

Hannah Huston and Laith Al-Saadi bring a duet of “Knock on Wood.” You wouldn’t ever expect him to sing this song, but somehow he makes it work. He’s right that he can sing anything and make it his own.

Next up is Adam Wakefield of Team Adam who notes how amazing Pink is. He says he used to teach vocal lessons and every girl wanted to sing Pink. He’s singing Blake’s “I’m Sorry.” Blake thinks it  sounds too easy for him to sing, so he suggests he sing it at the piano, and Pink agrees as it’s something no one else can do. Blake and Pink were dead on with this one. When I’m downloading Alisan’s song, I’ll download this as well. He brings me to tears by the end. Pharrell doesn’t even feel like Adam is competing anymore. Adam says when the audience gets quiet it can be bad, but with him it’s good because they were so moved by what he did. Blake is embarrassed that he ever sang the song after hearing him do it.

Bryan Bautista of Team Christina was actually an usher for one of Pink’s performances. He’s doing Christna’s “Hurt” becaxuse he hasn’t heard from his dad since this whole thing started. Pink notes he can sing his butt off and can even sing higher than she can. And for his performance, he, too, takes a seat at the piano. I just can’t get past the fact his dad isn’t contacting him. Adam says it takes a lot of courage to be that in touch with his emotions. Christina says every time he performs he shows a different element of himself.

Shalyah Fearing and Paxton Ingram get together for a duet of “Masterpiece.”  They’re another pair that combine very well together. However, there isn’t much difficulty in the song for them to impress people with, yet she tries her best to pump it up.

Coach Blake’s Mary Sarah is singing “I Told You So.” Pink thinks she’s adorable and misses people singing traditional country. When she watches a performer she wants to think they have no other choice but to sing that song, and that’s what she wants to hear out of her with this. They have her completely covered up with long scarves coming down, so it’s hard to tell if she’s reaching that emotion or not. Christina feels like she’s seen her become a  woman on the show. Blake wants people to YouTube what she just did when people ask what’s good in country music.

Hannah Huston, Coach Pharrell’s only artist, is singing “When a Man Loves a Woman,” and Pink notes if she’s been in love like that beofre we should know that when she sings. Hannah doesn’t like to share but notes she tends to let all that go when she sings. She starts the song a capella, and it helps to bring out that emotion in the song. Adam thinks they take her for granted because she’s been the most consistent. Blake says she hasn’t had anything like that the entire season. Pharrell agrees that it’s been a slow build for her.

Skipping ahead to elimination night, I’m hoping that Alisan, Laith, and Adam make it to the finals. It doesn’t matter to me who the fourth person is. They seem like they might be on track for that having strong performances all season long as well as this week.

The first artist to be called safe tonight is Adam Wakefield of Team Blake. There’s one-third of my dream team. 

Before we get more results Alicia Keys, who will be sitting in one of the coaches’ chairs next season, sings “In Common.” 

The next artist to be called safe is Alisan Porter of Team Christina. There’s two-thirds of my dream team. 

It’s yet another musical interruption with OneRepublic singing “Wherever I Go.” 

The third finalist called safe is Hannah Huston of Team Pharrell. He makes it to the finals despite only having one artist for the past few weeks. 

Three of the five remaining artists will sing for the last remaining Instant Save. It’s between Paxton Ingram, Mary Sarah, Bryan Bautista, Shalyah Fearing, and Laith Al-Saadi. The three singing tonight for that save are Mary Sarah, Bryan, and Laith. This sends Paxton and Shalyah home.

Mary Sarah of Team Blake sings “Something in the Water” for her Instant Save chance. She seems incredibly nervous and isn’t her normal bubbly self and is really pitchy. Pharrell talks about her intensity and thinks she showed people she wanted to be there. It blows Blake away that she’s in this position.

Bryan Bautista of Team Christina sings “Adorn.” He’s much more calm, cool, and collected and hits a great note while his coach dances in her seat. Pharrell says someone should be signing this guy right now. Christina says everyone who has seen this guy in the competition representing and showing something new should vote him through.

Laith Al-Saadi of Team Adam sings “All Along the Watchtower” for his chance to stay. And, of course, he’s shredding with his guitar as usual. He works in some vocals and two guitar solos in his quick time slot. Adam notes he’s not a pop star or pop singer and knows it’s crazy he made it this far, but he’s a tremendous singer and just did two guitar solos that were bad ass 

At the beginning of the commercial break the vote totals are Bryan with 22%, Laith with 50%, and Mary Sarah with 28%. Once the final Save votes are totaled, the last finalist is Laith Al-Saadi. My dream team is complete.

Tune in next week to see these finalists compete. I’d be okay with Adam, Alisan, or Laith winning, but I’m really hoping Alisan wins it. But there’s no doubt that all of them deserve recording contracts.

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