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Survivor Kaôh Rōng, Season 32 –– Not What I Was Looking For

Survivor051116This just isn’t the penultimate show I was looking for. It’s been such a great season, and the episode before the finale is always so good with so much strategy being thrown back and forth as you wait to see which way it’s going to go. But this week? Nothing.

After Jason Was Voted Out

Tai is understandably confused. He thought they were all voting out Michele, and he used his extra vote to make it happen. His two votes were the only two she received. He was “kept in the dark” and is hurt. He and Michele have it out over who has more of a right to be in the alliance.

He knew Aubry had agreed with him that MIchele should go home, so he feels like she pulled a fast one on him. She tells him the others didn’t think they were allowed to express their opinion, and he explained she should have told him, “This is what we’re doing; either come along or don’t come along.” She’s beginning to think she can’t work with him anymore, and he doesn’t know where he stands, as he thought the three of them were solid: Tai, Aubry, and Joe.

Reward Challenge

For the reward challenge the five remaining survivors have to run into the woods and grab a bag of bean bags. They then need to toss them in what amounts to the “Bozo Buckets” game. After they’re all out of bags, they go back and get another bag. When they re out of bags, they wait and see if anyone else lands more bags than they do. They will win a Survivor Spa night.

Cydney is rocking it to begin with, running really fast through the woods. Joe is bringing up the rear as always. After one round, some of them have one bag and some have zero. Finally eveyrone but Joe is out of bags. Aubry lands four. They all have to wait for Joe. If he lands all five eventually, he’ll win. And he does with a hashtag of #GetsItDoneAt71.

Spa Reward

Joe can take two others with him and chooses Aubry and Cydney leaving Tai and Michele out with the knowledge they are on the bottom of that alliance no matter how much they want to argue about it.

At the spa reward, while they three are gorging themselves on meat, Joe spouts off that the only threat left in the game is Aubry and Cydney is just along for the ride. A bell goes off in Aubry’s head. She realizes that taking Cydney to final three is not the best move as she knows she isn’t content just to make it to final three and that she’s another real threat. She’s a danger to win this thing. Aubry realizes that her best bet for winning is if she takes her number one guy since the beginning, Joe, and Tai. But, she’s blown it with him, so she realizes she needs to somehow bring him back into the fray.

Meanwhile back at camp, Tai and Michele are talking. They talk it all out between the two of them and he admits he’s drawn to certain people but just doesn’t have chemistry with her. Despite this, he gives her her own spa day, giving her a Thai/Tai massage and cooking her dinner. They discuss that maybe to get ahead they need to work together, pull in someone else and then vote out someone else instead of just going along with everyone else’s plans.

Pre-Immunity Challenge Strategy

Aubry sets her sights on pulling Tai back into the alliance as soon as she gets back in camp the next morning. She knows he’s so emotionally needy so needs to make things right with him and knows that Joe will go along with whatever she wants.

Tai and Aubry walk together to get water. She tells him she took some time to think about things and tells him Joe will go along with her and there is no question about it. She knows Tai is the right one to go to final three. While she’s talking to him, he breaks down in tears and says the game is so crazy. She hugs him, and it’s what he needs. He knows he needs to follow his heart and go with Aubry, as he’s had a soft spot for her since the beginning.

Meanwhile Michele and Cydney start talking after they see Tai and Aubry come back seeming very comfortable with each other. They decide that no matter who wins immunity, they have to convince the other person to come with them, meaning between Joe and Aubry. Tai has an idol, so won’t be voted out no matter what. Michele is feeling very comfortable at this point.

No Longer Getting It Done at 71

While Joe is extremely fit for being a 71-year-old guy, he’s still a 71-year-old guy. Eating all that meat at the reward has done him in. He’s constipated, and on top of that he can’t pee. He thinks there’s something wrong with his prostate. He’s in a lot of pain but doesn’t want the others to know.

Joe calls for medical to check him out, and they give him some medicine that should help him out. However, it doesn’t. Medical comes back again, and this time Jeff Probst comes along for the ride. If Joe lets this go and still can’t pee, he could do some serious damage to his kidneys.

Just in case it wasn’t hard enough to watch Cody get removed from the game way before the merge, this one is somehow even more difficult. He’s such a strong guy and made it so far that you hate to see this guy leave at final five. And his fellow survivors have mad respect for him, and it showed.

Joe gets removed from the game, and it’s the hardest on Tai more than anyone else. His emotions are so deep. He had a hard time watching his number one alliance member Cody leave the game, made it past all that, and now he has to watch Joe leave. It’s a sad, sad moment when this man leaves the game. This is by far the most emotional season I have ever watched out of thirty-two seasons.

What’s Next?

It’s so hard to tell how this will turn out now. Right now it’s two against two, but the only one who probably realizes that is Aubry and maybe Tai. Aubry knows she needs to take Tai to final three, but without Joe she needs to choose between Aubry and Cydney. Cydney thinks she has that spot, but she’s a huge threat, so Aubry might want to take Michele.

Tai’s best bet will be to take MIchele and Aubry to final three. But he still struggles with Michele, so he might want to take Cydney with him. Michele and Cydney both know they need to get rid of Aubry. They know they can’t take her to final three.

But how it ends up will matter so much on who wins the final immunity challenge. If Aubry is safe, Michele and Cydney are gong to want to vote out Tai, but Aubry will never go along with that. If Tai is safe, Michele and Cydney will want Aubry out, but he’ll never go along with that. If Cydney is safe, MIchele and Tai will want Michele out, etc.

It comes down to two against two at this point it seems. I don’t think the others will be able to convince Tai or Aubry to go against each other, and I don’t think they’ll be able to convince MIchele or Cydney to go against each other. It could end up to be fire-making challenge to see who goes home. And if they know that going into it, they definitely don’t want to try to vote out Tai.

And on that note, I’m going to go watch some videos of “Ponderosa” and watch the jury coming in to camp and discussing the others. I feel like I didn’t get what I came here for this week.

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