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Survivor Kaôh Rōng, Season 32 – From Hero to Zero

Survivor050416For the first time in a few weeks, things did not go Tai’s way at Tribal council. He pushed it a bit too far and got too ahead of himself. He alienated himself from the group and has now put himself in real jeopardy.

He is not the first Survivor that this has happened to. There’s always a tendency to get ahead of yourself, count your chickens before they hatch, even making pets of them and calling them Mark, and assume it’s all going to go your way then suddenly find yourself on the wrong side of the vote. How many seasons did that happen to Boston Rob until he got it right?

After Last Tribal Council

Tai starts hitting it right away after the last tribal council and has his plan all figured out. He tells Joe and Aubry what his advantage is, that he gets an extra vote at tribal council. He says they’re the core alliance right now, and that they need to stick together. They can play his extra vote this time to give them four votes and keep each other safe, and then next time he can use his idol.

Jason is having a hard time of it. He has no alliance left. And now he’s much less likely to be voted out as he’s non-threatening. Because he’s a sore loser, he has stopped doing anything at camp. He’s really just taking up space with everyone knowing he’s a good one to take to final three.

Reward Challenge


The teams break down into two teams of three: Jason, Tai, and MIchelle vs. Joe, Aubry, and Cydney. They have to go through obstacles in the water one by one, then maneuver three balls through a giant marble maze that they need to maneuver by walking around it.

Joe is is slow at this and puts them at a deficit right away. Also working against them is that Jason gets this figured out really quickly. The guy who doesn’t seem to understand the basis of teamwork suddenly gets it when it behooves him. They win easily.

These three go on their reward challenge, and get to visit an animal refuge and have a picnic. Jason knows his autistic daughter is loving this. Tai starts to warm up to him a little more. He realizes that while Jason is very persuasive, MIchelle hasn’t made any enemies and needs to go home.

Back at Camp

Joe has taken command of the camp for him, Cydney, and Aubry. He’s barking out orders on how to build the fire, and Cydney is quite put out over it. Aubry is kind of a suck-up, trying to help yet also trying to keep peace.

Immunity Challenge

The survivors have to balance blocks in a vertical tower that spell out IMMUNITY. They have to hold on to a rope to keep it balanced while walking back and forth to grab the blocks, then stack them. Everyone moves really quickly except Cydney. She goes super, super slow.

Joe is surprisingly in the lead and is being very aggressive with it. All the others are a short distance behind him except Cydney. But all the others drop their blocks and have to start over, at least once or twice. Jeff Probst calls Cydney out of the challenge a few times.

While Joe was leading in the beginning, he never made it back in. He started stacking again, but he kept spelling IMMUNITY wrong. Suddenly it’s Jason and Cydney left at the end. The person who was out of it is right in it at the end. It’s neck and neck until they are both walking back after spelling the word. Steps away from the platform, Jason drops his blocks, Cydney finishes and wins.

Controlling Tai

No, this subtitle isn’t about Jason controlling Tai, it’s about Tai controlling the others, believe it or not. He wants to vote out Michelle and not Jason and won’t listen to anyone else’s opinion. He has his mind made up and that’s it. The others don’t really want to go along with him though, namely Cydney.

Aubry knows it’s the right decision, but know Cydney doesn’t want to to do it. Mainly Cydney just doesn’t like to be told who to vote for no matter who it is. She likes to call the shots. She’s upset about Tai suddenly taking power like this. Aubrey says she’s not gong to make up her mind until tribal council. But before it’s all over, Tai tells Jason to vote for MIchelle.

Tribal Council

Michelle and Cydney make comments about Tai trying to vote out Michelle. Tai then tries to save himself, but he makes it way worse. He says he didn’t have time to talk to Cydney alone. Aubry thinks he had time, and Michelle wonders why there needs to be private conversations within their alliance. Then Tai really blows it and says there is a smaller alliance within the larger alliance. And Michelle smoothly points out that Tai keeps turning on all his alliances.

It comes down to the vote, and before the votes are counted Tai tells Jeff he wants to play his extra vote. He just needs four votes to get rid of MIchelle, so he is casting two votes for her. He just needs two more votes and thinks he has it in Aubry, Joe, and Jason.

But when it’s all counted, the vote total is one for Joe, two for Michelle, and four for Jason. Jason played it smart in case he stayed. He voted for Joe. Cydney, Michelle, Aubry, and Joe all voted for Jason. The only votes for Michelle are the two that Tai cast.

Now It’s Going to Get Crazy

Aubry obviously decided it wasn’t in her best interests to side with Tai. However, she needs him in that voting block with her. This is not the time to pull out of that alliance with him. He still has an idol in his pocket. All he has to do is hold on to it and play it to make it to final four.

Joe is never going to go against Aubry, but Cydney loves her blindsides. Cydney, Tai, and Michelle could vote out Aubry. Right now she holds the best chance for winning this thing. But now she might have lost it.

Then again Tai is a man without a country. It’s never good to be on the wrong end of a vote. Again, he has that idol. But he has to not let go of it no matter what. The others are gong to be trying to trick him into giving it to one of them or not using it. He has to remain firm with it.

To add to that, the previews show Tai and Michelle at least “considering” working together. He’s even giving her a backrub. But when it’s time for the vote, we’ll see if they stick with that.

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