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The Voice, Season 10 – Top 10, the First Lady, and Eliminations

Voice050316The contestants tonight have a lot to look forward to tonight. Not only have they made it to the top 10, but they also have Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden in the audience tonight along with many veterans and their families. Mrs. Obama even introduces the top 10 singing “Home” in honor the military. Unfortunate choice of language: I mean the top 10 are singing, not Mrs. Obama.

Up first to perform tonight is Team Pharrell’s Daniel Passino fresh off his Instant Save last week. He feels like he let his coach down. He’s singing “I Don’t Want to is a Thing” because it’s a culmination of his entire journey. It’s another one of those songs that’s been done so many times that there isn’t much different that he can bring to it. Adam Levine says everything should be considered an up until the bitter end. Christina Aguilera explains you definitely can’t say that he doesn’t have passion. She and Pharrell Williams both heard pitch issues.

Team Adam’s Shalyah Fearing brings her mom into her rehearsals for the song “My Kind of Love.” It represents the type of artist she wants to be. Her coach is still waiting for her big breakthrough. She, too, has a few pitch issues but still has a powerful performance. Blake Shelton loves her going back to that type of performance. Pharrell says it’s cool that her spirit is present. Adam thinks she has the thing everybody wants but never specifies what that is.

Nick Hagelin of Team Christina says this validates the career he’s pursued for so long. This week he is singing ‘I Can’t Help It” and feels it defines his lane as an artist. His coach encourages him to change things up a bit with his falsettos. He starts the song sitting in a chair while still trying to do some dance moves which comes off a little weird. Pharrell says he represents all the people who were told no but still look for that second chance. Blake felt like there were times where he sounded like Michael Jackson. Christina is so happy that Blake brought it up, as she heard the same thing.

Team Pharrell’s Hannah Huston says her mom has been here every single week and is an excellent singer in her own right. Hannah is singing “Rolling in the Deep” and knows she has to be careful covering Adele. But Pharrell sees similarities as Adele also doesn’t apologize for how she feels. She definitely holds her own with this song. Adam can only be critical of her sliding up to the notes. Pharrell says that was 1000% amazing and so sick.

Next up is Laith Al-Saadi of Team Adam. All of his albums pre-Voice are at the top of iTunes right now thanks to Pharrell’s mention. He’s singing “The Thrill Is Gone” this week, and Adam is happy, as he’s been wanting him to do some B.B. King. Once again he is absolutely sick on the guitar. Blake cautions him moving forward to not diminish his singing. Adam says it was by far the best show of musicianship he’s seen on the show.

Paxton Ingram of Team Blake is excited about charting on iTunes last week and getting tweets from other artists like Kelly Clarkson. He’s singing “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” this week,” and Blake thinks he’s finally realizing he’s more than just a guy who can sing and dance. And you can tell in his performance that Blake is right and that Paxton finally sees that in himself. Christina says it brought her back to her audition days. Blake explains what is happening with him right now is the reason he does this job.

Team Blake is up again with Mary Sarah. She had the number one song on the Country charts last week. This week she’ll be doing “Stand By Your Man” which Blake says is a very difficult song to song. He asks her if she’ll let him open for her someday. She manages to update the song a little bit, not that it needed it. Adam says it feels like this was the first thing she has done in the zone of who she is. Blake says she has no idea how she just engaged the entire Country audience.

Taking the stage next is Team Christina’s Bryan Bautista who is signing “Promise”” to pay homage to his Latin roots. His coach didn’t even know he could sing in Spanish before this. She thinks it’s a big deal to take a risk like this. He does have a few pitch issues in the song. Pharrell says he knows the Latin community is losing their minds right now. Adam says even his Jewish blood loves him very much. Christina boasts he is the only person representing the Latinos this season and wants the Latin community to show him the love.

Sticking with Team Christina, it’s Alison Porter singing the physical representation of the hardest time of her life with her addiction issues: “Let Him Fly.” She ended up leaving a relationship that wasn’t working, and right after that he died; she’s singing this for him. This song is beautiful, and her rendition brings me to tears. I think she may have just won the show. Adam notes the mark of an artist is to use everything in their life to speak through the music, and she did that. Blake loved her before but really loves her now that she’s doing Country. Christina is proud of her for being gracious enough to show her vulnerability.

Last up tonight is Adam Wakefield of Team Blake. His coach wants him to keep the pedal to the metal tonight. He’s singing “I Got a Woman” for his girl. Blake realizes he’s a shy guy but says it needs to look like he’s having the time of his life. He sings from behind the piano tonight and displays just how much of an artist he is. Pharrell can’t wait for that album he’s going to make. Blake wants to change it from “Damn Daniel” to “Add-Damn!”

Skipping ahead to elimination night, DNCE performs “Toothbrush” and “Cake by the Ocean.” Following this is a tribute to mothers with the contestants appearing with their moms and the coaches honoring their mothers as well.

The top ten take the stage to find out the first artists who are safe: Alisan Porter of Team Christina, Adam Wakefield of Team Blake, and Shalyah Fearing of Team Adam.

Sawyer Fredericks, Pharrell’s winning artist from season 8, returns to The Voice to sing his new single, “Four Pockets.”

The remaining seven artists take the stage for more results. Also called safe are Hannah Houston of Team Pharrell and Mary Sarah of Team Blake.

With one more look at the remaining five artists, three more artists are called safe: Bryan Bautista of Team Christina, Laith Al-Saadi of Team Adam, and Paxton Ingram of Team Blake. This means Nick Hagelin and Daniel Passino will sing for the Instant Save.

Nick sings “Thinking Out Loud” for his Instant Save. He should have sung this last night. Adam thinks he’s a talented dude and a good person and believes he should be the one moving on. Christina notes he’s just that guy who everyone falls in love with..

Daniel sings “Uptown Funk” which is quite a departure for him. I don’t think it will save him. I’m pretty sure he’s on his way out the door. When Pharrell thinks about all he’s done, of course he wants him to move forward, yet he feels content with all they have done together.

At the beginning of the commercial break, the vote count is 19% for Daniel and 81% for Nick. It’s not looking too good for Daniel.

With all the votes in, the artist America chose to use their Instant Save on is Nick Hagelin, sending Daniel Passino home and leaving Pharrell with just one artist left.

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