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The Voice, Season 10 – Blake and Gwen’s Duet + Results

Voice051016This is a big one they’ve been promoting all over the place. It doesn’t have anything to do with the contestants this season. It’s about promoting the hype that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have created around themselves and their relationship. They will be performing together tonight.

But first, Team Blake’s Paxton Ingram will take the stage. This week he is singing “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” and is changing it up with a more acoustic vibe. It’s his coach’s favorite song he’s done so far. The move goes on to move the song out of the 80s genre. Christina Aguilera loves how he puts his heart and soul into everything. Pharrell Williams feels like he’s finding himself. Adam Levine finds him one of the most infectious performers they have. Blake Shelton thinks he’s the one guy who tries to take it another notch forward every week.

Sticking with Team Blake, Mary Sarah is up next. She’s doing “My Church,” which he thinks is somewhat of a throwback, which is of course her forte. She thinks the song captures that imperfectness that is so beautiful about everyone. She manages to take advantage of the finer points of her performance. Pharrell thinks Blake’s suggestion she perform without her guitar was a good one. Adam thinks it was her best as she found a lane. Blake thinks it’s easily the most connected she’s been to a song.

Coach Christina’s Nick Hagelin feels he’s been through it all with saves and being brought back. He’s singing “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and thinks it represents returning back to loving his wife the way she deserves to be loved. He’s such a family guy that when he can connect with that in songs like he does here, it’s when he really shines. Pharrell says his favorite parts were when he sang more in his chest voice. Adam though it was really cool that he was able to dance with it. Christina loved how he brought home his own little hook thing with the song.

Hannah Houston, the only artist Pharrell has left in the competition, is singing “Say You Love Me.” For her it’s super emotional, and she wants people to be moved. Her coach tells her to treat it like she’s stating a case to a jury. She seems to be displaying much more emotion than she usually does. Blake says it was his personal favorite of the songs she’s done all season. Christina agrees that it’s by far her favorite. Pharrell says the dynamics in her performance made her a great storyteller.

After a performance by Florida-Georgia Line, Shalyah Fearing of Team Blake is singing a song that her grandmother used to make her sing, “A Change Is Gonna Come.” Her coach wants her to make sure she doesn’t rush past the cues. She ends up throwing everything she has into this. For Blake it brings him back to the playoff moment she had. Christina wants her to develop the low end. Adam says no one means it more than Shalyah does.

Laith Al-Saadi of Team Adam had the number one blues records on the charts last week. This week he’s doing “We’ve Got Tonight,” as Bob Seger is from his hometown. Adam notes an intimate ballad is a different side of him. Indeed, seeing him at the piano instead of behind a guitar is different, but it’s a good different. Pharrell feels like America needs to vote him through every week because it’s a chance to support that guy you knew in high school that was just like him. Adam notes the room stopped, and his voice filled the whole room.

And finally, it’s Blake and Gwen debuting “Go Ahead and Break My Heart.” They’re so different, but for some reason their relationship works, and for some reason the song works in the same way.

Team Blake’s Adam Wakefield will take the stage next. He”s singing “Love Has No Pride,” and he is again playing the keyboard. Blake knows he always has a unique take on a song, and he does with this one as well. And that take on this song makes it look so natural. Christina had a dream about him that she does not elaborate on. Blake says it is his best performance so far, and he’ll see him in the finale.

Alisan Porter of Team Christina brings her kids with her to her rehearsal. They sing the ABC song together. This week Alison is singing “Cryin.’ ” She says all the songs she’s done on the show are pieces of her and who she wants to be as an artist. She does Steven Tyler proud. Pharrell says she killed the perception of what moms can do. Christina tells her she is a superstar right now.

Last up tonight is Team Christina’s last artist, Bryan Bautistsa. HIs song was number one on the Latino charts last week. This week he’s doing 1+1, and his coach thinks it’s the perfect song to show off that sensual side of him. It ends up being his best song so far. Adam says as a male vocalist, he has the most impressive ability to sound effortless in all his super-high register stuff. Christina wants Beyoncé to do a duet with him. She thinks it would be magic.

As we skip ahead to results night, the first artist called safe is Hannah Houston of Team Pharrell.

James Bey takes the stage to sing “Let It Go” (no, not that one),” and then it’s time for more results. Bryan Bautista of Team Christina and Adam Wakefield of Team Blake are called safe.

The artists also had another top advisor come in this week to see them. It’s Adam Samberg, posing as Conor 4 Real. And, of course, with him it’s just a whole bunch of jokes. He then takes the stage with Adam to sing “I’m So Humble.”

It’s back to the results as Laith Al-Saadi of Team Adam and Mary Sarah of Team Blake are called safe. With the last four still standing, the last two called safe are Alisan Porter of Team Christina and Shalyah Fearing of Team Adam. This leaves Nick Hagelin of Team Christina and Paxton Ingram of Team Blake as the bottom two, destined for a singoff for the Instant Save.

Paxton sings “How Will I Know” for his chance at the Instant Save. It’s a completely toned down version. Pharrell says it was a great song choice as it showed him as an inspirational leader. Adam thought it showed so much resilience. Blake wonders why they didn’t do that song in the competition.

Nick takes the stage to sing “Change the World” and does something a little different as he’s not singing with as much falsetto as he usually does. Pharrell notes he has this other thing to emote and connect which makes it hard to judge him. Adam finds this a horrible position to be in, because both he and Paxton are such bright personalities. The performance made Christina smile so much both inside and outside.

At the beginning of the commercial break the vote totals have Nick ahead with 52% over Paxton’s 48%, but it’s 50/50 by the time it comes back from commercial. By the time it’s all said and done, the fans have chosen to save Paxton, sending Nick home.

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