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The Voice, Season 10 – Top 11 Perform + Results

Voice042616We start the show with a dedication to Prince. Adam Levine says he is one of the most profound influences on him and notes he did things his way until the end. Pharrell Williams won’t forget his aunt playing Purple Rain the first time and says he always played it when he’d visit after that. Christina Aguilera notes he’ll always be such an inspiration for all generations to come. She loved his passion for artists’ rights. Blake Shelton wishes he would have had a chance to meet him and says his music can always change his mood when he hears it.

Shalyah Fearing of Team Adam is up first. She’s taking on “The Climb.” He loves the song on her, and she says she used to listen to the song a lot, and it reminds her of her family. He wants her to enunciate more. The song might be a little too much for her, as she does get a little pitchy. Blake says all he could think of was how true the song is to her story right now. Christina thinks Miley Cyrus will be proud of this version of the song. Pharrell notes even though she didn’t do a gospel song, you can still hear that in her. Adam thinks she’s like the embodiment of the dream.

Team Pharrell’s Daniel Passino wants to show a more vulnerable side and wants to sing Pink’s version of “Time After Time.” His coach tells him to work the audience and sing into the eyes of the girls. Daniel appreciates that he treats him like a student of music. He doesn’t get up and close with the girls in the audience until close to the end. Blake calls him smooth. Christina gives kudos to Pharrell for the coaching. Pharrell says the last note was crazy.

Paxton Ingram of Team Blake is doing an inspirational song as suggested by Pharrell. It’s cool to him to go back to the basics after singing in church. He’ll be singing “Break Every Chain.” His coach knows this song is pushing him which is what he needs. You have to hand it to Pharrell for this suggestion; it’s a perfect genre for Paxton. Pharrell feels like he’s seen him the freest he’s been. Adam says it was the perfect thing for him to take all his skill and put it together. Blake believes that although Paxton is always smiling, he’s never smiled like this.

Owen Danoff, last week’s save for Team Adam, is singing “Fire and Rain.” He had a friend he grew up with who joined the Marines and was deployed but didn’t make it back, so that makes him connect to this song. Adam wants him to emote more and give it everything. Watching the performance, this guy belongs back in the 70s. It really seems like this is how the song was written. Christina remembers him as a storyteller even back to the auditions. Adam loves the version of the song he did and is always proud of him.

Mary Sarah of Team Blake is singing “Johnny & June,” and Blake notes it’s not old school but is a tip of the hat to old school. She thinks it speaks to a love that is unconditional. Her coach is working hard on making it something fans will want to download form iTunes. While last week she didn’t seem to be able to carry off Carrie Underwood, this one translates much better. Christina calls her consistent and strong. Pharrell gives it to her for being able to remain in her upper register that long. Blake really feels she will move the dial on iTunes tonight.

Team Christina’s Alison Porter is singing “Stay with Me Baby” this week and knows it’s been done by incredible artists. It will be fun for her to figure out how to do it. Christina thinks it’s wonderful to see her take such a risk. She is just so amazing, listening to her week after week. Adam thinks she’s going to win this thing. Blake notes the growth in her performances, as there’s no where else for her to go. Christina notes she’s making her family proud week after week.

It’s more Team Christina with Bryan Bautista. He’s singing “Just the Way You Are” and says he sang this song for his little sister when she turned 16. Christina thinks it sounds very Marvin Gaye/Donny Hathaway-ish. He starts to get really creative with it. It’s hardly recognizable as a Bruno Mars song. Pharrell calls it effortless. Adam thinks he definitely has the greatest range of anybody there. Christina says it was silky smooth and the choices were all right.

Adam Wakefield of Team Blake brings his mom, straight from Scotland, in to meet his coach. He’s performing “Lights” this week and tries to put it more in his usual genre. Blake wishes he could do something more powerful with the memory. I thought I wouldn’t like it, but I do, just not as much as his usual stuff. Pharrell thinks he has a little Steve Winwood in him. Adam says the crazy thing about him is he does everything. Blake notes you always know there’s just a little bit more that he could do.

Nick Hagelin from Christina’s team notes his little boy broke his shin last week, but he’s still watching. He’s singing “Your Body Is a Wonderland” this week,” and his coach says he has a special way of connecting with the people in the audience, so has him pick up the guitar again. This is definitely the type of music he should be performing. Blake likes seeing him get back to this thing and thinks it was one of his better performances. Christina has become a big fan of his on and off the stage.

Hannah Houston of Team Pharrell wants to do something more stripped down this week so is singing “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” Her coach knows she needs some height with the song to give her that stripped-down feeling. This song has been covered so many times before, that it’s hard to listen to it and hear something new, but she manages that at the end. Adam explains she can sing so well but still has a unique character in her voice. Pharrell knows all of Nebraska was standing up for her tonight.

Up last is Laith Al-Saadi who is surprised he’s still there since he isn’t the youngest or prettiest. He’s singing “Make It Rain” because his coach wants him to do something more contemporary. Adam thinks this is rooted so much in the classics, that it fits him. Listening to him it”s hard to believe it’s an Ed Sheeran tune. Blake can’t wait for what he’s going to do each week. Pharrell asks for the names of the recordings he made before The Voice and encourages everyone to download them. Adam calls him amazing.

Skipping ahead to results night, the first artists to be called safe after a performance of Thomas Rhett singing “T-shirt” are Mary Sarah of Team Blake and Nick Hagelin of Team Christina. Also deemed safe are Laith Al-Saadi of Team Adam and Alisan Porter of Team Christina.

Team Pharrell sings “Let Love Rule,” and then Hannah Houston of Team Pharrell and Paxton Ingram of Team Blake are declared safe as well.

Team Christina take the stage to perform “Live and Let Die,” and then the last three artists called safe are Shalyah Fearing of Team Adam, Adam Wakefield of Team Blake, and Bryan Bautista of Team Christina. This leaves Daniel Passino of Team Pharrell and Owen Danoff of Team Adam to face off for the Instant Save.

Daniel sings “Jealous” with a much more moving performance than the song he performed last night. Christina says he showed just now why he’s still around. Pharrell thinks the performance spoke for itself.

Owen sings “Burning House,” sticking to the same type of music that he is known for. Blake doesn’t want him to beat himself up too much about being in the bottom two two weeks in a row. Adam says Owen tells the truth and is extremely genuine in the way he does it.

At the start of the Instant Save in the first commercial, the vote totals are 53% for Daniel and 47% for Owen. By the time it’s all said and done, America decides to save Daniel, sending Owen home.

I agree with Adam that Alisan could easily win it all, but there are some definite dark horses in the competition as well. Laith was mentioning how all of his songs are ending up on the iTunes charts, and if that’s the case, consider that horse very dark.

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