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The Voice, Season 10 – Top 12 Live + ResultsThe Voice, Season 10 – Top 12 Live + Results

Voice041916It’s a big moment for the contestants this week on The Voice. They’ve made it to the live top 12, but they can’t stop yet. They still have to hand in a top performance to make it to next week.. And now, it’s out of the coach’s hands. It’s all up to the fans on who will stay and who will leave.

Mary Sarah from Blake Shelton’s team is first up tonight. She’s singing “So Small” because she is kind of leaning towards being that kind of artist. She relates the song to her brother who weighed only 1-1/2 pounds when he was born. Maybe she should stick to traditional country, though, as her performance doesn’t match what Carrie Underwood could do. Christina Aguilera says she always knows she’ll deliver a solid performance. Pharrell Williams wonders if she ever imagined she’d be doing this when she worked at Boot Barn. Adam Levine thinks she did a very unique version of the song. Blake got completely wrapped up in the lyrics of the song.

Team Adam’s Laith Al-Saadi is singing “Born Under a Bad Sign” this week and is honored to be able to sing it. He notes he’s a big fan of the blues and has been singing it since he was young and has even shared the stage with B.B. King. This sounds like what you’d hear in a blues club, and that’s a compliment. Blake believes that has to be as good as it gets for the blues. Pharrell notes that this guy is the real thing. Adam notes that he plays authentic blues.

Daniel Passino of Team Pharrell is singing “Human Nature” because the origin of everything he loves about pop music comes from Michael Jackson. Pharrell sees it as a brilliant choice. It’s a bit hard to separate the song from Michael Jackson, so it makes it hard to enjoy it from another artist. Adam notes that it’s amazing what confidence does. Christina has the comment of the night: “Damn, Daniel!” Pharrell can’t take any praise, saying it’s all him.

Sticking with Team Pharrell, Emily Keener brings her dad in to meet her coach. He’s the guy who introduced her to these old classics. This week she’s singing “Lilac Wine.” Pharrell thinks it will transfer people to a different time. She was a save for Pharrell, and I’m not so sure this highly artistic song will find fans that her last performance didn’t. Adam has been wanting that song on the show. Christina says that’s what she was waiting for from her. Pharrell reminds everyone that she’s just 17.

Team Christina’s Nick Hagelin first heard “Mine Would Be You” by Blake Shelton four years ago and immediately thought of his wife. His coach notes he’s transformed the song now into something that sounds like it was custom-made for him. He accompanies himself on the piano and could easily turn this into a hit for himself. Pharrell says Blake should write more songs for him. Blake says when he sings in concert this weekend, people are going to want him to do Nick’s version of this song. Christina has to say that he’s such a pleasure to work with.

Adam Wakefield of Team Blake will be doing “Soulshine” as an homage for his brother who died. He tries it with bluesy chords, but Blake thinks that confuses the message of the song, so they decide to try it as gospel instead. They picked the perfect genre for this song; it’s another one that could be released as a hit. Pharrell asks if that’s what we’re doing, taking people to church on television and setting them free. Adam Levine says Adam Wakefield will be able to do anything he wants with some of the people he worships. Blake tells him he’s going to be around a long time and not just in terms of the show.

Christina’s saved artist Bryan Bautista is up and will be singing “Kiss from a Rose.” She believes with this song people will see more of a softer side of him. She wants him to really deliver his heart out there. He may have bit off more than he can chew, as it’s a little pitchy at times. Pharrell is sure there will be a record deal for him at the end of the show. Christina says every girl needs to buy that and be lulled to sleep by him.

Owen Danoff, Adam’s save, is singing “7 Years.” He loves it because it’s like a flashback. Adam has lots of advice for him and obviously wants to keep him around, suggesting he not play the bass while he’s singing. It’s obvious that it’s not an easy song to sing, yet he breezes right through it. Pharrell says it’s awesome to see a shy person come out and sing something like that. Adam says the best part of the performance was watching him bust out of his shell when he walked to the other side of the stage.

Alisan Porter of Team Christina picks what her coach calls a monster song, “Stone Cold.” She connects to it since both she and Demi Lovato have struggled with addiction issues. She’s just as remarkable as she always is but somehow brings even more grit to her performance. Adam says every year there’s one person who epitomizes what the show is about, and obviously he means her. Blake asks if she’s bored with being great and asks her to suck sometime. Christina cannot wait for the Alisan album.

Next up is Blake’s save, Paxton Ingram. He’s singing “Hands to Myself” but doesn’t have the grip on it yet that his coach wants him to. They finally reach it, and he says he gets that from church. He has such an ease in his performance level. Pharrell thinks Miami should be very proud. Blake thinks he’ll be around for awhile.

Team Pharrell is up with Hannah Huston, and she is singing “Something’s Got a Hold on Me.” He believes there’s not much she can’t do and encourages her take charge of her performance. This song makes it really difficult to imagine her being a preschool teacher. Adam thinks it’s a new genre of music and calls it alien soul. Blake says it’s hard to not get wrapped up in her performances. Pharrell believes this is innate and within her.

Last up is Shalyah Fearing of Team Adam. They’re still talking about her great performance last week. She’s taking on “Up to the Mountain,” saying that’s what she needs at this point in the competition, some faith. Her coach encourages her to have a blueprint to her performance. And that blueprint leads to a really powerful performance. What Christina loves about her is that she’s a fearless singer. Pharrell loved feeling when she was going to “press the gas.” Adam is so impressed by the woman that she’s becoming in front of everyone.

Skipping ahead to the results show from Tuesday night, Coach Gwen Stefani comes back to the show and starts out the night with a performance of her song “Misery.” Boyfriend Blake clearly enjoys it. Granted, it’s a good song, but I’m not real fond of her odd hairstyle.

The top 12 takes the stage to get some results. The first two artists called safe: Team Blake’s Adam Wakefield and Team Christina’s Alisan Porter. Neither of those two are a surprise. The next two safe artists are Team Christina’s Bryan Bautista and Team Pharrell’s Daniel Passino.

After a performance of “I Love a Rainy Night by Team Blake and their coach, it’s back to the results. The next to be called safe are Team Adam’s Shalyah Fearing, Team Blake’s Paxton Ingram, and Team Adam’s Laith Al-Saadi.

Before hearing the last of the results, Team Adam and their coach sing “If You Want Me to Stay.” The last three contestants declared safe are Team Pharrell’s Hannah Houston, Team Christina’s Nick Hagelin, and Team Blake’s Mary Sarah. Both Blake and Christina’s teams are completely safe. The bottom two are Emily Keener and Owen Danoff.

Emily sings “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” for the Instant Save. Owen sings “Lego House” for his chance to stay. With the vote open during the commercial break, we can see Owen leading the votes. When the final votes are tallied, the artist saved is Owen, sending Emily home.

The top 11 will perform next week with Team Pharrell once again handicapped from the start and down one member from his team.

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