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Survivor Kaôh Rōng, Season 32 – ‘Did You Say Wine?’

Survivor042716We knew going into tonight that it was never going to be as good as last week. Nothing could beat last week. And thank you Survivor producers for showing us last week’s blindside again at the beginning of tonight’s show. I needed to laugh that hard again. And I’m smiling right along with Aubry

And right away, as we all expected, Jason starts flapping his gums about the blindside. He thinks he’s such a great player that he was the obvious next one out. He found out he was wrong, though. Without his partner in crime, he’s not a threat at all. Instead they just ended up taking away another one of his manipulations.

And the beautiful person that Tai is? He went and tried to make nice with Jason. He felt bad about the blindside. Jason and Scot never felt badly about how they were treating him or anyone else, so he shouldn’t have felt badly, but he did. And Jason is trying really hard to find a way back in. He just doesn’t get it. He keeps working the girls to get back in, but if he ever would have realized what a great alliance member he had in Tai, he wouldn’t be in this position now.

Reward Challenge

The reward challenge had them working in pairs. But there is seven of them left, so that means one of them is the odd man out when they draw for teams. This person will not have a chance of winning the reward of going in a helicopter to a remote island and having a picnic. And yes, Aubry, there’s wine. Jason’s the odd man out again. He doesn’t get to play.

The teams are Tai/Joe, Cydney/Michele, Julia/Aubry. They have to move through obstacles and collect three rings. They then have to throw the rings at a target and try to land them on the hooks. Julia and Aubry aren’t even close to being in it. It’s between Tai/Joe and Cydney/Michele for who will get their last ring

It’s Cydney and MIchele who win this challenge. They get to pick one other person to bring on the reward. They do the honorable thing and pick Aubry … not because she wants wine, but because she’s the only one who hasn’t been in on a food reward yet.


Michele realizes she was kept out of the loop with the vote last week, so she uses this reward challenge to try to worm her way back in with Aubry and Cydney. Aubry trusts her as she has always voted with them before, so she decides they’ll let her back in.

But Cydney points out to Aubrey that there is no way they can go to final three with Tai. That’s an obvious. He’s a winner. She suggests they take either Joe or Michele. Aubry, though, should realize that if Cydney is thinking this about Tai, she’s probably also thinking it about Aubry, as she’s just as much of a threat to win at final three. And Cydney is a dark horse to win, so her best bet is to go without either of them.

Julia and Jason do some plotting as well, and they, too, are trying to get Tai out. They figure they can get Michele’s vote, but that’s just three votes. They need a fourth to either get rid of him or at least flush out his idol. Jason tries to sell Cydney on taking out Tai. Little does he knows she’s already thinking about it. Julia wants to eat Mark as soon as Tai is gone.

Immunity Challenge


They save themselves from having to do yet another endurance challenge tonight. Instead they will have to swim out to a platform, memorize the symbol and number combinations, use that to figure out a combination to hopefully get the right key to open the puzzle pieces which when put together correctly will spell out “Blindsided.”

While most of the survivors have to go back a second time to remember what was on the wheel, Julia and Michele are phenomenal with this and get the key on the first try. Well, Joe doesn’t go back either, but that’s because he gives up. Michele figures out the puzzle right away and wins immunity.

More Plotting

The problem with Julia doing so well but not winning is she just tipped to her hat as to how smart she is with such things, yet she doesn’t have the immunity necklace around her neck. The main alliance starts discussing that while Jason is a threat with his athleticism in the water, Julia is a threat mentally as well. Suddenly her name is brought up for their target.

Basically it breaks down into this: Jason and Julia are going to vote for Tai. But for this to work, Michele and Cydney have to go against the main alliance and vote him out. Additionally, Tai has to feel safe and not pay his idol. If he does, Julia still goes home. Michele and Julia are really tight, and as was pointed out, Cydney loves a blindside, so this vote could easily go either way.

Tribal Council

At the Tribal Council, Tai’s name is continually brought up as being a threat, worrying him. Additionally it’s pointed out that he has an idol as well as an advantage. Jason tries to point out that Tai keeps flipping on his alliance trying to get the others to worry about keeping him. He also tries to point out that Aubry and Joe are even closer than he and Scot, and they are, but they aren’t plotting in the same way. The two of them together are not the threat that Jason and Scot were, basically because Joe is more or less a slug in this game. He does nothing.

It’s also brought up that they need to make the right moves to impress the jury. They want to be impressive in their game play, but they can’t piss off the people who then end up on the jury. And really that still benefits Tai and Aubry. They’ve been controlling the game but haven’t been so obvious about it that they are pissing off the jury.

After the vote, Jeff Probst makes the call for immunity idols. Tai asks Aubry if he should play it. She tells him she thinks he’s safe, but he has to go with his gut. In the end, he doesn’t play it, leading to lots of tension. But the only votes for him were from Jason and Julia. All other votes are for Julia. She’s the fifth member of the jury.


From the previews it seems like next week the main alliance is going to start to implode. But the most astounding thing is Cydney goes off talking about someone thinking they are in control when they aren’t, surely thinking she is.

That’s a surefire way to get voted off the island. Don’t start thinking that you are the deciding vote or that you are in control of the whole thing. It never works out well. Instead of being in control, you’ll be the one who gets voted out. If she’s battling for control of the game, I’m guessing it might be with Aubry.

And still, I do not get why no one has brought up voting out Aubry yet. She and Tai are the biggest threats, but they only see him as a threat because they are looking at his idol and his advantage. They need to wake up or they will be patting her on the back in a couple weeks when she walks away with a million dollars.

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